DC #735: Heartburn

On today's Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe, Regan Cellura and Melodie Aikels dish the latest The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless headlines and storylines, including:

Margot Wain was upped to veep of CBS Daytime. What is her history with the network and what impact will she have on The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless?

Katie told Bill she was taking their baby and leaving Los Angeles. The news made Bill horny, so he had to jump Brooke's bones. The DC gang splits over Hope and the Liam/Hope/Wyatt triangle. Could Carter and Maya be any more boring? Why are there so many marriage-happy couples on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Jen Lilley is Days of Our Lives' new publicist. The actress revealed it will be Guy Wilson who takes over the role of Will Horton.  Days of Our Lives is on fire with storylines like Sami's trial, JJ vs. Jennifer and Marlena and Nicole working together to take down Kristen.

Are Ava and Julian the sexiest siblings in soaps? The Jeromes are stirring up trouble in Port Charles. Carly and Franco continue to grow closer.  The DC gang debates Franco's tumor defense.

Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante are confirmed as The Young and the Restless' headwriters. How much work do they have to do at the No. 1 soap? Should fans be worried about Tracey Thomson being named their co-headwriter?  The DC gang weighs in on Katherine Chancellor's will reading. Who is Andrew Abbott and why is he coming to Genoa City when we don't have a good Kyle Abbott and Keemo Abbott is MIA?

All this and much more on today’s Daytime Confidential podcast!



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  1. Profile photo of Dyllan

    ^agreed, but that was only part of the argument in the podcast. Someone made the argument that the B&B writers never spoke to women in their 20s and women in their 20s are not waiting for men to return from the war or something along those lines. It leaves the impression that women don’t want to get married in their twenties. The age was highly emphasized in that argument. I don’t think anyone IRL, regardless of age, wants to get married after a few kisses.

    And I too love the payback that Liam is getting!

    Oh,Blue Mountain State was totally the sh*t. Funny stuff.

  2. Profile photo of BoricuaAngel

    DC Team you always make me laugh!!! Whether I agree with your take on the shows or not I so look forward to your podcasts!!! I listen to it at work with my headphones on, and ya’ll make my day! :-)

    I totally agree with all of you about Young and the Restless, the show is flowing like molasses right now. ugh!!! And I do not understand why Amelia (Victoria Newman) does not use a hairbrush?????? This woman is not playing Victoria Newman, she hasn’t played Victoria Newman since day 1!!! She is coming in each day showing viewers the life of Amelia. :-\

    So it’s in that spirit I am going to continue with my ‘Wishful Re-Casting’ for Victoria Newman, lol. My top favorites who would KILL in the role of Victoria Newman would be:

    1) Sarah Joy Brown (Claudia, GH)
    2) Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe, DOOL)
    3) Melissa Archer (Natalie Buchanan, OLTL)

  3. Profile photo of Dyllan

    [quote]My top favorites who would KILL in the role of Victoria Newman would be:

    2) Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe, DOOL)
    3) Melissa Archer (Natalie Buchanan, OLTL)[/quote]

    Oh no, you did not just suggest Victoria get replaced by the bug-eyed screech(MA) and the hair model (NB). Give me a heart attack, LOL.

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