Is Quinn Angling to Try On The Late Queen Stephanie’s Regal Pant Suits on Bold and Beautiful?

Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) has more than costume jewelry on her mind these days. The enterprising designer has set her sights on L.A.'s answer to Ralph Lauren — Eric Forrester (John McCook).

Will Quinn be the woman finally capable of getting Eric over the death of his beloved Stephanie (Susan Flannery)? Poor Thorne (Winsor Harmon). I guess he'll have to keep watching X Tube down in the basement. Watch a sneak peek of Thursday's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful after the jump!



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    I loved the Quinn and Eric scenes yesterday! Rena Sofer is a great addition to the show. Quinn seems very genuine and impressed with Eric but not in a I want your money kind of way. I almost fell off my couch laughing at that last scene when the painting fell again. Looking forward to more of these two together!

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    I love Quinn so far.

    But I was wondering if she only cozied up to Eric because she knew Hope was going to breach their contract. Maybe not, but that’s kind of where my mind went.

    And then seeing what her little innocent conversation with Eric got her yesterday when Hope came over to tell Eric she’d changed her mind, and he refused, of course now Quinn may want to take it all the way. LOL.

    Maybe I’m reading too far into it. But IDK if her motives are completely pure yet.

    Sidenote: Thorne had a date yesterday. LOL. Did anybody catch that throwaway line that Eric said? “Enjoy your date, Thorne” or something like that when he was on the phone -_- What was the point????

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    I hope she doesn’t lead Eric on, But if not, then I would like this pairing. Thank God it’s not another Logan or Taylor!
    Maybe this is where they bring in Alexandra??

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    Hi All…I am not a fan of this pairing at all. Their scenes were OK but Eric is approaching 70 and Quinn is in her 40’s. She doesn’t need to be sipping tea and watching him design old lady dresses. She and Brooke should be battling for Bill with Thorne being thrown into the mix to rescue the grandmotherly damsel left out in the cold. As a result of not being the center of attention, Katie should betray her holier than thou attitude by bedding Wyatt and lose everything as a result. That would create plenty of tension with the Bill/Brooke/Quinn triangle as well as the Liam/Hope/Wyatt triangle.

    Bill could declare all out war against Katie for not only control of Spencer but for custody of their kid as well. Quinn will join Bill on his vendetta against Katie due to Katie taking advantage of Quinn’s precious son while Brooke tries to support her sister since Katie being slutty is finally something Brooke can identify with.

    Liam is disgusted with Wyatt for sleeping with their former stepmommy while Hope wants to support him, just as Alexandra reenters. I hope – but extremely doubt – that Alexandra returns to claim her stake as a rightful Forrester heir (when she’s not turning Liam and Wyatt’s heads). When she’s pretty much dismissed at Forrester, she should reclaim her Spectra heritage and – with “Aunt” Sally guiding her via phone, text, email, etc – use her trust fund to buy back the Spectra Fashions label from Jackie M and start with a line to compete with (and hopefully destroy) Hope for the Future. Sally should have a MUCH more active role in this show if they aren’t going to kill her off. I LOVED what they did with her as Stephanie was dying. More scenes of her being “Charlie” to her band of misfit angels (Alexandra, Thorne, Katie, a SORAS’d and highly flamboyant RJ and Pam) would be just awesome.

    As far as Eric goes, the man is a millionaire approaching 70. He shouldn’t be looking for perimenopausal women to show pictures of his dead wife to. Donate those pant suits to the damned Goodwill of Beverly Hills and buy that man a sports car. Have him stop designing ball gowns and muumuu’s for old ladies and start trying to design a more youthful line (which would end up a massive fail in the end) to compete with all these kids with no college education who are trying to run his company. And have him start being a sugah daddy for a real young lady. Either have him hit it up with some young Forrester model or hell even Caroline can give him a reason to dust off the old Cialis prescription. This man, who is still grieving his beloved broached one, needs to finally fulfill his destiny of being a lusty old horndog.

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    Now that the painting of Stephanie has fallen off the wall twice I’d laugh like crazy if Brooke walked into the room, simply said “Hello, Eric” and the portrait flew across the room.

    On an unrelated matter I stopped watching for a while when the Hope/Liam/Steffy stuff dragged on an on so I may have missed it. Has there been an explanation for the absence of Nick and Jackie Marone? Did they leave town or have they just been forgotten about as characters.

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    from twb6yz On an unrelated matter I stopped watching for a while when the Hope/Liam/Steffy stuff dragged on an on so I may have missed it. Has there been an explanation for the absence of Nick and Jackie Marone? Did they leave town or have they just been forgotten about as characters.

    When Bridget last appeared (May 24th)?, she did explain what was going on with Nick and Jackie and Owen and baby Logan. The explanation didn’t make much sense to me.. Maybe if I saw that episode again. According to Wikipedia: “Bridget returned to Los Angeles briefly in May 2013, where it is revealed that she has been living in New York with Owen, Jackie and Logan.”

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    I don’t really get this. I could understand if Quinn had set her sights on Eric to get to the top of FC and gain money and power, but REALLY? I mean come on she’s a sexy vibrant woman. So they are basically replacing the “Taylor part” with Quinn. This is exactly what Taylor did.

    And speaking of, why HASN’T there been a real “younger female vixen who will try to dupe an old fool out of his money, etc.” with Eric? Seriously, there has been no such storyline has there? All of these women, Taylor, Donna, Brooke, even Sheila, they all might have had their issues but they all loved Eric or at least cared about him deeply. Why hasn’t no one tried to just DUPE him? That would make for a really soapy storyline, and it would be VERY plausible aswell. I mean come on, these things write themselves! And now another woman only has eyes for Eric? Please.

    Well, it’s always better than sacrificing this woman to the feet of Bill Spencer.

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