Crazy-Eyes Sharon’s Therapist Deserves a Bonus on The Young and the Restless (SNEAK PEEK)

That flaxen-haired whackadoodle, Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) fills her therapist (Lorraine Toussaint) in on her delusions of happily ever after with Nick (Joshua Morrow) today on The Young and the Restless. I hope this sistah is charging time and a half. Watch a sneak peek of Friday's Y&R after the jump!


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    Man,they are FINALLY writing this relationship of doctor/patient truthfully; as a trained physician she should have been all over this broad and her return to near madness.

    I am glad they are addressing this and giving such a fantastic actress some well deserved screen time to hopefully right Sharon and this unbalanced story.

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    I love Lorraine Toussaint. Always have and I don’t really know why…Ever since that show she was on that came on Lifetime. I think it was called “Any Day now” My mom watched it avidly and I thought it was the most boring show in the world, but I loved Lorraine Toussaint.

    Anyway, I’m glad they are finally addressing this and respectfully. And it felt good to have a scene longer than 30 seconds. No dreadful music, and a pretty long scene…I enjoyed this actually lol

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    No Mayor Lomax is played by someone else. Can’t remember the name.

    I also am a Lorraine Toussaint fan, and I was just thinking about what the show’s name was I remembered her from. So thanks, Stoney, it was “Any day now”, where her character was friends with a caucasian woman played by the curly haired redhead. Annie Potts? I watched that show as a little one, loved it!

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    Noah shirtless hot!Lorraine Toussaint was great with that cute wig today. Sharon all buck eyed was hilarious. Still showing she is and will always be crazy as eva. The rest of the show yawn. Although, it did leave me wanting Monday to see what Victor has up his sleeve. good Cliffhanger Friday.

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    The only parts I found myself wanting to end were the Dylan scenes. Otherwise another good show.

    I’m enjoying the renewed Victor and Jack feud, and am glad that Noah is going to be dragged into it.

    Adam is on an agenda with that baby. Lovin it.

    Ms Sharon Case…love her…and her Doc.

    Can’t wait until Sharon and Nick hit those sheets.

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    I was so glad to hear the Doc say she wants to discuss it privately in session. I was afraid she was having sessions at the coffee shop. Thought maybe Sharon was hallucinating her or at least had a terrible doctor.

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    What I’d like right now is for Summer to get the hell out of Genoa City, take that job offered her and leave everyone in peace. Either that or get some character and decide all by yourself who you’d like to be with. If you had any brains and all remains the same then Jack WOULD be your most logical and reasonable choice.

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    [quote=stoney07]Hey hey hey Soaparmageddon…

    I like a little Veronica every now and again. LOL. She’s such a BITCH but I like her.[/quote]

    Lol, I HATED Veronica during the first couple of episodes of THATHN(and I thought Angela Robinson was stiff and awkward). But as time went on I found her very entertaining and she has some of that show’s best, over-the-top dialogue(“Hello, young whore” and “Bitch, get your ass outta here” to name two chestnuts bestowed upon us by that character).

    And I do love Lorraine Toussaint, a terrific, underrated actress who deserves far more acclaim than she’s gotten. I’d love to see more of her and that character in the future…

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    If Toussaint became a regular and was paired up with Neil or one of the other men-of-a-certain-age, I would start watching Y&R again. She would be enough to outweigh my utter disdain for SBu. However, with her role being so sharply limited as Sharon’s psychiatrist, I doubt that will happen.

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    RealityCheck 33

    Sharon is just plain cray-cray now. How will these writers bring her back to reality? I can’t stand the thought of Shick re-visited once again. UGH. Joshua Morrow is so pathetic these days. Why didn’t he ever learn to act? He’s so lazy as an actor. The whole s/l is just painful to watch. Send GhostCassie back to heaven or hell or where ever she came from…ASAP.

    Once again, Michael Muhney shines. You’d think JM would try a little bit harder since he’s friends with MM. Too bad for Sharon Case, it looks like Melissa Claire Egan will be Adam’s better-half for sometime to come now that they share a child.

    Please get rid of Victurd. Enough of the old fart.

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    I’ve been checking out this site for a long time to see the spoilers and read the articles about Y&R.

    Today I went through the process of setting up an account just so I can say how disappointed I was to see the headline calling Sharon crazy and later described as a “whack-a-doodle”.

    Nobody chooses to have a mental illness. They are life-long and cause untold misery to the people who suffer from them, and for their entire families.

    I know because my 40ish daughter is bi-polar and it has destroyed her life. Medical mis-diagnosis and mis-management, along with a lack of timely treatment, have made it so much worse.

    Please show some respect for the sufferers of mental illnesses and their family. Surely Sharon can be portrayed more humanely than this article indicates.

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    I honestly don’t think this regime even plans to get Sharon back to reality. I think their purpose is exactly this, to have Sharon be the resident town psycho.

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    nanabanana and Yorla … good post. I also don’t appreciate some of the names and terms used for various characters in Genoa City. But I do think that Sharon will get back down to earth because partly because there are at least two persons concerned about her lack of meds. I also hope that somehow her being off meds can be traced back to the increasingly overboard evil Victor.

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    Kelly Flitch

    I’m finding it INCREASINGLY hard to read Daytime Confidential Sharon-related posts. My cousin has bipolar and cries her eyes out whenever she’s called ‘crazy’ or immature names. Grow up and stop the immature hate–Sharon is suffering from a real disorder and this may be a soap but this mood disorder is REAL and medication doesn’t fix it. Jamey Giddens I always laugh at your funny posts but sorry, you’ve lost my respect. And I’m sure somebody will remove my comment just because I speak the truth. Bye!

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    Kelly Flitch

    Oh look, comments have to be accepted by a site admin. Keep it coming so that only your BIASED point of views can be shown while people who disagree can’t have a voice. I know what it’s like to have a bipolar person in my life & the way you people even talk about a fictional character who has bipolar disorder is DISGUSTIN! You should be ASHAMED of yourselves. Daytime Confidential used to be my favorite soap website but now I’m done. I’m sure this comment wont be passed by an admin.

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    Case’s performance last week in her scenes with Morrow were so good. I hope this next year she’s included in the best actress category because yet again she’s proven she can act the crap out of her scenes.

    We may not like this Sharon, but I sure do find watching her entertaining!

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    [quote=pferrando]Case’s performance last week in her scenes with Morrow were so good. I hope this next year she’s included in the best actress category because yet again she’s proven she can act the crap out of her scenes.

    We may not like this Sharon, but I sure do find watching her entertaining![/quote]

    Totally agree. I think this business with the paternity results has put the final nail in that character’s coffin(still don’t know what the last two regimes have against Sharon Case but I digress…)but that episode where Sharon had yet another break thanks to Nick’s updated reality check reminds me why Sharon Case has a well-deserved Emmy. I think at this point it would take an extreme miracle to fix that character–and I think we all know it definitely isn’t gonna happen with JFP at the helm–but it hasn’t stopped Case from continuing to give it her all.

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