INTERVIEW: Kevin Bacon on Season 2 of The Following and Working With ATWT Alum Annie Parisse

While we have some time before FOX’s psychological thriller The Following is back for Season 2, multi-soap alum Kevin Bacon (Search For Tomorrow, Guiding Light) gave Daytime Confidential a few hints as to what we can expect for Ryan Hardy and Co. with the drama returns! Deranged serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) appeared to have died in the Season 1 finale, but is he really dead?

“We’re going to see an extension of the last scene of last season,” said Bacon of when the show picks back up. “We actually shot a longer scene so it continues. Last season was a cliffhanger so we’ll continue that and then you’ll see what happens when we jump forward a year. Ryan Hardy is healthie;, his heart is working. He’s running. He’s not in the FBI. He’s not drinking. He has relationships and is in a seemingly very different head space.”


So what happens to Claire (Passions and Dirty Sexy Money alum Natalie Zea) and Carroll? Do they survive?

 “You’ll have to wait to see,” Bacon teased.  “You’ll know by the end of the first episode.

At the end of last season, viewers got to see this darker side of Ryan. Is there more of the crime fighter we haven't seen?

“There’s the lighter side of Ryan," Bacon began. "We touched a little bit last year on him being sarcastic. We’re going to meet some members of his family that we haven’t met before and see the continuation of relationships. So far, he had Molly as a girlfriend, and that didn’t work out so well, and the relationship with Claire is a very troubled one. People don’t want them to be together but maybe there is room for a healthy relationship?”

The actor in Bacon appreciates the humanity in The Following's twisted characters.

“I like the scary stuff and the plot twists," he said. "From an acting standpoint, it’s the human thing that is interesting for me to play. Love and sex and fear and yearning and sadness and memory and all those things, that’s the stuff you want to explore.”

Bacon is truly humbled by his loyal fan base.

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