Adam and Chelsea go to WAR Over Their Son on Y&R! (VIDEO)

Now that Connor has been safely rescued from "Rambo", aka a PTSD-suffering Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton), Adam Newman (Michael Muhney) is set to make his move. Will Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) let her ex-husband take their son away from her? Watch a sneak peek of Monday's The Young and the Restless after the jump!

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    I’m out of the country and only catching previews and reviews on here for story BUT WAS DYLAN not arrested for kidnapping Connor? Chelsea told the police that Adam was the father and that Dylan took the kid.

    Was an AMBER ALERT put out immediately after she told the cops with Chloe?

    How was Connor found?

    Was Dylan arrested?

    AND why are they writing this story (from previews) with both Chelsea and Adam not being worth this kid? They have Adam on the verge of being PHYSICALLY abusive with Chelsea in almost every scene in the last couple of weeks and Chelsea has been soooo blind to her irrational motivations for hiding the truth that I want Adam to have the kid.

    I was hoping this would have been a sweeter reunion sort of thing between Adam and Chelsea and not evil vs idiot story.

    Please help

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    Four things about the Tuesday Canadian Y&R episode …

    Good: Neil getting what he deserved for being falsely guilt ridden.

    Bad: Chelsea’s reaction to receiving some news.

    Bad and annoying even more: Angelic Avery and Chelsea.

    Worst (or best): Steve Burton proving most contributors here entirely correct.

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    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m finding Y&R so full of boring re-caps of previous scenes and conversations there isn’t much else happening. The only storylines that matter to me are the ones revolving around Summer, and Sharon’s role in manipulating the paternity results and her increasingly worse mental state.

    The other one is the crisis with Chelsea and Adam and their child. I enjoyed them together and thought the relationship had all kinds of potential, but lately neither one of them seems to be thinking straight.

    It is going to be great to see holier-than-thou Neil exposed. For years he has been just too perfect for words, it’s time he was smacked down. It would be neat to see him cave under the pressure and start to drink again, wonder if it’s headed that way? The actor must get tired of polishing his character’s halo and yearn to rip it off and go nuts. Bring it on!

    This new story with Nikki is just stupid. Paul had better get back to work fast before they figure out they hired a police chief with so little police experience he doesn’t have a clue how to run a force. The police station has turned into a drop-in centre under his command. What a joke.

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    Love the above post. Almost everything on the Y and R show has really gone downhill.
    Much worse than with MAB at the helm. Hate to say it, but at least she didn’t cast DYLDUMB and that terrible story. I am wondering if any of you readers, actually think that a soldier at war would be dragging some little girl around, trying to save her? Did she just show up in the middle of that god forsaken area. This has to be an all time low for Y and R. Bad enough to have to put up with him, under any circumstance.

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    It was OK yesterday and ending was the best…with Victor :) That’s a Friday cliffhanger not Dudley Dorighter ;)

    I don’t care for Neil’s writing right now, they made Neil a moron and clueless…I hope Lily goes after Hilary with both barrels and takes her ass to court. >)

    Yes I have noticed the repeated dialogue lately on story points…makes the whole conversation at times sound silly…what happen to the snapper dialogue we was getting from YR? That was a strong point of the writing for Josh…his writing reminds me of JER style (not content but how JER’s repetitive style) :~

    The hospital scene with Avery\Chelsea\Adam was good…I want an Avery\Adam hookup to happen…I like those two characters’ chemistry, the proverbial saying “night\day”. Dylan…well you already know I FF, Billy\Chloe\Dahlia was nice touch…I want Dahlia be the new (teen wise) “Jill” in about 5-8 years ;)

    This by far wasn’t the quality as yesterday’s show…tomorrow more cray cray Sharon, Dylan, Avery…ugh S)

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    nanabanana … Neil does not need to be exposed at all; we already know about that part of his life. Hillary/Rose’s mother is just a figment of someone’s imagination who wanted new blood on the show. Neil did nothing wrong at all but it is annoying that he is blaming himself now. Hillary is just a sick confused little child with a very nice looking play toy.

    harlee490 … I found the confrontation between Avery and Chelsea to be very annoying but was quite pleased that Adam did kind of stand up for Chelsea. Avery has no business lecturing anyone at all.

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