Michael to Morgan on General Hospital: “You Lying Son of a BITCH!” (SNEAK PEEK)

Lord hammercy. Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) done stopped taking his meds and started running his mouth on General Hospital! How will Morgan (Bryan Craig) deal with the fallout from Michael (Chad Duell) and Kiki (Kristen Alderson) learning he knew they weren't cousins before her married the former Ms. Jerome? Watch a sneak peek of Monday's General Hospital after the jump!


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    LOL @ Michael’s expression!!! :D He’s such a cute little one, isn’t he.

    However, I’m going to say that after this “revelation” this storyline had better be starting to see the backburner. The party is swanky, and I like the ensemble, but making the whole week’s promo about this one is *not* called for. First of all, there is no root value in Kiki, secondly I’m not liking all this focus on the Corinthos family, nor the subliminal comparisons to AJ vs. Jason.

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    [quote=Grimm]But Mikey, she’s YOUR momma too! :-)[/quote]

    No truer words have ever been spoken! This would be the perfect moment for Michael’s head to explode so to speak (remnant of his shooting)

    Whatever happened to AJ and Liz?

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    MY GOODNESS! A non-medicated Sonny Corinthos is worse than a drunken Erica Kane. As far as Morgan is concerned:

    KICK HIS ASS MICHAEL! Bust him in that duck face of his. I’M LIVING FOR THIS.

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    Michael needs to have a seat, find Jason’s box of pain, use it as his own and put Kiki’s photo in there.

    Cousins or not, the girl was YOUR BROTHER’S GIRLFRIEND first, he’s in the wrong. Yeah Morgan lied but Michael should’ve backed off, and Kiki should’ve never married Morgan if she couldn’t fully commit herself to him.

    I was hoping that Michael would take the AJ role in this redux of Aj vs Jason, but I think Morgan has snagged that part, I hope they don’t continuously write him as the loser to King Michael. I’m excited to this story play out.


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    Hi All….Team Morgan all the way here. I am loving this because it’s going to lead to Morgan and Ava. Hot damn, that’s a helluva way for her to infiltrate the Corinthos camp.

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    If Morgan can punch Michael in the face, why in the hell couldn’t Michael punch him in his. Hey, don’t hate on Michael because he gave KiKoo-KiKoo some sugar good enough to make that girl fall in love with him. Morgan is TIRED! Don’t hate the Playa Michael, hate the game. lol

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    How ironic is it that Sonny, Carly, & Jason schemed to keep Michael from growing up in a dysfunctional family like the Quartermaines only for Morgan to grow up to be just like AJ? Karma is a bitch.

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    The whole silly story is ridiculous from every perspective. Kiki married Morgan knowing she had feelings for Michael? Why was it an either or situation? If she couldn’t be with Michael, why couldn’t sh be alone? Michael can’t be with her because she is his cousin? What about that she is his brother’s girlfriend? Morgan is so desperate to best his brother that he is willing to marry a girl who is attracted to his brother? They are not embarrassed at all to be discussing in public the fact that these bros are essentially sharing this girl who is family? Carly walked away and put Sonny’s needs first instead of staying with her boys? I laughed through the entire confrontation and Ava essentially serves her kid up on a platter.

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    I was very impressed with the acting from both Chad Duell and the actor (can’t recall his name right now) who plays Morgan. Both really gave their all. I guess they are the new Jason and AJ. Have a feeling Morgan will turn to Ava, the older woman, young guy. Maura West plays the sexy vixen so well, so it’s very believable. You could see the attraction between them in the last couple od scenes they were together. She is like a sexy cougar always ready to pounce. Her and William DeVry both are two of the best hires under Cartini. Also, Felix, just love him. On the show when he burst out laughing when Nic asked him if Britt was moving back in with him was priceless. He’s a real natural.
    Seems like Silas has a lot of dark secrets. read in SOD, an article with Easton and he says they are trying to get some important actor to play someone from his past. He’s hoping it works out. Also read it looks like Tristian Rogers will be back, involved in the Robin returning story. Hurrah, can’t wait!!!! Still wondering what happened to the Deception Spa story with Lucy, Laura, Scotty and Milo (he hasn’t been on in awhile-miss him). May-be once the Sonny story settles (Maurice has been great! Haven’t seen him act this good and put such energy in the character in a LONG time), they will start up with all these other stories.

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