Perkie’s Observations: Sonny Attacks Morgan on General Hospital

Michael is shocked to hear that Morgan knew the paternity truth. Sonny explains that Morgan thought Kiki would leave him.  Morgan instantly begs his father to say that he’s drunk or confused and tries to deny everything.  Sonny says he’s not confused. Connie told him he would end up hurting both boys and he did.  Sonny’s upset that he never forgave Connie before she died and he told the truth for her.

Silas chases after Sam and begs her to hear his explanation.  Sam’s upset that she took Patrick’s advice only to find Silas and Ava kissing.  Silas swears that Ava kissed him, after convincing him to dance, and swears he’s only interested in Sam.

Sabrina tells Patrick about Carlos’ visit. She admits he wants her back and that he kissed her.  Sabrina recounts that she told Carlos she’s in love with Patrick and that their relationship has been over for a long time.  She swears that Patrick has nothing to be jealous of.

Anna stops by to see Duke, who’s working out of Derek’s office.  He tells her that’s checked out Derek, but found nothing out of the ordinary.  Anna gets the call about the explosion and heads out, but not before running into Derek and Carlos coming in.

Derek introduces Carlos to Duke as his operations manager then has Carlos try to get to know Duke better.  Carlos and Duke discuss their women. After Duke leaves, Carlos wonders why Julian hired him, thinking it’s a dangerous game.  Julian assures him that Duke has no idea who he really is.

Kiki demands to know if Morgan knew the truth before their marriage. Morgan admits that he did.  Morgan accuses Sonny of betraying him and says he was pushed aside his whole life for Michael.  Carly tries to interrupt, but Morgan doesn't let her. He says was sent away and was rarely seen because they both loved Michael more and always have.  Morgan accuses both his parents of putting Michael first.

Sonny feels keeping Morgan’s secret shows that he does love him as much as Michael, but Morgan says sonny doesn’t give a damn.  Sonny says Morgan tricked Kiki into marriage and wonders what kind of life that would be.  He feels Morgan should want the kind of love he and Connie had.  He tries to give Morgan a hug, but Morgan calls him a liar and a criminal.  Morgan says Sonny isn’t honorable.

Olivia tries to leave with Sonny, but Morgan continues his tirade making a comment about Connie and her mental illness.  Sonny lunges for Morgan and has to be pulled back.  Michael tells Carly and Olivia to take Sonny home.

Sam is surprised at Silas’ declaration that he’s interested only in her.  Ava eavesdrops as Silas begs to make things right with Sam. She then interrupts, telling Sam there are things she needs to know about Silas.  Ava warns Sam that she’ll be sorry and that Silas has some dark secrets. Sam wonders why Ava wants him back then.  Sam stands her ground and demands to know what horrible things are in Silas’ past. Ava backs down and says she’ll have to find out for herself.

Anna finds Shawn at the pier.  He tells her he was waiting for a legitimate shipment of coffee and didn’t see any sign of trouble before the explosion.  She asks about Sonny's enemies. Shawn tells her about Julian’s name coming up.  He tells her that his contact has disappeared as well.

Michael wonders why Morgan hates him so much. Morgan accuses Michael of trying to steal his girl and that the two of them were making out every chance they had.  Morgan reminds Kiki that she was supposed to love him and not Michael.  Kiki accuses Morgan of not loving her, saying he lied to her over and over. Morgan asks if she would have married him had she known the truth. 

Back at the house, Sonny wants to keep the party going.  Carly tells Olivia to leave because she knows how to deal with Sonny like this.  She wants to talk to Sonny about what he did to Morgan.  On her way out Olivia runs into Shawn, but tells him that Sonny can’t hear any business news now.

Morgan begs Kiki not to end their marriage, but she says she doesn’t want to be married to him anymore.  Kiki says she can’t have a marriage based on lies.  Morgan accuses her of waiting for something to happen and the opportunity finally came.  He snidely wishes Kiki and Michael to be happy together.

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    Kudos to Brian Craig. I thought he did a bang up job of showing Morgan’s desperation and fear and anger. He also sounded hoarse by the end of the episode, like he was starting to lose his voice from all the yelling.

    I like Chad Duel and I’ve liked the Michael torn between two fathers story, but the writing for Michael in this story does him no favours. Morgan’s crime is that he lied. Michael’s is that he was macking on his brother’s girl for months AND LYING ABOUT IT, so I’m not sure why they want me to feel bad for Michael here.

    Had they written it that Kiki knew Michael first and that she was torn between both boys from the get go, so that Morgan not telling her the truth and rushing her into marriage would seem like a bigger betrayal from Morgan’s side, then it would make sense.

    But as it is I have a hard time feeling sympathy for Michael, because his brother got the girl that he started off with in the first place.

    As for Kiki, she deliberately married Morgan, knowing she didn’t love him so she can stop with the pity party too.

    Now I need to see Morgan find solace in Ava’s arms. Because you know that’s where that’s going!!

    Loved Sam and Silas and that she accepted his explanation and stood her ground with Ava. I thought it was hilarious that Ava was all “oooh Silas has a dark past”, considering who Sam was married to. Ava honey, Sam was married to a mob hitman, how much darker than that could Silas have possibly been.

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    I tuned in to gh on Soapnet last night for about 15 minutes. I kept thinking why was there so much yelling? I guess I am of a different opinion because I thought the actor that plays Morgan was terrible.

    I thought Sam looked really nice, but wished she was not with Silas. Sorry, but he does nothing for me.

    Patrick does not look happy.

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    I loved today’s episode. The whole Sonny blowing Morgan’s world apart was great, because if he were really in Morgans corner he would done anything to keep he and Kiki apart rather than support marriage built on a lie. I am not the biggest Morgan fan, but he most definitely “brought it” today and that’s all I can ask. And Perkie you ‘re right, regardless of the fact that Morgan lied, Michael comes off as the douche in this.

    So, somehow Ava thought that Silas has been yearning for her these past 20 odd years and one kiss would seal the deal?? Seriously, I think this is more about not being able to manipulate Silas than anything. It was funny however when she told Sam that Silas had a dark side and hurt her, Sam was like ok, what’s so bad?,c’mon 25 words or less what is wrong with Silas Clay?

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    GH Dropped The Mic Yesterday , Classic Soap ! Just Love Laura Wright So Much , and Keep her away from Roger/Franco . ” You can tell she learn so much from working w Kim Zimmer all those years ” Carly and AJ all the way ! All this talk about Rebecca Hebst I don’t get it AT ALL , She’s ok just like KA , KM, ER ! By the way i saw Kim Z. in Wicked and we talk she had great things to say about Laura W. and how Carly is Revaish like !

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    When I first started watching GH again, a year or two ago, I was impressed with the fast moving storylines. Because of the “behind the scenes” storylines, it seems that things have slowed down but lately it’s really picked up and I greatly appreciate that.

    Morgan did a great acting job! I hope somebody beats the living crap out of Ava.

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    Shouldn’t the title read “Sonny attacks Morgan”?

    Hate Hate HATE the Michael/Kiki/Morgan story. Michael has no business being upset. At least something good will come of the storyline if Ava and Morgan hookup.

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    It was a great episode. Bryan Craid should have a younger actor emmy nomination in the bag! He was fantastic. In fact everyone but Kristen Alderson was.

    Michael is the golden child so he’s started believing his own hype and comes off as entitled. Morgan didn’t own him to step aside and let him steal his gilfriend. He’s almost as unlikeable as the big headed boring twat he’s infatuated with. Mikey and Kaka get no sympathy from me!

    Patrick and Suebrina were zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. No surprise there.

    Anna’s jokes about the “coffee” shipment were hilarious.

    Sam was sassy, i love that. I’m enjoying her with Silas

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    I liked Sam better today than I have in a very long time. Loved the way she strongly stood up to Ava. When she was with Jason she always seemed so whiney and needy when it came to fending off others but here she was the strong woman she was originally introduced as so long ago.

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    I managed to miss GH for this episode and it sounds like I missed a good one, but I managed to find the Sam/Silas scene on the u of the tube and loved it. I really like it when she gets to be sassy and yell/banter back at her leading man! I loved her dress also well except for the black ruffly thingy around the middle. I liked how she wanted Ava to tell her right now what was so wrong about Silas. I loved ME’s hair today also, whew baby, how it feathers back just right in all the right spots! Hahahhaa…

    Ava reminds me of Claudia with all the crazy, but I prefer Claudia to Ava.

    I won’t have time to go back and watch the entire episode til this weekend.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Bryan Craig was damn brilliant! And Maurice Benard was absolutely fantastic. Loved Laura Wright, playing every reaction as Carly; the looks of anger, shock and disappointment every time Carly looked at Morgan and then the emotional whiplash watching Sonny lose it at the party were pretty amazing. Also, kudos to the extras who played shell-shocked but clueless pretty ding dang well! LOL

    Also of note, the look between Carlos & Duke when they were first introduced was quite significant. It was either two men sizing each other up, a look of recognition or both but there is trouble coming between them. Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Carlos is a real find! Mark Teschner is on top of his game in the casting department these days.

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    [quote=Perkie]But as it is I have a hard time feeling sympathy for Michael, because his brother got the girl that he started off with in the first place. [/quote]

    Exactly why are we supposed to feel bad for Michael and why does he get to be so angry?! That’s your brother’s girl; she was never yours. If Morgan stole Kiki from Michael because of the lie, then and only then could I understand the righteous indigestion LOL.

    And I thought Bryan Craig was great as well!

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    So true about Bryan Craig he was brilliant. I don’t think he’ll be around for long. I think they are setting it up for him to get shot and go on to do bigger things.

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    What happened to Carlos accent. When he was talking to Duke he had a midwestern accent. I know because I’m from the midwest. The way he pronounced some of his words or he’s Canadian.

    Carlos was with Sabrina? He looks about 45.

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