Don Diamont on Katie’s Reaction to Brill’s Bold and Beautiful Engagement: “It Won’t Go Over Well!”

Bill and Brooke's (Katherine Kelly Lang) relationship is on the verge of being taken to the next level. How will Katie (Heather Tom) react to the news? In an interview with TV Guide Magazine, Don Diamont preview's Katie's reaction and how Bill and Brooke can build a life together.

TV Guide Magazine: Katie is going to freak when she hears about the engagement, right?

Diamont: It won't go over well! And it certainly isn't going to help smooth things over between the Logan sisters. [Laughs] But, as with everything else in life, Bill doesn't give a s–t what anyone else thinks.

TV Guide Magazine: Then what? Bill and Brooke start to build a life together and, just when things couldn't be better, Ridge suddenly returns?

Diamont: Bill can't be just another relationship for Brooke while she's waiting for Ridge to come back. In order for this to play out well, their relationship has to be just as strong as the one she had with Ridge. I'm not saying Brad is going to bring Ronn back, or do a Ridge recast, but if he does it really needs to leave Brooke torn. There seems to be a tremendous amount of fan support for Bill and Brooke right now, which is interesting. We're kind of at the point where the audience is split 50-50, which is the best you can ask for.

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    I love them together. And Don is right. Bill can’t be just another man for Brooke while waiting for Ridge. That was the mistake that they made with Brooke and Nick and the reason why that relationship didn’t work. Brad Bell did never favor Brooke and Nick the way he favored Brooke and Ridge. And you could tell. Nick ended up being completely wasted because of it.

    Anyway I hope it turns out differently with Brooke and Bill. Personally I enjoyed Brooke more with every other man than Ridge. I thought her relationship with Eric was always special, loved the hotness she had with Deacon and for a while her relationships with Nick and Thorne made much sense.

  2. Profile photo of pdow

    I am all for Ronn Moss coming back FOR GOOD!!! Really miss him and Brooke. B&B has not been the same and bring back Steffie, but especially Ronn. NO RECASTS, it won’t work!

  3. Profile photo of harlee490

    Steffy is coming home I read, not read on anything about Ronn, I just want Ridge to show with RJ (recast or not) to throw a ringer into Brill’s romance. Have Katie cause havoc for Brill…

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