Perkie’s Observations: Carly Finds Out About Morgan and Ava on General Hospital!

Ava and Morgan wake up in bed together.  She feels they have made a mistake, and worries what Carly's reaction will be. At that very moment, Carly knocks on the door. She wants to speak with Ava. Ava begs Morgan to hide, as Carly lets herself into the room. 

Kiki and Michael spent the night talking at the restaurant, and wake up there.  Michael still doesn’t understand why Sonny went off at the party. Kiki admits she told Morgan she loved him, even though she didn’t.  She’s worried about Morgan, and wonders where he spent the night. 
Olivia stops by Lante’s to get them ready for baby Connie’s christening.  Dante shows her the newspaper with a headline about Sonny’s shipment explosion. Olivia tells her son Sonny doesn’t know about the shipment yet, and explains to them what happened at the wedding reception. 
Diane wants to discuss Franco’s financial problems with him.  She informs Franco his assets are frozen by the state of New York, and the families of his victims are filing a civil suit.  Franco wonders how he’ll live, and feels this lawsuit could take years.  Diane spots the painting Heather made for him, and assumes it’s one of his. She suggests he could sell it, and she’d broker the deal.  Franco admits the painting is not his, but decides to start painting again. 
Carlos overhears Patrick and Sabrina discussing his visit from the previous night.  Sabrina reassures Patrick he has nothing to be jealous of, and Carlos is out of her life for good. 
Alexis runs into Derek reading his own newspaper at Kelly’s.  She introduces Shawn, and Derek comments on the explosion the night before.  Shawn pulls Alexis aside, because he's upset she told Derek he works for Sonny.  Alexis apologizes, and then tells Shawn she was worried about him when she heard about the explosion. She feels they need to be civil to each other, since their kids are dating.  She asks if Shawn knows who set the explosion, and he tells her his only lead is a supposed dead man.  Alexis is shocked when Shawn tells her the dead man's name is Julian Jerome. 
Morgan hides and listens, as Carly blames Ava for what happened at the party. She knows she manipulated Sonny into throwing the party when he wasn’t ready.  When Carly mentions Morgan and Kiki, Ava says their marriage is over. Carly wonders how she would know that information.  Morgan knocks over a vase, and Carly wonders who Ava has hiding in the back.  She thinks it's Franco, and can't believe her eyes when Morgan shows himself. 
Kiki worries she has no place to stay, and Michael offers up his place. Kiki knows people will not approve, and believes it’s not a good idea.  Michael feels people will adjust, but Kiki wants to do this right. She thinks she should stay with her mother.  When Kiki isn’t able to reach Ava by phone, Michael offers to let her into her mother’s suite. 
Olivia says Sonny will be at the christening, despite his problems, and asks about Lulu’s parents. Lulu informs her Laura is still in France, and she doesn’t think Luke will make it.  Olivia asks about the godparents, and Dante admits they haven’t been picked any yet.  Lulu explains Maxie has had issues, and Dante points out he can’t pick either Michael or Morgan now.  Olivia tells them to make a decision. 
Carlos wants Sabrina to stitch up his arm.  She tells him he needs a doctor, as Patrick walks in on them. 
Carly is livid Ava and Morgan slept together, and goes after Ava. Morgan quickly breaks them up.  Carly shouts Ava is a predator, who is manipulating him. She wants Morgan to leave with her immediately.  Morgan accuses his mother of lying to him, and stabbing him in the back.  He feels Ava is the only one he can trust, and he's staying with her.  Carly warns she’ll have security kick Ava out, and storms off.
Ava worries she’s coming between Morgan and his mother.  Morgan doesn’t see it that way, and the two end up back in bed.
Michael lets Kiki into Ava’s room, and the two are shocked to find her in bed with Morgan. 

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    I laughed so hard at the expression on Kiki and Michael’s face when they walked in and saw Morgan and Ava in bed.

    Baby Connie’s christening is happening already? She was barely born a week ago in PC time and they’ve had to deal with a funeral in the meantime. Plus, they wouldn’t wait a little so that Laura could be there? Also, Nik is available to be a godfather if Dante doesn’t want to pick either of his two brothers for the job and Kristina is available to be the godmother. Eeesh writers.

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    jeremy in chicago

    This sh*t was AMAZING!!!!!!!! Love Ava and Morgan. I am fondly remembering Dorian and Joey right now. I give props – GH is the best it’s been in a year or so. I am EVEN watching Sabrina’s scenes. I love that she so clearly wants to screw Carlos and can’t help herself.

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    Wow. I was surprised how fast the AMor storyline is moving. Carly getting in there I was sure that Ava somehow would be able to get rid of her. But her finding out and then attacking Ava was amazing. It was like the latest Brenda/Carly catfight reloaded.
    I was even more shocked when Michael and Kiki walked in there and saw Morgan and Ava doing the nasty yet again. How great was that!? LOL
    Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!

    So Kiki and Michael confessed their love (!?) for each other and now he wants her to move in with her!? Dude, on paper she’s still married to your brother. Slow! I also didn’t like that they used the word ‘love’. And Kiki saying over and over again “Michael, I love you, but…” got on my nerves.
    Yeah there is something between them. Sure! I see it, I get it. But I wouldn’t dare to call it love at this point. It’s an attraction that ultimately ruined Kiki’s marriage to Morgan. Nothing more. I see no evidence that tells me that these two are in love with each other.
    Still like them but the storyline is moving sometimes a little bit too fast with them and seems to take three steps at a time.

    Georgie – I will not call that sweet little girl Connie. NEVER! – gets christened already? That’s soon. At this point shouldn’t Lulu wait for her parents and see how this works out? Shouldn’t Dante let his family mourn the loss of Connie? I mean we already had a wedding reception that went totally wrong. And with Sonny of his meds, I wouldn’t care how Grandma Olivia feels and move the christening to a later date.

    Sabrina and Carlos. I can’t picture them together. Reminding myself how Sabrina acted a couple of months ago I can’t see her involved with someone like Carlos. And I can’t see her ending the relationship. It’s just not working for me.
    I somehow believe that Carlos is connected to Sonny’s first wife somehow and that’s why he’s working with Julian. That could be a very interesting story. But as far as his suppose love for Sabrina … that’s pretty much FF material.

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    We’re suppose to believe that Sabrina was shy and awkward around Patrick but not sexy as hell, Carlos? Yeah. Righhhhh.

    Ava and Morgan are smoking hot!

    I just can’t with Starr 2.0 and Michael 2.0. Their story is so lame with the “I love you” crap. Seriously.

    If Carly had walked in on Michael in bed with Ava, she would have dragged his ass out of the room by his ear!

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    The whole Sabrina/Carlos crap makes no freakin sense at all!! That girl use to blush and go crazy just seeing a bare chest but we are to believe she sexed up old man Carlos?? Whatever. Ron will push this Sabrina agenda no matter how not believable it is.

    Did Sabrina just say she was a part of Patrick’s family? Yeah right. Sabrina is a part of Patrick’s family just like Carlos is a thug. Sonny/Jason have been shot like a billion times yet Carlos can’t take a scratch on his shoulder? And I still can’t picture Carlos with big red glasses, dirty hair, dress like a tween Sabrina. I can’t. Even for a soap, it’s not believable. Bad casting imo.

    Okay now on to what is the best thing about GH right now, MORGAN!! #TeamMorgan. That boy is his parents through and through. I love how he kept telling Ava to tell him to stop. He is so freakin sexy. Now that was great casting. I love how he has evolved into a true Spencer/Corinthos hybrid. I didn’t understand Carly busting into Ava’s room. But I loved how Morgan told her to be gone. I also like that those nasty hypocrites saw Ava/Morgan together. I can’t stand Michael/Kiki. They love each other??? When did this happen? WHen Michael told her he was raped? THat turned her on? They actually slept overnight in the dinner hall? I know KiKi’s nether regions was stankin.

    I can’t stand Olivia’s face. I didn’t want to hear her tell us how Sonny was doing, I want to see Sonny himself! Sonny has been great these couple of days, I wanted more.

    Why are they christening that baby so soon? They can’t wait for Lulu’s family? What about Dante’s hundreds of cousins and uncles, they can’t be his godfather? What about the baby’s very rich Uncle Nik? Shouldn’t he be an option? Michael/Morgan are too young anyway to be considered. Isn’t the godfather the person who will take care of the child if something happens to the parents? The whole thing is stupid anyway.

    So Franco remembers he’s an artist. Glad that whole him taking over ELQ storyline stopped. It was stupid and made no freakin sense. Now that Franco is poor, why doesn’t he hide the fact he’s poor and get Liz to work for him. He could tell her he will sell her paintings and set her up in a gallery as a way of apologizing for stealing Aiden. He then could sell them and keep most of the money. So Franco will still be evil and Liz will get to paint again.

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    [quote=liason4real]We’re suppose to believe that Sabrina was shy and awkward around Patrick but not sexy as hell, Carlos? Yeah. Righhhhh.


    Has there been any mention from Carlos about how different Sabrina looks? Since she had a big transformation and all…
    WISHFUL STORYTELLING: Carlos was abusive/controlling and didn’t want Sabrina to get attention from other men and made her be plain in appearance. Not exactly a feel good story, but coulda garnered some goodwill for Sabrina to triumph.

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    Lucy D.

    Yes Carlos mentioned today her transformation. Specifically her lack of glasses and her better hair. I think he looks too old for her, but it was mentioned.

    Olivia also mentioned how she was pushing for the early Christening, which is wrong on so many levels. I really do not like the character.

    Just wondering if any of you have ever experienced “love at first sight?” So much Michael/Kiki criticism. It happens people. On TV (soaps especially) and in real life. It happened to me.

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    As great as the scenes were with Carly discovering Ava with Morgan I have to question why anyone would stay at metro court if anyone can just walk into a hotel room whether they own the place or not. It’s one thing for Carly but for michael and Kiki?

    Honestly, I don’t mind Kristen A. But if every time she has to express horror do her eyes have to big out and her shoulders shrug up to her ears?! Get some more physical range.

    That being sad, LOVE MORGAN with Ava and that they are writing Ava will a conscientious as opposed to cartoonish for bedding a teenager. While we’re on that, isnt michael doing the same whether or not they are closer in age?

    And please stop with the forced Sabrina scenes!! We are not invested LIKE THE WRITERS in the love story of Patrick and Sabrina BECAUSE we have not seen a love story! We saw a baby sitting scene, hospital aka high school “I got a crush on the football jock” locker room chats with the girls, we saw the duckling to a swan and then weeks later we got a date where Patrick talked abt his “baby” momma’s shebanigans. That ain’t a rooting story and is more a cliff note story. Play it out first then give the obstacles.

    There was gripe over having a wedding reception but a christening is ok? Sorry, baptisms in the catholic religion … Dante is Italian through and through so the child will be catholic, is no longer a ceremony that happens a week or two after birth. You can’t even get on a churches calendar for a baptism that quickly. And most are group events. Just give the child back already and move on to the drama of crying and then Dante and lulu breaking up and spinelli and Maxie getting married already!

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    Ava trying to hide Morgan from Carly, getting busted, then was like “oh WTF…” Poor Carly and deja vue.
    Morgan: Well she isn’t my stepmother!
    Carly: She’s your mother-in-law!

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    I laughed at Kiki and Michael’s face also. But Michael’s face was really funny. He looked like he just saw a ghost. I kept rewinding it. Very entertaining. Great show.

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    LOVE me some Maura West and this kid playing Morgan finally had something to work with, I though he was only good for shirtless scenes.

    Now I just hope Ava gives Carly a grandchild!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I nevr liked Sabrina but are we really supposed to believe she once dated Carlos? The guy exudes sex and Sabrina exudes High School Musical. STOP desperately trying to create new characters for residuals. I will forgive you once Robin comes back and carlos takes Sabrina back to wherever the hell she came from.

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    TV Gord

    I had a couple of aunts in my family who really put the pressure on to get babies christened ASAP, because they were afraid something would happen to them before they could be “welcomed into God’s loving arms”. Olivia seems like that kind of Catholic, too.

    I think it’s ridiculous that anyone can enter someone’s hotel room, too, but it’s one of those many instances where you have to shrug and say, “it’s a soap”.

    pjc722, you haven’t seen Patrick and Sabrina’s love story? They’ve been in bed together more than any other characters on this show recently (not to mention them smooching all over the hospital). If you don’t see it, you’re not looking hard enough.

    The_Moustache, they’re not planning an Ava murder mystery. They’ve already got one with Connie, and Ava’s among the prime suspects. Besides, if a murder mystery were on the way, they would have other characters making public declarations about wanting her dead. There has been no telegraphing that Ava’s murder is on the way.

    This has been a fun week on GH! Sonny’s bipoling of Morgan was great, and Morgan’s just plain ol’ poling of Ava is a hoot! Fun stuff! :-)

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    Curacaoman- I thought AJ was in jail. And Dante and Lulu probably didnt go to the wedding because of the baby and the ingrates probably would not even consider Maxie babysitting.

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    Phoenix Tremayne

    Loving GH right now; glad they are not waiting for sweeps to give us some of the things we want; the promo with Robin and Dante and Lulu had me jumping up and down, can’t wait for Monday; I’m sure it’s not all gonna go down on Friday.

    My favorite scenes Carly, Ava and Morgan; if I’m reading between the lines Morgan wants Kiki to find out he screwed her mother; so it’s payback time; you screwed my brother so I screwed your mother BAM!!!!! That’s what he says in my mind. I don’t know where things will go from here but it’s pretty good from where I’m sitting.

    Sabrina and Carlos; I’m cool with Patrick having competition but shouldn’t this have happened after the nurses ball; before we had a definite decision that Robin was coming back. If Robin’s back it’s bye bye Sabrina; anything else would just ring false. Side note: Carlos needs to keep his shirt on till he’s done some push ups and bench pressing. He looked a little scrawny.

    I typically fast forward past Dante and Lulu at least until Friday; I can’t be put to sleep that early in the day. Franco painting again; let me guess he’s going to paint Carly; let’s expedite this story a little I like RH and LW together lets get this story rolling.

    The head scratcher moment in the episode was doubled; 1 why was Carly invading her tenants privacy by going into her room without permission? 2 Why would Michael and Kiki barge into her mothers room once again without permission or even knocking; why wouldn’t Michael just get his mother to give Kiki a room, “Won’t she do anything for Michael?”

    Other than that great episode

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    Daniel St. John

    I am enjoying the Mrs Robinson stuff with Ava and Morgan and cannot wait to see how Julian reacts to his sister’s latest hijinks.

    Don’t care about the Spixie baby at all. Hopefully the reveal gives ER a chance to flex her acting muscles because she has been wasted so far.

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like this guy playing Carlos? I am having a much bigger issue with imagining Sabrina ever being interested in him than imagining him being interested in her (especially after those several days of her in the tank top and pajamas…that girl’s body is sickening!) because this guy just seems skeevy. This character would be so much better if they had cast someone like Jordi Villasuso.

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    L Tomisen

    Just curious – does anyone else think that the actor playing Carlos and Jason Thompson look and even (forgetting the accents) sound the same? It may just be me but I swear if Drake Jr grew a beard, lost twelve (or more) inches, and put on an accent they would pass as twins.

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    L Tomisen

    Just curious – does anyone else think that the actor playing Carlos and Jason Thompson look and sound the same? It may just be me but I swear if Drake Jr grew a beard, lost twelve (or more) inches, and put on an accent they would pass as twins.

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    I just can’t take Morgan seriously when he tells Carly he’s a grown man, but his voice breaks like Peter Brady going through puberty. I wish Jax would come back to kick his whiny little ass.

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    Okay, one thing I don’t get. Morgan & Ava are gold, but why in the world did they let the lid blow on this right away?? Now it’s just going to be a blip on the radar screen, when it should have been a scorching secret that *nobody* can ever find out about. I guess TPTB think that Ava has enough secrets to last without this one, which I can’t disagree with. But still. This should have been a scandal just waiting to blow up. Now that everyone will know about it, it’s not going to last. Relationships like this always need the secrecy for them to work.

    Always love it once Carly blows a gasket. Haha. I thought for sure that when Morgan walked out into the room, she would hit Ava right there and then. I was so waiting for that one.

    Olivia’s hair is so distracting. Please, pick a color already, and dye it fully that way. Is it going to be blonde, or brunette?

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    Lol Morgan has always been on favorte since the day he was born and he even more amazing with Ava. I so want to punch Michael face for talking to Morgan like that and old rude Kiki wants to talk to her mother as if she herslf is holly smh..Great show.

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    GH did the right thing by putting Ava and Morgan “AMor” together! job well done I love those two so much. I know it was risky for the writer to come up with such idea cause they was scary of what people may think but the risk was worthy cause we love them whole lot.

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