Perkie’s Observations: Ava and Morgan’s Affair Continues to SCANDALIZE General Hospital!

Kiki is shocked to find Morgan and Ava in bed together. Morgan rubs it in that he and Ava were having sex. Morgan accuses Kiki and Michael of doing the same thing, but Michael insists  they spent the night talking and worrying about Morgan. Ava wants them all to be rational. Kiki becomes angrier and slaps her mother in the face.

An upset Carly runs into Franco and goes on a rant. Franco wonders what Ava did. Carly explains what happened with Morgan. Carly claims she wants to kill Ava, but Franco tells her not to because he cares about her.

Lulu invites Maxie over to ask her to come to the baby's christening. Maxie is surprised because she thought Lulu would ban her from the baby's life. Lulu says she understands Maxie is working things out and wants her to be a part of their lives. Lulu asks Maxie to be baby Connie's godmother and Maxie accepts.

Dante runs into Spinelli while out with the baby. Spin gets worried when Dante mentions colic. Dante reassures him the baby is fine and then asks Spin to be the baby's godfather. He explains things aren't good between Michael and Morgan and Lulu thinks of him as family. At first Spinelli refuses, since he knows nothing of the Catholic faith. Dante assures him he'll just need to guide the baby if needed. Spinelli agrees to be the godfather.

Sabrina introduces Patrick and Carlos. They make small talk until Patrick says he knows Carlos showed up at the house the night before. Carlos says he wants Sabrina back and asks why Patrick is still wearing his wedding ring. Patrick says he's a widower. Carlos says he wants to marry Sabrina and claims she's no more than Patrick's babysitter.

Sabrina tells Carlos they are over and none of this is his business. Carlos tells her Patrick is living in the past, but that he wants a future with her. After he leaves, Sabrina apologizes to Patrick who says he doesn't see her as just the babysitter.

Franco drags Carly into his room and gives her paint. He says to put her frustrations on the easel. Carly throws the paint onto him and says she blames him for bringing Ava into their lives.

Carly is angry because she was starting to trust Franco. She thought there may be something starting, but then was upset when she thought he was sleeping with a groupie. Franco says the woman in his room meant nothing and pulls Carly into a kiss. She breaks it off and says she can't do this with him.

Kiki says Ava is a liar, a user and a slut. She lied to Kiki her entire life, then slept with her husband. Morgan points out he is no longer her husband. She left him for Michael.

Michael admits he hurt Morgan, but points out the marriage wouldn't have lasted. The secret would have come out. Morgan wonders if Kiki is Michael's reward for all that he's been through. He accuses Michael of taking what belonged to him. Michael helped himself to Morgan's wife.

Morgan accuses Michael of betraying him and says Ava is the only one who hasn't. He feels Ava is the only one on his side. He tells Kiki and Michael to go and live happily ever after and leave him and Ava alone.

Kiki declares she's done with both of them. Ava begs Kiki not to write her off, but Kiki stoms off.




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  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Sabrina about Carols: “… I can’t believe I was ever involved with him.”
    Neither can we, honey. Neither can we.

    What a stupid storyline. I know that they need to give Sabrina a man because Robin is on her way home but Carlos and Sabrina just doesn’t fit. It makes no sense. It would have been better if the brought Carlos on with no past connection to Sabrina and let him flirt with her a bit.

    Kiki and Michael finding out about Morgan and Ava was the best part of the episode. But once again Kristen Alderson showed that she isn’t that strong of an actress. The scenes were she screamed at Ava I didn’t know if I should laugh or just shocked at how bad it was. And why did that slap look like a punch!? LOL
    Anyway, know that everyone – accept Sonny – knows about Ava and Morgan, they can go back to bed doing the nasty, right!? ;) :love:

    Why isn’t Nikolas even considered to be the child’s godfather. Dante chooses Spinelli!? Common! Very plot-driven. As is this entire christening.

    I don’t even want to mention the silliness that is Carly falling for Franco, but I have to give kudos to Laura Wright. The last scene when Carly told Franco that she can’t make this mistake was amazing.

  2. Profile photo of thecourt99

    I noticed that too and I attribute it to bad editing. Kiki hauled off like it was a punch, but the sound effect was a slap and Ava responded as if it were a slap.

    It was kinda funny too

  3. Profile photo of DisillusionedGHfan

    GH has been great lately, but that doesn’t mean I have a bone to pick! This whole Sabrina-Carlos thing and them having been together in the past just doesn’t fit her back story as we know it. She came to the canvas as an Ugly Betty wallflower, who blossoms into Cinderella. I highly doubt with her past boyfriend being the guy she’s being tied to now, that she was that wallflower with him.

    Either the writers are trying to reboot a Sabrina 2.0 and asking us to forget her entire introduction to the show, or she’s not who we think she is and the whole wallflower thing was a ruse. I’m leaning toward a bad rewrite for this character.

    I mean c’mon, this sticks out like a sore thumb.

  4. Profile photo of Phoenix Tremayne
    Phoenix Tremayne

    This was a really good episode; I loved all the Ava, Kiki, Morgan and Michael stuff; I really didn’t like the way Michael was so hypocritical and delusional that he can steal his brothers wife and just go back to normal. Kiki did punch her mother but it was well done but I watched it three times so I got my soap giggles out; I’m team Morgan all the way; he made good points, showed some sex appeal and left me wanting him and Ava to jump back in the sheets. Good payback scene; but what’s next? Can’t wait to see.

    I know the Sabrina and Carlos thing is unbelievable but I think people are missing my favorite part; Carlos vs Patrick; it was cool to see Patrick finally on the defensive; for a year Sabrina has run after him like a puppy dog and now having some competition Patrick looked lost. Also the actress playing Sabrina was perfect at the end the way she gave one last look to the ring as Patrick held her.

    I like Franco and Carly I really wanted him to say it was Heather and maybe explain in a way that Carly wouldn’t be mad; I loved the kiss and the paint; and Carly walking away, “Till probably November sweeps.”

    Hated Dante, Lulu, Maxie and Spinellie cause the story doesn’t make sense; it’s an insult to my intelligence but can’t wait for the secret to come out today or Monday; so they can finally be watchable again. GH is firing on all cylinders

  5. Profile photo of Lucy D.
    Lucy D.

    After the fact, I wanted Franco to say it was Heather as well. What could be the harm?

    Dante asking Spinelli to be the godfather=stupid.But it will soon be a moot point anyway.

    Laura Wright is amazing in her acting range. She can play many emotions equally amazingly.

  6. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    I stopped watching GH in HD, I can’t take the faces KiKi and Carly makes, ugh

    I was so happy at Morgan’s reaction to KiKi and Michael finding out about them. KiKi’s hysterics and bad acting only made me #TeamMorgan even more so.

    Franco and Carly is sickening. When Carly told Franco to back away, I just kept thinking that’s exactly what ur son was saying to his rapist, the one Franco sent

    Thank goodness I’m not the only one who doesn’t believe this stupid Carlos/Sabrina love affair. It is not believable that old man was with 12 yr old Sabrina back when she didn’t wash her behind or hair and looked like a homeless woman.

    I wish Carlos would either keep his accent or stop it. He on/off accent is annoying and the way Sabrina tries to roll her rrs doesn’t sound right. Please make her stop

  7. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    I agree with everyone about the Carlos/Sabrina thing being odd but I think the fault lies with guy playing Carlos. He is too old and skeevy looking to be anyone that Sabrina would have been interested in. Jeffery Vincent Parisse is a case of really bad casting.
    And even at her most “Ugly Betty”, Sabrina was still an attractive woman so it’s not a mystery why a guy would be interested in her especially if the guy was looking for someone lacking in confidence who he could control and keep barefoot and pregnant at home which is what seems to be implied by his not supporting Sabrina’s dream to become a nurse.

  8. Profile photo of bobbyew

    Awesome GH today, Ms.Locicero and her visions. Lol It was good. Luke and Constance Towers. It was perfection. Maxie looking cute and glowing acting her ass off with that Fabulous Chanel necklace on. Church was beautiful and so were the Pews. Reminding LuLu who’s been there for her through thick and thin was Tracy. As she looked at that child thinking that’s not a Spencer. Great episode beaustiful lighting, shenanigans, and great acting.

  9. Profile photo of twb6yz

    Regarding Kiki, she had it coming! She can’t stand her Mom (for good reason) but expects her to put her up in her hotel room when she’s kicked out of other locations.

    Who just lets them self into a hotel room that isn’t theirs without even knocking first?

    As for Franco kissing Carly while he’s covered in paint and his red hands are putting paint on the back or her head all I could think of was “Damn, another blonde with red ombre like Sammi Brady!”

  10. Profile photo of FloridaDreamin

    Ok so the Sabrina/Carlos thing bugged me at first too until I started to think about it. She said they got together when she was in high school and stayed together for like 7 years. She probably dressed like that in high school and because she was comfortable and confidant in the relationship she was in she never have any thought to changing her appearance the way she felt the need to with Patrick. Sabrina was shy and kind of awkward when she came on the show but always seemed pretty confident in her appearance. She only did the makeover after Felix suggested it would help get Patricks attention.
    Also when the first guy you date is the only guy you date for like 7 years it’s natural to be shy and awkward around the first guy you find attractive/crush on. You basically forget how to act like the person you actually are when you first get back into the dating world.

    That’s what I’m telling myself to make the Carlos factor more believable :) Plus I really like TC as an actress. I know some people hate her for the character she plays but she is a decent actress. Same goes for Kelly T.

    Overall GH has been pretty good lately! I just hope they can keep it up and not ruin the Robin returns storyline… Fingers crossed!

  11. Profile photo of pjc722

    Now I loved the scenes with Ava and the young ones but why are they writing it as if michael was not in the wrong or that Kiki came on board as a playah herself? She was swindling teens out of their dough left right and center and she’s the reason that Morgan got set up with the gambling ring.

    I get why she should be mad at Morgan for lying but when all he was trying to do was keep the women he loved and actually loved her while Kiki and michael have been inches from stripping naked in front of each other for months makes watching those scenes frustrating. Soaps love to ignore what they JUST WROTE to move their stories along without having other characters call them out.

    Seriously, Carly is blaming Franco for all her sons woos? Honestly, I am not getting on board with Franco and its not Rogers fault but cartoony’s. they opted for bringing back the character, rewrote his history and now we’re to believe he is sane?

    None of it makes sense because of the lies with Kiki being his daughter to all that Franco did to port Charles to this forced
    Love story. It would have been better to make him that disowned
    Quartermaine, jimmy lee, and then gone from there.

    I don’t think I can ever route for this desperate couple.

  12. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    About this persistent charge that Michael & Kiki aren’t being written as if they are in the wrong: isn’t that the actual catalyst for Morgan’s absolute rage and acting out, which he repeatedly calls out or has that aspect of this whole (delicious) mess not been spelled out nearly enough by now?

  13. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    No one is saying it’s not obvious. I think we are complaining about Michael/KiKi’s victim act. They are acting like they haven’t done anything wrong. They are not really realizing just how much they hurt Morgan. Read the comments more carefully before the annoying, we know everything y’all don’t comments.

    We know why Morgan is acting like this and we are happy about it because Michael/Kiki deserves it. We hate Michael/KiKi victim act.

  14. Profile photo of giogio

    I think Michael and Kiki are victims cause they clearly started having feelings for each other and were told they were cousins, than werent told they werent. They are victims cause had they known the truth they would have done things differently. As it stands now Morgan and Ava are acting like two pigs. There I said it, pigs in a sack.

  15. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    [quote=logan_echolls]No one is saying it’s not obvious. I think we are complaining about Michael/KiKi’s victim act. They are acting like they haven’t done anything wrong. They are not really realizing just how much they hurt Morgan. Read the comments more carefully before the annoying, we know everything y’all don’t comments.
    We know why Morgan is acting like this and we are happy about it because Michael/Kiki deserves it. We hate Michael/KiKi victim act.[/quote]
    Well it would be kind of hard to expect Kiki and Michael to be too concerned with Morgan’s feelings after walking in on him boning Kiki’s mom and then having Morgan act like an immature smug jackass bragging in the locker room about his sexual conquest.
    Everyone in this triangle comes off bad as far as I am concerned. Michael is a dick for going after his brother’s girl, Kiki is a ho for falling for her boyfriend’s/husband’s brother and Morgan is jerk for manipulating a girl he knew didn’t want him into marrying him.

  16. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    No one is saying it’s not obvious. I think we are complaining about Michael/KiKi’s victim act. They are acting like they haven’t done anything wrong. They are not really realizing just how much they hurt Morgan.

    The way the characters are behaving is not the same thing as how they are being written. Yes, there is an argument to be made that Michael and Kiki are in the wrong (one I don’t necessarily disagree with), but it is abundantly clear and has been for some time that their actions are the catalyst for Morgan’s behavior.

    Read the comments more carefully before the annoying, we know everything y’all don’t comments

    I don’t remember insulting you or anyone else by my comment/question, which was neutral in nature. I’ve been reading all of the comments — carefully, but thank you for your so-called suggestion. Here’s a counter-suggestion for you: why don’t you remove that stick out of your ass before you decide — once again — to come for me just because you don’t “like” me.

  17. Profile photo of Lucy D.
    Lucy D.

    Amen to you giogio. I am not a big Kiki fan, i enjoyed her more when she was feisty, but gimme a break. Morgan lied and manipulated her into getting married. Michael flirted with/tried to steal his teenage brother’s girlfriend. So not even close in “evil doings.”

    Rather than Micael & Kiki palying victims, Morgan is throwing himself the biggest pity party ever. And Ava has NO EXCUSE to sleep with Morgan. NONE. (Not saying I don’t enjoy the soapiness of it, but please)

    And JBJ, please ignore the attackers. I for one wish you posted more.

  18. Profile photo of timepass

    You know what is more awful than holier than Michael, is holier than Kiki + holier than Michael. They are both unbearable! They are always trying to paint themselves as victim, when in fact they are both entitle spoil children.

    They met for a total of mere hours and act like they are in love, seriously with what?

    I cannot think of a more boring couple than those two.

    And seriously, you don’t put a poor actress like CA in front of the great MW. She looks so bad it is not even funny.

  19. Profile photo of GypZ

    i hope this thing with ava and morgan ends’s not the cougar thing that disgusts me.. it’s just ava is ewwwww ..and morgan ..looks like a bulldog

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