JJ Learns Jack’s Dark Secret on Days of Our Lives! (PROMO)

JJ (Casey Moss) has held Jack's (Matthew Ashford) memory over Jennifer's (Melissa Reeves) head since his return to Salem. What will he do when he learns his father wasn't as good of a man as he thought? Watch this week's Days of Our Lives promo after the jump!

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    I’m on a one-man campaign for Days to bring back the character of Anjelica Deveraux. :)

    With Eileen/Kristen leaving, the show’s going to need a mature, bitchy character. Anjelica was Jack’s stepmother so automatically she’d tangle with Jennifer, especially if she started spoiling JJ, undermining Jennifer’s parenting, and interfering in Abby’s love life.

    She and Justin have a son together, so that brings her into the Kiriakis orbit. The fact that Justin and Adrienne’s marriage is a little strained right now would really open up some storyline possibilities.

    I’d also cast her son Alexander, a bad-boy type who plots and sleeps with Theresa but is in love with…

    Hope Brady.

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    I’m gonna say this one should have been left alone. This is such a volatile storyline, and it’s going to get especially ugly since Jack isn’t there himself. That actually makes me wonder that why do they want to make Jack- centric storylines, if they don’t want the character around? Doesn’t make sense to me. Of course, the real reason I suspect they’re doing this, is to prop Daniel and have him be the one that convinces JJ to make peace with his father. It’s pretty obvious.

    Otherwise, this show is the BEST. I am SO loving it, and they’re just rounding up the wheels into October and November Sweeps! Today’s Kristen/Eric scenes were amazing.

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    Wow…a little surprised they are going there. I don’t know that I remember the “assault” being talked about at all in the last 20 years. Any remember it being mentioned in the past? This will be interesting.

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    I’m glad the show is addressing this. Jack was spoiled rotten by his adoptive parents (Harper = a power-hungry senator who turned out to be a serial-killing psychopath and Anjelica = a high class, man-eating bitch on wheels) and was an arrogant, misogynistic bastard during his first year or so on the show.

    It might do JJ some good to know that stuff so that he learns to conquer his demons the same way Jack did.

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    I think this is a lame attempt to dirty Jack and prop Daniel. Not saying Jack was squeaky clean, but I don’t see how this is relevant now. If this is happening to make JJ ease up on Daniel, or to make Daniel seem like the ‘Good man’ everyone in Salem seems to be raving about…count me out.

    Much like JJ, I will never accept Daniel. I also never accepted him as a real Days character. He still seems like an extra or an under five to me that just got lucky. He is a lost Passions/Sunset Beach character (generic Surfer dude #1) who took a wrong turn on the NBC/Sony lot and ended up on the wrong set.

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    Day’s was soo good today! The last 30 min Awesome, after the Pres. interrupted. Sami finding out about EJ and his daddy the Phoenix. So good. Rafe getting slapped by Bernardis wife . Good TV! Nicole and Eric at the rectory great scene. She was wearing that leather jacket with the leather looking like feathers on the side. Beautiful.

    Kristen in Marlenas office hilarious. Marlena and Victor at the Pub. Wonderful scene funny as hell and Deidre’s hair was gorgeous.

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    I think it’s relevant because the truth will set you free and JJ finding out could make him grow-up or even worse he does more drugs. I do feel it’s probably at the same time will prop up Daniel…regardless Daniel isn’t Jack. I think it will make great drama.

    Today’s episode was pure gold and had everything a soap fan wants to enjoy as a viewer.

    I’m loving Nicole (which I got hooked) and her & Eric is great together. I love any scene with Ejole present yesterday at the pub was excellent! :)

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