Top 5 Robin Scorpio Moments From General Hospital (VIDEO)

Kimberly McCullough returns to General Hospital this week as the beloved Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake. To celebrate her return we're sharing five of our favorite Robin moments. So cozy up to your computer, like Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Robin are above, and enjoy a trip down memory lane. Then tell us what your favorite Robin moments are in the comments!

No. 5: Robin Spills the Truth to AJ About Michael


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For a character on the GH canvas for 28 years the list can be a lot longer than top 5 moments.

Here are 3 that are great!!!

Anna & Robin reunited during the Asian Quarter storyline.

Anna & Robin reunited on AMC.

Anna fights to protect Robin from Grant Putnam. Kimberly won her first Emmy after this storyline.

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Robin with Casey the alien will always be one of my favorites!

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My ultimate favorite hasn't yet happened, and that will be when Patrick, Robin and Emma are all reunited, and they all leave the useless nurse and her annoying sidekick eating their dust in the rearview mirror. And the others are:

Stone's death
Robin and Anna being reunited (even though it did happen on AMC)
Robin and Robert being reunited
(tie) Robin breaking down during the Nurses' Ball, ending with Jason carrying her off the stage; Robin and Jason saying goodbye at the bridge before she left for Yale.

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so many but some of my faves are.

Robin and Brenda discuss if her and Stone practiced safe sex and them getting ready for Stone/Robin prom.

Stone/Robin and the "wedding"

Mac and Robin after she is diagnosed HIV positive

I can see you Robin

Nicolas and Robin's date- stupid Steve Burton's refusal to play Jarly costing me Cassio. (yes I am still bitter)

This is the face of HIV

I loved her telling AJ

Stone/Robin/Brenda/Sonny double date- specifically Brenda and Robin sneaking out on Mac to funny.

Mac and Robin after Georgie died.

Ghost Anna and Ghost Robert visiting Robin before Stone died.

Robin running to Anna on the docks

was on AMC but Robin and Anna reuniting after finding out she wasn't dead and Anna learning she was HIV positive.

The Scorpio family talk on Markamos (sp?) Island.

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Many scenes in the Fatal Attraction storyline w/Olivia Jerome

This is the face of HIV; Mac and Robin after she is diagnosed HIV positive

I loved her telling AJ

Nicolas / Robin's date- Cassio. (yes I am still bitter too)

Mac and Robin after Georgie died - TMK storyline.

I liked Kim's Robin's reaction shot at Wyndemere during the blk/wht ball when Nik open up a can of whupAss on Patrick in his RR storyline during WdUDie4Luv arc

These are only a few of many favorite Robin scenes.

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The Anna/Robin reunion on AMC was so well done! One of my favorite soap moments ever!!

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Robin's speech to Mac about him being the father they (Robin, Georgie, Maxie) needed, when he was torn up at Georgie's funeral. Amazing stuff.

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Nicolas and Robin's date- stupid Steve Burton's refusal to play Jarly costing me Cassio. (yes I am still bitter)

So what is the backstory on Burton's refusal to pair with Carly? I would have liked to see Robin and Nik. I thought they had a great connection early on. How was Carly and Jason's story related. Sorry for all the questions, but this is backstage story I've never heard before.