Who Will be Murdered on The Young and the Restless? (PROMO)

Murder most foul is coming to Genoa City and someone won't make it out alive. However, soap murder mysteries rarely result in the right person being killed off.  Watch this week's The Young and the Restless promo after the jump!

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    Why does Mason gotta go (except probably not much to do really)?

    It would be so great if a major major character were killed off instead of a peripheral sideliner. It most definitely won’t be anyone in the promo of course except maybe Hillary who does deserve it for being so irrational. If it is Carmine then there would only be two or three suspects which would not be all that interesting. But if there is an upcoming murder “mystery”, would it be too much to ask for something really interesting and suspenseful this time round???

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    soapy opie

    Oh Poop – Part 1: Another Y&R lame-ass murder “mystery”
    that will go on & on & on ……

    Oh Poop – Part 2: Hopefully, they’ll at least have a body this time
    (Daisy, anyone??).

    Oh Poop – Part 3: It’s gonna be Carmine (& not Dylan).

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    Y&R was Fish Grease, today! Great episode. It is the #1 soap. Nick and his long lost brother. Great scenes in Chancellor Park.

    Sharon, Schizophrenic ass looking hot in that green dress. Still seeing her demonic angel daughter who has been telling her to do naughty things to get her ex back. Sharon Case is Gorgeous.

    Avery seeing her brain dead sister. I loved Laura’s I mean Phyllis Hospital suite.

    Adam at the Penthouse. Mr. Muhney looks great in front of his city backdrop acting his ass off.

    Victoria all slutty at home for Billy was cute. She had her hair done.

    Hunter King beautiful with her fake daddy.

    Chelsea was great being motherly to her child and her ex-husband then Dyldo showed up.

    Good episode.

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    YR really has never done murder mysteries well…

    Having said that I think it’ll be a minor character, probably Mason or Carmine…although I like both characters on the show.

    Hilary may set up Neil for his murder, or they’ll try to make it seem like one of the Baldwins (Michael, Lauren, Fen, Kevin or maybe Glo) killed Carmine.

    We haven’t seen JG write one of these yet, so I’ll just have to wait to see how he does in one of his final storylines.

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    After thinking about it maybe it’s Hilary? or Carmine? If Hilary Neil gets framed and Leslie defends him, or if Carmine gets axed than maybe Lauren or Fen, maybe even Michael with Christine defending Michael….hmmmm

    Anyways, who cares because it will suck. YR never did lots of murder mysteries plenty of psychos running amok over the years but Bill made sure his psychos paid dearly…exception Sheila

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    They could still use Carmine in a lot of ways.

    Town Himbo.

    I like Mason too, but I hope if it’s one of them, which I’m sure it will be, that they kill Mason, not Carmine.

    Or maybe this will be one of those “murders” where we never really know if the person is dead.

    They have written both characters into a corner, so it’d be hard to use either much going forward.

    Hilary I doubt will be killed, although, I wouldn’t mind that one either.

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    They may as well shot her they won’t give her anything to do. She can’t run Chancellor Industries, have a love life, or associate with her offspring and be involved in their stories.

    What’s Jill’s purpose? Is she supposed to show up every other month be part of the scenery? If she’s never going to get a story what’s the point of her?

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    hey mon

    Too bad Christine isn’t on more. Just for the two days of Katherine’s funeral, then her own wedding to Paul.

    Probably be Delia. Killing off a 7-year old little girl probably passes for Drama in JFP’s universe.

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    it will probably be a random police officer or someone else that is “background filler”?

    But Lauren will kill Carmine…. and Michael will have to defend her as Gloria dresses to thrill in the court room and Chipmunk goes and cries in the closet.

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    As much as I hate to say it, I think it will be Carmine. I spoke to Marco Dapper at the Y&R dinner in August and told him that I hoped the writers didn’t kill him off. He didn’t seem optimistic. Tracey Bregman said I needed to go on twitter and tell Barbara Bloom that we enjoy Carmine, she actually told me that 3 times. Then again, doen’t Y&R tape 6 weeks in advance? The dinner was August 28.
    We’ll see.

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    Honestly, I wish it could be bug eyed Lauren. Can’t stand her and her ground hogs day plots. Its the same damn storyline.

    I would keep Carmine and I don’t buy him going crazy for this over the hill broad. She ain’t that fine.

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    RealityCheck 33

    My money is on Carmine the magnificent. Buh-bye McStudly.

    Watching Joshua Morrow and Steve Farren Phelps on today’s US was like watching to untrained seals attempt to play music. Horrible. Toss both of them back into the sea.

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    Hopefully it will be Jill Farren Phelps (LOL) and the killer(s) will turn out to be Jack Smith AND Kay Alden who frame Dylan er um I mean Jason Morgan for the murder…their motive? To reclaim Y&R once again and bring it back to its full glory. Case closed.

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    I really enjoyed the George Rawlins murder mystery back in the day. I thought personally it was one of Y&R’s best.
    I stopped watching Y&R during their last murder mystery Diane Chambers. It was a total train wreck and was below par even for MAB.
    So I feel Y&R has had a mixed bag history with murder mysteries.
    What I always really liked was the mystery of who could be calling in the middle of an outrageous argument between Kay and Jill. Or what is it that Jill is storming up to the Chancellor mansion all in a huff about fade out to a commercial. Fade in the door opens and Kay’s finger nails are clacking together and simply says Jill. What are they going to battle it over today?
    That is the best mystery of all. Y&R used to have a cliff hanger every commercial break and it was compelling and riveting and they didn’t even have to kill anyone off to get us to turn in to the next scene. We wanted to know what comes next. Funny thing is we probably knew what was gonna happen next but the anticipation of making us wait was delicious. Is Kay gonna let Jill have it? Is Nikki going to forgive Victor yet one more time? Is Jack going to get it over on Victor this time? Is Sharon ever gonna get that basket of laundry ever folded between conversations with the Newmans? This and other answers on the next Young and the Restless!
    Yeah get back to that…..

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    I like a good murder mystery but lately the soaps just don’t do them well. Have a feeling it will be Carmine, with Lauren or Micheal being blamed (or may-be Fen?) There’s just no mystery to this story-line. If one of the main stars is accused, you know already they will eventually get off. Wish they used Carmine better. The actor has the looks !!! It’s so typical of JFP to suddenly turn a character into a pyscho (done so many times when she was head of GH). It gets to be a bore. Can’t any of them come up with some fresh new story-lines that weren’t done hundreds of times over??? I am still waiting for one soap to catch the magic of Luke and Laura on GH from years ago and bring back a real good good romance story. The actors today just don’t seem to have that chemistry together anymore, nor do the writers know how to write a good love story. Very sad!

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    Stitch in his scrubs, HOT. Might he be the long lost son? Great episode till the president Pre-empted the show. I’ll have to see the middle on TVGN tonight.

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    Speculation. Carmine will be murdered. And one of the Baldwin-Fisher boys will be arrested. Probably Kevin. And the just announced Womack character will be his cellmate until the man of his dreams, Chavez, can save him ..lol!

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    soapjunkie88 … your idea about Delia is actually quite valid considering they have already had her chasing after the puppy. I don’t think they will go that route though because it would be just too depressing. Delia is not really all that present but still, she is just an innocent little kid.

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    Thank you TVGN for TGVN today! All of Y&R today was great Hilary was awesome getting Neil to take a drink. Nikki telling Victor Chelsea did the best she could for her child. Stitch may be the long lost child. Whoa that would be crazy. He’s hot bout the right age and a blonde.

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    Also, I would add, that because Marco Dapper is just so fun, that in this particular case, if/when Carmine is murdered, we should have his TWIN BROTHER, “Carlo,” show up to claim his brother’s body. .. Oh, and maybe, we’ll learn that Carlo, a one-time, male model on the European circuit, just inherited his recently-deceased wife’s top Italian fashion house, which happens to be a lead supplier for Fenmores haute couture offerings, so he’ll be sticking around town for awhile. He’s much nicer and smarter than Carmine and not a psychopath. Should Michael be worried? ..lol!

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    FoxCrane … Post #42; that is quite a good fantasy scenario!

    bobbyew … So what did TGVN do that was so different than any other nasty or phony thing he ever does? Except of course give Nikki much cause to explain her increased stress related complications. It could also be a prelude to pushing her into Stitch’s arms should he not be her son.

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    Ryan-Scott … Victor reading??? You mean his lines???

    Regarding the murder. When you “see” it it’s so darned familiar and obvious what we are going to have to endure from the intrepid GCPD for the next few weeks.

    (Of course after the deed, the aftermath is incredibly annoying, trite and predictable.)

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