SPOILERS: Will Michael Take The FALL For His Son on The Young and the Restless?

Michael/Lauren/Carmine: Get ready for another whodunit, kids. Carmine winds up dead (I’m NOT amused!) and the Baldwin clan are all suspects. Michael discovers Lauren standing over Carmine's dead body, with the gun in her hands. Michael thinks Lauren finally flipped her lid and snuffed out her ex-lover.

Lauren corrects her hubby, saying she didn’t whack Carmine, but thinks Fen did! Will Mikey make the ultimate sacrifice to protect his son?

Victor/Nikki: The lovebirds get stunning news from Victoria.

Jack/Adam/Chelsea: Old Smilin’ Jack and the Newman blacksheep are blindsided by news Chelsea gives them. Later, she extends an olive branch to Adam.

Dylan/Avery: The war vet decides to stick around Genoa City, but isn’t sure what to do with his life. Stitch tells his buddy to go after Avery, now that the two are both single. Billy also gives Dylan proactive advice. Will his buds pumping him up lead to Dylan making a play for his former love?

Adam/Billy: The in-laws have a huge showdown.

Tyler/Abby: Abby's declaration of love is hard for Tyler to process. Does he feel the same? Watch for Leslie and TGVN to weigh in on this new relationship!


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I just don't know why they can't give us a murder mystery with a difference. Don't we all get a little fed up with GCPD pursuing everyone in sight who did NOT do the deed? Don't we all get a little fed up with innocent parties trying to take the fall?

Speaking of innocent parties. Are we fed up yet with Neal taking the blame and being so understanding toward Hillary? Neal did nothing wrong and Hillary's mother never ever gave any indication that anything was wrong. Get over it Neal and deal with Hillary as she ought to be dealt with. She's a sick woman who constantly threatens danger and she should be arrested and put away.

Also ... just shorten these ongoing story lines. They go on for far too long and leave us hanging when they could all have been resolved or taken care of weeks ago.

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Please.... not another lame-ass murder "mystery" Sick
After months of agony, it will be revealed that Carmine shot himself while trying to pull his gun out of the holster.
In the name of all that is holy.... stop the madness!! Evil

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tedew, I think the current storylines are being extended to cover the period of transition between writing teams.

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Most of these storylines need to be scrapped.

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JasamForever wrote:
Most of these storylines need to be scrapped.

Along with some of the actors.

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Also, don't forget to scrap the Y&R hating viewers on this site.

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This show is awful. I hope B&B gets the number 1 spot then maybe it will help Sony see the light. What happened to my favorite show? Smh

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This murder mystery was pathetic. Sure, Carmine was harrassing them and attempted to murder them but did he deserve to die and the story to be a sad (in pathetic way) WHODUNIT with Fen as the suspect and his parents ONCE AGAIN thinking he was in the wrong?!

Right now I dont care who shot him and just tired with Lauren in peril all the time. Even the way Carmine was lying on the ground looked more like a nap than being shot.

And why were the cops such idiots. Carmine was shot twice and NOT one cop heard the gunshot as they were searching the hotel?! PLEASE.

God, what is Victoria going to shock her parents with this week? It's always in the promos and always turns out to be a dud.

On the rest of the show, what's with all the sudden drops in storylines again?! When Jill came on all these stories... that were bad... were instantly dropped and now we are seeing it again. Katherine makes Cane CEO and even mentions in her will and we see the drama with Jill only to have Cane quit?! Then Jack and Adam OWN Newman outright in one story only to see it not be true in a second one only to see it true and then lose it because of victor and thats the end?

Even the MS story has gone to the waste side like Abby's love life and story. Where is TRacey? Or even Jill? Bardwell? Just not amused when they complain about BUDGETS but for a lame ass "WOMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD" they had more than 2 dozen extras walking around and could have changed the concept of the event and had Bardwell, Jill and even Anita there for more comic relief than we got.

I am scared for Y&R. Let's see the ratings next week and hope it hasn't hit 3.2 because then it is in a downward spiral

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Carmine's Gone!! Dylan's Still Here!!

Double Bummer!! lol

P.S. - Although I must say this for Marco Dapper and Y&R:
Originally there were no real plans for Carmine
once his short story arc with Abby was finished. However, when
they wisely brought him back & threw him into Lauren's orbit,
they hit soap opera gold. Not only was he super sexy (naturally!!)
sneaking around as Lauren's hot boy-toy, but as the story-line
intensified, despite having no real acting training, Marco
more than held his own with such daytime heavyweights as Emmy
winners Christan LaBlanc & Tracey Bregman

Now that he's proven he's got the looks & some acting chops,
hopefully another daytime soap will grab him quick.

Even better, perhaps one of those sizzling prime-time soaps
Revenge, Scandal, Betrayal, etc) give him his real big break.

The Y&R exposure has been nothing but a positive experience &
should open a lot of doors for Marco. We haven't seen
the last of him by any means. Good Luck, Marco!!

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The Widow Basco replies: damn, they did kill him off.... a lot of other characterscould have bit the dust, but noooooooo...

ok.... what news could Chelsea possible know/have that involves Jack Abbott?

We all know Mr. Phelps will never leave. I am sure that when the new writers walk in on their first day, they are handed a photo of Mr. Phelps and are told " never forget this face is YOUR bread and butter.

Is Victoria pregnant?

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TraceyAbbott..."Mr. Phelps this is your assignment...If you choose to take the assignment...this tape will self-destruct in 1 minute. JFP Wink "...

OK, once again Josh leaves us flat, my question is\was where's still the drama? OK! Knowing it would be Carmine, doesn't mean it couldn't be dramatic soap..ah a death of soap character? We got a shooting over the cell phone...bang bang and a lame ass "No No"?

Where's build up? Showing Carmine getting shot and not seeing the shooter?
The s-l-o-w m-o-t-i-o-n effect of Carmine being blown away and falling?

None...absolutely nothing but missed beats, seemed rushed & cheap...

here's a good example on "how" pull viewers into a good murder mystery...

On GL, we saw slow motion of Karl falling face first and hearing the pops but seeing nothing but a gun...Karl shot in the back...last scene Beth standing over him. Karl was abusing Beth...viewers went through the beats played and found out what happened & who shot Karl...on this day! Love


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Another week of repeated scenes and conversations have left me cold. The murder of Carmine is looking to be a long drawn out story of agony for the Baldwins where they each take turns chewing up the furniture with their over the top guilt. It's all my fault, each one will wail, over and over until veiwers want to hurl a brick at their televisions.

The Nikki as a new mom story is making me gag too. None of it makes any sense although I suppose it opens the door to another big falling out between Nikki and Victor. We can count on him to be royally pissed at his little wifey keeping a secret all their married lives, as well as angry that she abandoned the child. We can all see that coming.

One other odd thing about that: if Paul might be the father, wouldn't he know it was a possibility? He sure hasn't indicated any awareness of that.

The Natalie/Neil story needs to die a quick death. So unrealistic, even for a soap. Couldn't we have Lily and Cane break up instead? That hope is the only thing that keeps me watching that cloyingly sweet couple.

I want to see Sharon melt down, which may be coming soon, and I'm fascinated by the triangle of Dylan, Adam and Chelsea. Which one will she choose? I'm hoping it will be Adam, he deserves a chance to make her happy.

Another week coming, hope it gets better, and hope the stories can pick up the pace a bit! Life is short.

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pjc722 ... your post #8 in this thread echoes my sentiment from post #1 and more. I just start to worry that most viewers (not the ones posting here) really like these cyclical story lines with everyone being blamed and everyone taking the blame for what they did not do. I also worry that most of the viewing public is actually completely astounded and thrilled with all of this each and every time it happens.

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Show is boring. Seems like Muhney is the shining star, as usual. Can you imagine having to watch the Show if Muhney wasnt around, and it was just Stevie Burton?

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Seems like Muhney is the shining star, as usual.

LOL.....Was this sarcasm?

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Shows what a wuss Michael has become. Old Michael would have deemed the best way help his supposedly guilty son is to be Fen's ''legal eagle, take no prisoners, I'll get you off no matter what," defense attorney. And he would, only to discover afterward that someone else committed the murder.

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A classic shooting on Y&R?
well how about this one: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOE9tzMIvps

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It seems like Dylan is on everyday now. I dont mind a "whodunit" involving Carmine. I still would like to know how he was able to get a policeman's uniform unless I missed something.

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Mets82 ...
Maybe Carmine and his trick for the night were playing swap clothing.