Vicki Dummer Developing a Talk Show For Mo’Nique

Academy Award-winner Mo’Nique is returning to the talk show circuit. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Time Square Studios' Vicki Dummer is said to be developing the syndicated vehicle for 2014.

Mo’Nique is no stranger to talk shows. The comedian/actress had a self-titled chatfest on BET from 2009-2011.

Photo credit for Vicki Dummer: Disney-ABC

Photo of Mo 'Nique by PR Photos

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  1. Profile photo of nysam

    I don’t mind talk shows, but can someone please find new talent? Mo’Nique, Queen Latifah, Ricki Lake….they just keep recycling the same names who have been canceled before.

    Why not try to make new talk show stars instead of casting actors? Remember when nobody knew Oprah, Phil Donahue? Find talent that has something to say and make them into a talk show star.

  2. Profile photo of Marland Fan
    Marland Fan

    [quote=Yoryla]I don’t get this fascination with talk shows. Seems like everyone wants to be a talk host show these days.[/quote]
    Everyone wants a huge paycheck for very little work.

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    Why doesnt ABC just accept the fact that they screwed up and bring back AMC and OLTL. Two proven and profitable shows that if that put some effort into could bring some serious money back into the network.

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