Perkie’s Observations: Lulu and Dante Prepare For a Fight on General Hospital

When Dante mentions he and Lulu aren't Connie's biological parents, Lulu isn't worried about losing the baby.  She reminds him Maxie told them they could keep Connie.   Dante feels Maxie said it in the heat of the moment, but may change her mind. He thinks they need to be prepared for anything. 

Jerry reminds Robin if she finds him a cure, he’ll let her go.  Robin figures he’ll kill her either way, and wants assurance he’ll let her go unharmed.  Jerry tells her to take his word for it. 
Dr. Obrecht arrives with Ben, and Jerry is angry she kidnapped the child. He knows the authorities will soon follow her.  Liesl covered her tracks, and believes she won’t be found. However, she needs a babysitter and wants to use Robin.  Jerry doesn’t want to distract Robin, but Liesl is determined. 
Emma wonders why Patrick isn’t wearing his wedding ring, and he admits he removed it. He stresses to Emma that Robin still has a place in his heart.  Sabrina receives flowers from Carlos, and she is not amused by his gift.  
Maxie tells Felicia and Mac the truth about the baby.  Mac understands why it was so hard for Maxie to let her go.  Maxie thought she was making the right decision, and admits she confided in Frisco.  Felicia is angry with Frisco, but Maxie places the blame on herself.  Mac wants Maxie to claim her child, but Maxie doesn’t want to force Lulu and Dante to give her up. 
Spinelli updates Ellie on what happened at the christening. Ellie wonders if Brad did the right thing, and maybe it’s time for Spin to claim his daughter.  Spinelli doesn’t want to hurt Lulu and Dante, but Ellie reiterates he’s the baby’s father.  Spin admits Maxie wants the baby back. 
Anna tells Britt and Nik that Dr. Obrecht managed to get out of the country, and covered her tracks well.  She asks if Ben’s father has been told, but Britt explains the father is just a donor.  Anna believes they need to wait, and understands Britt’s fears because Robin was taken once.  Anna promises to bring Ben back. 
Robin watches the DVD and sees Britt announce she’s pregnant with Patrick’s baby at The Nurse's Ball.  Then, Dr. Obrecht comes in with Ben, and tells her it’s Patrick’s son.   Robin doesn’t believe her, but Liesl is convincing.  Robin wonders how much Britt is involved, and if she knows Robin is alive.  Liesl admits Britt can’t be trusted, and would have told Patrick about Robin.  Liesl wants Robin to take care of the baby, because Ben is important to her plans. 
Maxie promised Lulu a baby, but Felicia points out Connie is her child. She warns things will never be right if she doesn’t claim Connie.  Maxie doesn’t want to destroy Lante.  Felicia suggests they get Kevin’s advice.  At the hospital, Maxie runs into Spinelli, who admits he wants their daughter back.  Maxie wants the same. 
Lulu decides they should legally adopt Connie, and officially make her their daughter in the eyes of the law. This way, Maxie and Spinelli can’t take her. 
Britt and Nik run into Patrick and Sabrina, who are shocked to hear Dr. Obrecht kidnapped Ben. 
Mac gets a call from Holly, and informs Anna that Robert has woken up. 

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    Another strong show! Loved the family time (always love seeing Mac and Felicia). The Robin/Orbecht stuff was bizarre and fun. And Nipolas should always be in air conditioning!!!

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    Dr.Obrecht is a Gangsta and evil human being. Arriving with her grandson and changing his name to Cesar. LOL She checked Jerry and wanted Robin to baby sit that child, hilarious. Great episode.

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    I FLOVE Finola Hughes. I think her ability to cry and make me beleive it is one of the best in daytime. So many others (who shall remain nameless!) have water come down their cheeks and a quivering lip that make me feel nothing, but she always gets me. Loved the flashback too.

    Jerry/Dr O: Loved to see him forced to back down, that someoene else is in charge and it’s her.

    Loved the confusion on poor Robin’s face as she has to process not only that this is Patrick’s child but that she’s supposed to babysit him. I also giggle every time Dr O goes squishy gooey with Ben.

    I don’t understand Lulu. First off, didn’t Maxie sign some surogate agreement? Wouldn’t that legally say that she has no say in the baby even if she wanted her? Otherwise, what would be the point of drawing up a contract.

    Second, Lulu wants to adopt. Wouldn’t Maxie and Spin have to sign off their parental rights? Why would she think they would do that? The writing for Lulu here, makes her come across not very smart.

    I was on Maxie’s side through this whole reveal until she suddenly decided to go off and rip this baby out of Lulu’s arm. And having Felicia and Mac in agreement seemed odd. Slow down people.

    Loving Britt and Nik together. Let’s hope this is a slow build up that sticks because they really work for me.

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    This episode was so awesome!! The best part for me was the flashback of Anna finding Robin when she wss a little girl. I am hoping that now Robert will wake up and tell her Robin is alive.. Robin having to take all this in is wonderful. I wonder if she is returning to town with Patricks non baby..

    Feeling Nic and Brit for sure..

    Kristen Storms looks so beautiful in her preggers form..

    Always a happy day to not have to watch Kiki and Mikey drinking wine like grown ups.. Then have to see them in bed.. Gouge my eyes please!!

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    [quote=Perkie]I don’t understand Lulu. First off, didn’t Maxie sign some surogate agreement? Wouldn’t that legally say that she has no say in the baby even if she wanted her? Otherwise, what would be the point of drawing up a contract.[/quote]

    The contract is null and void if the baby is not as represented – Lulu’s egg and Dante’s sperm.

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    Perkie, glad it was vacation stuff that had you MIA . sometimes in this crazy world we wonder if everything is ok. Glad to see you. I dont know where to go with this baby story. I feel for them all. But what is the story with Britt’s baby? That is really her kid. But could Jerry be the father? Who can it be…anyone?

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    fmat55 is right. The surrogacy contract refers to the parental rights to the fetus created with Dante’s sperm and Lulu’s egg. This baby is not the subject of the contract. They could potentially sue Maxie for fraud or breach of contract, but there would only be a monetary award…they wouldn’t be awarded the baby. On the other hand, Maxie and Spinelli would have to sign away their rights if their names were on the birth certificate. Getting parents off a birth certificate is a lot more complicated than most people think, and the birth certificate is a legal document that matters a great deal in custody issues. Maxie and Spinelli could also be found to have abandoned the baby to the custody of Dante and Lulu.

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    [quote]The contract is null and void if the baby is not as represented – Lulu’s egg and Dante’s sperm[/quote]

    Ok, that makes sense.

    [quote]But could Jerry be the father? Who can it be…anyone[/quote]

    I get the feeling that dear old Mom is the one that provided the sample for Britt, and I can’t see her wanting Jerry’s DNA for her grandchild.

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    GHFAN -I agree with you. Maxie had good intentions, but now Lulu and Dante are without a baby because maxie didnt think it thru. Lulu is really acting the part of a mother who just lost a child. She really is playing the distraught part extremely well. But Maxie really was trying to help. And for Lulu and Dante not to check in on Maxie and almost called security on her… well if that were me I would have become serial mom right on the spot. This is a really terrible story cause no one looks good. I was hoping Britts baby was Lulu and Dante’s but it dosent look like it. Now they have to start from scratch. horrible, horrible story line.

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    I know Maxie was 100% wrong in not being honest with Lante, BUT all her actions did have love as a motivation behind it. Screwed up and horribly wrong…Of course…but she had selfless intentions behind what she did. She was so upset when she miscarried Lante’s baby, but as everyone knows, miscarriages aren’t anyone’s fault. There is a reason when they happen that is out of the control of the mother. Blaming herself for the miscarriage was wrong and silly. She didn’t want to wreck Spinelli’s relationship, she felt bad about disappointing Lante…so hence she made bad “Maxie” choices. She is also correct that Lante had considered adoption, and were turned down as unsuitable parents. Lante opted for surrogacy, as their only real option after this happened. So her reasoning that Lante would accept a child that was not theirs biologically was not off. The fact she was willing to give her only child to her best friend because she didn’t want to hurt her and because she loved her so much….the fact she didn’t want to possibly break up Spinelli’s relationship…after he told her how happy he was with Ellie….were all SELFLESS ACTS. Stupid …oh YEAH…BIG TIME. BUT done out of love.

    Now don’t get me wrong…I don’t want to stick up for Maxie…She should have told Lante the truth. They had the right to know their child had miscarried. That was terribly wrong on her part. What I don’t get is why she was willing to give her only child to such a rotten friend. Lulu and Dante NEVER checked on Maxie after the delivery, even knowing Maxie had almost died from complications. What kind of people are they not to show concern for the best friend that just went through life threatening surgery…almost die…and not even check on her??? I thought that was terrible. If you want to talk about selfish…lets talk about Lante.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that Robert is awake, and that I am seeing Robin back on my screen. I am in Scorpio heaven. Perkie you are so right…FH killed her scenes yesterday. She moves me also. Dr O is such a treasure. I get such a kick out of her. I have to admit I also enjoy seeing Jerry. The show is on fire at the moment.

    Yesterday’s show was fantastic…one of the best parts was it was minus, Kiki and Franco…had mostly all vets…and we only had to put up with Sabrina.

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    [quote]Maxie and Spinelli would have to sign away their rights if their names were on the birth certificate[/quote]

    Assuming Lante’s names are on the certificate, does that mean they are legally Connie’s parents, no matter the DNA? If that’s the case, then would Lante have to adopt her or wouldn’t they alredy be considered her parents?

    Ghfan, I completely agree with everything regarding MAxie. I was shocked when LUlu called her selfish, because while Maxie should have told the truth, giving Lulu her daughter to raise as her own is not a selfish act.

    I was too busy to comment on the reveal episode, but I found LUlu’s behaviour so strange. She and Dante were acting as though Maxie was the one to come forward and demand her daughter back when it was actually Brad that spilled the beans that Maxie had been trying to keep secret. It was all strangely played out and as much as I like Emme Rylan, I just wasn’t feeling her pain. The last scene JMB did, was a dream sequence from Maxie where she confronts her, and I felt that was a stronger performance than what ER is giving now. Not that I blame ER I just feel like she hasn’t gelled as Lulu or in the Lulu/Maxie friendhsip yet.

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    I haven’t watched the episodes lately (haven’t had time) :-( but I’ve been catching up with the recaps while I’m at work…but just to add my two cents…and don’t mind me, this could be totally out of left field…but I really wouldn’t be surprised if Britt’s baby was actually Lante’s! I mean, when Lulu had some of her eggs taken out, they didn’t implant them all into Maxie. After Maxie miscarried, she went back to Britt to get another implant done but couldn’t because she was already pregnant. Also, I wouldn’t put it past Dr. O to force her daughter to get pregnant to help in her dastardly plan of domination. So when she ended up not being pregnant by Patrick, she probably got desperate and implanted herself with Lante’s remaining donation…they also gave birth within a couple of weeks of each other…sorry, I just had a bunch of sugar and am hyped up so it could be just a delusional sugar-rush thought!

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    GHFAN777- Thank you!!! You said it so perfectly.. I almost feel like the writing is gearing towards Lulu’s turn to go to Ferncliff.. Or whatever the name of the funny farm is..

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    Is Dr. O the kind of villain that would go lovey dovey over baby Ben if he did NOT share Faison’s DNA? I don’t think so, but that’s just how I see the dancing doctor.

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    I like the character of Britt but I just can’t get into Nik and Britt because of the glaring evidence that the baby isn’t Brad’s. I hate that Nik is so stupid to this fact. It doesn’t make their relationship cute. I loved them as friends but making Dr. Westbourne poor and Nik stupid doesn’t make for a good romance.

    I would so love for Liz to be on Britt’s trail and find out that blond hair blue eyed baby isn’t Brad’s but that the baby is Lantes.

    If I was Robin, I would NOT want to take care of my husband’s baby with another woman. That baby would be rolling on the floor eating dirt.

    I’m Team Maxie. I just don’t feel anything for this Lulu that will have me feeling sorry for her.

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    Lucy D.

    I think the baby has to be Britt’s–she’s too attached. She’s said things in the past that make you think she knows who the baby daddy is. (Dante?) Dr. O is just trying to torment Robin by telling her the baby is Patrick’s because she can’t torment Anna.

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    J Bernard Jones

    I think the baby has to be Britt’s–she’s too attached. She’s said things in the past that make you think she knows who the baby daddy is. (Dante?) Dr. O is just trying to torment Robin by telling her the baby is Patrick’s because she can’t torment Anna.


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    Sorry, but I have little sympathy for Lante, largely because of Lulu. I have had a hard time relating to ER’s version of Lulu, I guess because I don’t see the friendship between she and Maxie.

    I totally understand that Lange are heartbroken, I get that, I really do, but Lulu is just coming off as unsympathetic to me. I can’t think of anything more gut wrenching than giving up your child, and although it was wrong to try and fool Lante, Maxie was willing to give them her baby Georgie who she is clearly in love with. SHREWLU is just a selfish biditch, who doesn’t have anywhere the love for Maxie, that Maxie has for her.

    I was sure that baby Ben was Lante’ s baby, but now I’m not so sure. The woman sure seems attached to that baby. Maybe Britt doesn’t know whose baby it really is. I had a sickening thought, perhaps her twisted mother harvested some of Faisons DNA and Britt unknowingly carried her brother. The crazy Dr. O is obsessed with Faison, and insists on calling Ben, Cesar.

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    I’m not understanding that idea that the baby has to be Britt’s because she’s attached to it. She carried this baby for 9 mos and had a hard delivery, why wouldn’t she be attached to the baby?

    That baby is not hers. Her mother helped her out in faking the DNA results but you can get attached to a baby you have carried for 9 mos. It’s not like she had anyone to share this experience with. It’s just been her and this baby. It makes sense she will be attached. Even if her DNA was mixed with Dante’s to make this baby, it would NOT have blond hair blue eyes. The writers purposely cast this baby as blond hair blue eyes to let everyone know this baby is Lante’s. There has been so much foreshadowing that this its Lante’s baby I can’t see how anyone can think any different. One time Britt was talking about the baby, Lante walked pasted and she rubbed her stomach and started to feel guilty. When Ellie told them the DNA results, they showed Lante in the next scene. The writers are trying to let the audience in on the secret but I guess some ppl missed it.

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    @logan_echolls I have seen you post these same comments in previous recaps and I have to finally speak up. Yes, the baby is blond and blue eyed but Brit also has blue/green eyes. Not the brown you have previously posted. Also I know of children that have light hair as children and grow up to have dark hair. So upon further thought I don’t think your theory holds water.

    I believe that little Ben is Britt’s baby with Dante. We hopefully will find out sooner rather than later.

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    Lindiana Jones

    I am not liking ShrewLulu. It is time for TPTB realize their mistake and recast again. I nominate Farah Fath since she and Kirsten Storms worked so well together on Days, they would be terrific on GH.

    I just cannot get behind Marcy Rylan in the role. She comes across as hard and sharp, like a rock in bedded with razors. Lulu has never been played that way, it was always MAXIE that was hard and sharp while Lulu was her soft and cozy counterpart.

    And then in the christening scenes, Marcy squished her eyebrows together to frown and this massive vein popped out from her hair line down to between her brows. Now I cannot get that image out of my head.

    I have nothing against the actress. I blame it all on the GH casting department.

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    So can someone explain why they built a CHURCH set for Lulu’s baby christening but had Mac and Felicias wedding in a bar and the bride got ready in a broom closet?!!

    As for the story now with Maxie, Lulu, Dante and Spinelli and BABY makes 5… it doesn’t have power anymore for me and I jsut want to see it finalized.

    Sadly, Emme Rylan is an amazing actress. She was great as a Spaulding heir on Guilding Light and ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC as Abby on Y&R bringing life to a character I was about to say should have been hit by a bus. I am not sure if its the actress or her fellow actors or even the scripts but she is n’t doing much for me now.

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    Lucy D.

    Logan, you must have missed part of biology class. It is totally possible for people with dark hair and dark eyes to have blond-haired, blue-eyed children. It’s all about recessive and dominant genes. Several members of my family (all with brown eyes) gave birth to children with blue eyes.

    And what’s more on more than one occasion Britt has said she feels bad for the “real father”. She’s never mentioned anything about the real mother.

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    I’m catching up on GH, too, and enjoying really good episodes like this one.

    First, Finola Hughes as Anna is amazing – and I shed a few tears with her in her closing scenes.

    I enjoyed the family dynamic with Robin and Maxie’s families – and was super happy at the end to see Robert awaken to take his place in this integrated family group. I also liked seeing how Spin and Maxie continued to think about the effect on Dante and Lulu … and how they had to be persuaded to follow their hearts re getting THEIR child back.

    As well, I had fun with the interchange between Dr O and Jerry.

    I have grown to like Britt and I do like her with Nikolas (and I still smile happily knowing that TC is back on GH!)

    And now about the baby story and the comments made about it – and about Lulu specifically in this thread. Like Perkie, I have been busy and was unable to comment earlier on the baby reveal scenes. And, also like Perkie and some of the rest of you, I am having a HUGE problem feeling Lulu’s pain. I have been trying hard to avoid comparisons between Julie’s Lulu and Emme’s Lulu … but I cannot forget the images of those March 22 scenes between JMB’s Lulu and Maxie. In those scenes, I felt the heartbreak and pain beneath Lulu’s anger – I connected with how Julie could “cry” with her voice and not just with facial expressions. On the other hand, I felt little of ER’s Lulu pain – and her anger came off as cold and brittle.

    I want it to be otherwise, but it simply isn’t. I know that ER is relatively new to role of Lulu, but I also know that she has a number of years in the soap business playing different characters. Because of this experience, I had expected more. I do think the reveal dialogue was good – many things were said that needed to be said. The problem was failing to find the nuances needed in the delivery. As well, the supporting cast – DZ, BA and KSt – have all been giving fine performances to which to react. So they have all done their part.

    One more note for pjc722: I don’t think the christening was done in a new set. It looks very much like the chapel where Dante and Lulu were married in December, 2011.

  25. Profile photo of pjc722

    Hey Aurora2…. thanks for that… now it does look familiar. It’s still just sad that to garner ratings the powers that be promote the reunion wedding of Mac and Felicia and have it in a bar/broom closet when it would have been just as easy to set up the church or even the chapel they use for all the other funerals. It just seemed cheap to me and not a great use of stars.

    But other than that… and the fact I want the baby story over because I seriously find it stupid and the writers at a loss for where to go with it before it’s a pure joke… everything else was fun and enjoyable!!

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    Perkie – Maxie and Spinelli will have to petition the probate court to change the names of the baby’s parents on the birth certificate and to award them custody even if Dante and Lulu agree to give them back their baby. The birth certificate is a binding legal document, so Lulu and Dante do not have to adopt the baby until the court changes the names of the parents on the certificate. In most states, if a married woman has a baby and lists her husband on the birth certificate, he is responsible financially and otherwise for that baby even if it is not his biologically. There are men out there paying child support for children that are not biologically theirs because they were born while they were still married to the mothers. Crazy, but true.

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    How disgusting for Michael to sleep with his brother’s wife. He just couldn’t wait one second to get his precious “lady love” into bed, to move in, etc. I’m appalled by Kiki being the smarter one in this! What has happened to you, Michael?

    Ava & Morgan were still smoking hot, however the curtain of sexiness isn’t enough to cover all the reasons this is wrong. Firstly, Morgan’s attitude of woe is me isn’t appealing. Secondly, he has family, loads of it, anyone of which I’m sure would be happy to take him in. If he doesn’t want to have anything to do with Sonny or Michael, there’s still his mother, who owns a hotel. Get a room there if you can’t see those people. Secondly, I agree with Ava that she cannot have anything to do with Morgan if she intends to have any kind of a relationship with Kiki. This is why this story would have been so much better if they had kept the Morgan/Ava relationship a secret for longer. It could have been the scorching secret that blew up on everyone’s faces one by one causing the most damage. Now it came out way too early. Of course there is still the added element of Ava using Morgan to get to Sonny and the Corinthos empire, which I’m still very much enjoying.

    Lulu has gone off the deep end. That is another person’s child, not yours. Give her back before you do yourself more damage. Doesn’t she realize the truth can never be negated?

    Having said that, I will say I’m shocked at Maxie’s coldness. She kept insisting til the end that that’s not her child. And even now that the truth is out, she hasn’t even thought about raising it herself. I’m going to say that tells me she has no maternal insticts about the baby at all. Any real mother would have burst at the seams holding that baby, and could not have let her go. Seems to me she *really* does not want to raise that baby.

    Baby Georgie was soooo cute not to mention adorable <3

    Carly looked amazing in that blouse and straightened hair.

    This F. ridiculousness is just horrifying. They are NOW trying to make a storyline out of psycho Heather’s “finger painting” about the insides of a BLT?!? ROFLMAO!/ GMAB!!! That is NOT a storyline! LOL!

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