Jill Farren Phelps is Back to Her Kill-Happy Self on The Young and the Restless (PROMO)

Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) and Lauren Fenmore (Tracey Bregman) might as well rent a studio apartment over the Genoa City Police Department, since practically all their storylines end up there. This week on The Young and the Restless, the lawyer and his glamour puss wife are once again having the book thrown at them, by their best friend Paul (Doug Davidson). Can't these people ever just have Bunco night?

Elsewhere in Genoa City, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) worries Adam (Michael Muhney) will cut her out of Connor's life and tragedy enters Billy's (Billy Miller) orbit. I'll give Jill Farren Phelps this, she took longer than usual to start mowing down legacy characters likes stray blades of grass. Here's hoping the carnage will at least give the canvas some meaty material. Watch this week's The Young and the Restless promo after the jump!


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    To be fair, (and I don’t like Phelps at all), the body count has been low since she and JG took over a year ago. The crazy was toned down from MAB and we rarely see a court room or orange jumpsuits these days.

    But I am irked that she’s killing off Delia (if that’s what this is).

    Delia, while not my favorite character or child right now, could definitely be used further down the road, and she’s tied to major characters.

    I hope CBS/Sony get a flood of negative response from this story. How does this really drive future story that we care about anyway?

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    God…they can’t kill off Victoria…even if a lot of people don’t like the current actress portraying her.

    The character is way too important to the show.

    I’d actually be MORE irritated if it was a more front burner character.

    I just hate the easiness some writers and EPs use this lame “kill a child” for ratings BS.

    All soaps do this, so it’s really just not Phelps, but it doesn’t belong on YR at this time with this character.

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    Glamour puss. Thats funny Jamey. They’re killing off that child? Whats the point. This is why I watch Honey Boo Boo. Everybody is happy. Everybody eats whatever they want and they dont kill off kids. I really dont know if I can watch this.

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    What is the point in killing Delia? What is the long game? Is it so that Chloe will no longer be connected to Billy? Are they planning to give her another long term romance where they want her to be free? They don’t want to have to write that angle? I just really see no point. Unpopular, but I have always liked Chloe. I always saw the potential for this character. Pairing her with Kevin almost did her in…it is time to move her on.

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    I know Doug Marland has the “how not to wreck a show” list out there, but we need to DC crowdsource one for JFP on “how to wreck a show” because it seems she has a template for wherever she lands.

    1. Build new sets, even in times when budgeting is an issue.
    2. Replace the existing score with new music.
    3. Kill someone. Preferably a vet and a woman.
    4. Hire friends.
    5. …

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    The last three regimes have killed Abbotts…when will this madness stop! John Abbott, Colleen Carlton, and now Delia Abbott….these killings make no sense at all. NONE!

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    It’s not Delia…it will be Johnny. Johnny dies, Connor is his half-brother and needs a transplant, Adam and Billy clash over donating Johnny’s whatever, Billy finally agrees…sound familiar? Jake and Josslyn on GH anyone?

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    Whether Delia or Johnny I again say what’s the point? why kill either? what’s the point? So now Villy will have their “miracle” baby right….so what who cares. I think these regimes are trying to mimick the Cassie death and they can’t recapture that magic so they need to stop. Send these kids to boarding school quit killing them off!

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    What about Victoria’s son Reed. There was a phone call a few months ago that he was supposed to go to Victoria’s. He never showed up and the story was dropped. Every so often I thought about that and said to my friends what was the point of that call. Anyone??

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    Oh no, they couldn’t kill Johnny. If they did, Chelsea couldn’t file for custody of him later on, and win, thus leaving Billy childless. This is all a part of Jill’s “template”.

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    Another JFPism is to focus the show and stories on men. She showcases male characters, especially powerful ones, and women are written as ancilliary and reactive. Why can’t Nikki stop sniveling about how poor Mustache is going to react to the news about her long-lost son and tell him the truth? She’s a grown-a** woman, fighting a serious illness, and she’s kowtowing to that a**hat, lol?

    The women on daytime need to grow a set.

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    Restless Fan

    There was about three weeks I was really enjoying Y&R again and now I find most of it Meh again.

    The Carmine twist is really the tragic result of Josh G squandering his own work. Here we are expecting him to honor history and he fucks up his own story lines. Good riddance to him. Truth is the Baldwin/Carmina saga was Y&Rs best storyline for a better part of the year. If takes a real gifted fuck up to screw that up. Now here were are with murder mystery 25 in the last 5 years. Zzzzzzzzz

    As for Delia, this is no doubt a shock value plot and not intended to upset the canvas long term. One only look at how poorly they have handled Katherine’s death since the will reading should know this isn’t going to go anywhere interesting long term. Typical on JFPs soaps. The woman never met a gimmick she didn’t want to put front and center. Just wait til February where she will no doubt be staging something else not derived from character but from plot. Zzzzzzzzzz

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    This makes me want to throw up…I will not watch this happen to YR, I will turn the channel first, I don’t want to see YR be crucified on cross because bad writing, EPs, & executives that don’t honestly give a shit about the show.

    I’ve already been calling CBS comment line once again on JFP.

    (three-two-three) five-seven-five- -two-three-four-five ;) or at yrbb @ tvc. cbs. com

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    LOL, had to go see the Y&R Facebook page. Those people in there (who apparently don’t follow the REAL news and things what is going on with soaps) always have such stupid, stupid opinions, of which reading them usually just make me mad, lol. Now, there is like 2000 people there who actually think *Stitch* is going to be Nikki’s son! Bwahaa! Can you imagine? :D

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    I am very upset over this up-coming story-line. I am sure it is being done to boost ratings and give certain actors their Emmy scenes. Yes, I am sure it will be emotional and tons of tears, but I also watch GH and when Phelps was running the show she also had a child killed, due to drunk driving.I didn’t like it, I just don’t like the dark stories. I would rather see romantic stories like the old days of soaps, and adventure. Phelps always favors the male actors, even on GH. After awhile, she would just have these same actors on all the time, of course her favorite, Steve Burton, and it just became unbearable to watch. I just hope she doesn’t ruin Y &R. They HAVE to do character oriented stories, and stop with the boring murder stories, that always turn out to be a dud.

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    I can’t stand it when soaps kill off children. The only way, and a way the writers never seem to go for, is if they establish there is a genetic predisposition in the family to heart disease, lupus, hemophilia, etc. That makes for good soapwatching to me.

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    The killing of Delia Abbott sounds like a cheap knock-off of Cassie Newman’s death. It’s disrespectful to both Delia and the Abbotts and Cassie’s legacy and the impact her story had and still has on Y&R characters and viewers. Shame on you, JFP.

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    JFP is in the house, y’all. This is how she rolls.

    I “saw” this coming the moment they said Connor had damaged corneas and needed a transplant. It was obvious JFP was killing off another kid to give Connor new eyes.

    JFP regime is all about Adam, Chelsea, Dylan, Avery. They’re the stars of the show. Connor is Chadam’s kid so he has VIP status.

    Delia is pretty worthless. Chloe is the most irrelevant character. She exists solely to prop Chelsea and relies on Kevin & the Fishers for family. Delia was never connected to the Abbotts in any meaningful way. Let’s be real here, she was Chlovin’s kid in every way that matters. She’s most expendable.

    Billy has Johnny now, which connects him to Chelsea, who is the lead female and love interest of Adam. Connor and Johnny are brothers. That makes him bullet-proof too.

    Anyhoo… if Y&R wants me to care about so-called “legacy” kids, they need to start writing better for Kyle, Noah, Abby, Summer and prove to me that this title counts for something. Otherwise, who cares?

    P.S… Michael Muhney seems overly excited about this storyline on Twitter, so I suspect this will deliver him that coveted Emmy he craves so desperately.

    I have no doubt JFP is Emmy-fishing with this storyline. That woman games the Emmy’s every year. She’s award-hungry.

    Pass the popcorn and let the carnage begin! LMAO

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    [quote]She exists solely to prop Chelsea and relies on Kevin & the Fishers for family. Delia was never connected to the Abbotts in any meaningful way. Let’s be real here, she was Chlovin’s kid in every way that matters. [/quote]

    IMO, this quote is totally in left field. Second, the Fisher family is pretty worthless. They’ve reduced Kevin to a day player.

    Second, I always connected Delia to the Abbotts. Hell, I saw Delia connected to Chance more than Kevin. I never associated Delia with Kevin.

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    Meh, I’d probably care a little more about this if the girl playing Delia didn’t annoy me to no end when she’s onscreen. So yeah, all I gotta say is…deuces!

    Having said my short peace on that, if it does indeed come to pass then expect to see Billy Miller and Liz Hendrickson act the living shit out of the whole melodramatic affair.

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    If they do kill off this little girl. This will go right up the road with the bitch killing off Frankie Frame. The Bitch says she didn’t do it but she was at the helm. AW was canceled a few years later.

    This bitch needs to go.

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    God, only if somebody with some balls could kill JFP 30 year career in soaps that would be a blessing to all man kind.

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    God, only if somebody with some balls could kill JFP 30 year career in soaps that would be a blessing to all man kind.

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    PLOT PLOT PLOT PLOT … never just a story!

    Someone said it that the story of Carmine, Lauren and Michael had the hallmarks of a great soap story that COULD HAVE BEEN TOLD if the writer had the balls to tell it and the producer actually wanted it told. Could you imagine if, instead of a trio of GUILT RIDDEN characters that the Badlwins have become, that Lauren actually left Michael for Carmine and dealt with the fall out with Fen? This could have been a 2-3 year story with many story arcs within it only to lead Michael and Lauren back together.

    But no, Carmine gets arrested time after time and escapes every single time and Chavez still has a job.

    Then we have the “took too long to get the reveal” paternity story with Adam and Chelsea. These two had so much rooting potential when they first met, had their first miscarriage and even during the sleeping with Sharon phase that I was soooo hoping for a reunion. Then Dylan popped on screen and there popped any and all chemistry between Adam and Chelsea. She lied for a lame reason and he was on the verge of beating her down so many times that it was uncomfortable to watch.

    Now, they are stuck under the same roof and still no glimmer of an attraction, at least from CHelsea.

    Of course, we need to kill off a kid of 8 yrs old WHILE we have adult characters who have lost any purpose for being on the show. While so many think it’s the 8 yr old, I have a feeling it’s Mason and that Hillary killed him and left him to die. Otherwise, why kill a child with no message like cancer or DWI or random street violence or something?

    Just to kill a kid, just to get us to cry, isn’t enough reason to kill a child. CBS and Sony better start demanding better story because the QUEEN MAB title may be handed to Ms Phelps.

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    TMAC, I also heard its Johnny but this person is hit or miss with YR scoop and Delia’s airtime has increased recently so she might be a goner.

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    I agree totally to what”scrumptious” said. This whole storyline is being done to get the Emmy nods (it’s that time of year). JFP did the same on GH, the killing of a child gets the actors all the nods (Tony Geary got one of his many Emmy’s for being a drunk driver who killed a child). So, this is just predictable that JFP will go again to the same type of story. Get ready for many Emmy nods for the actors involved but again, it’s the same story over and over. Can one soap come up with SOMETHING NEW??? I’d rather watch one couple that has the romance story and magic and bring the soaps back on top like Luke and Laura did in the 80’s. But, unfortunately, it will never happen.

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    @Jamey, I know but you said “she took longer than usual to start mowing down legacy characters” implying there had been some before this one. Who were they? I know Carmine, but I’m not remembering anyone else, and like I said he’s hardly ‘legacy’ and “Phyllis” isn’t dead so I’m at a loss as to what legacy character she’s killed off?

    Tracy is certainly a legacy character and seems to be in GC for no reason whatsoever. Maybe billy plows down his sister?

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    Jamey Giddens

    @Jamey, I know but you said “she took longer than usual to start mowing down legacy characters” implying there had been some before this one. Who were they?
    The character she took long enough to kill dies this week. That’s what I am talking about.

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    [quote=scrumptious]JFP regime is all about Adam, Chelsea, Dylan, Avery. They’re the stars of the show. Connor is Chadam’s kid so he has VIP status.

    I totally agree with this.

    None of what is about to happen has anything to do with Billy, Victoria or Chloe. This is solely about Chelsea, Adam, Dylan and Avery, with “their” child getting this horrible eye thing and then being rescued as the centerpiece baby he is.

    Delia and whatever happens to her family means nothing to JFP. It could have been any other “expendable child” in Delia’s place. She is not even an afterthought.

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    Johnny is safe. Victor considers him his grandchild even though *Billy Boy* is his father. Victoria thinks of Johnny as her son therefore he’s an extension of Victor.

    Who are Delia’s grandparents? Jill and Esther. So in the eyes of JFP she has no worth. She’s a goner. Never mind that she had cancer and in the *real world* would never be a suitable donor, anyway.

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    I know you guys are saying DeeDee and Johnny but Jamey used the words “legacy character”. I don’t see either one of the kids being that. I’m understanding that to mean a character who has been on the show a long time. But maybe I’m misunderstanding his meaning.

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    [quote]None of what is about to happen has anything to do with Billy, Victoria or Chloe. This is solely about Chelsea, Adam, Dylan and Avery, with “their” child getting this horrible eye thing and then being rescued as the centerpiece baby he is. [/quote]

    I have to disagree with this. Ashley is coming back for a short time for a reason and my guess is a funeral and the death has to do with the Abbott family somehow.

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    [quote=RebeccaJ]Ok but I’m still not believing it’s a child:) until I see it.[/quote]

    Wouldn’t it be GLORIOUS if it was DULLYN standing in that store window? (in the second promo posted).

  34. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    [quote]Wouldn’t it be GLORIOUS if it was DULLYN standing in that store window? (in the second promo posted).[/quote]

    LOL! I doubt we’ll get off that easy.

    Billy is possible, too. I couldn’t figure out why Victoria was going on and on about how fabulous he was the other day to Chloe and how she was so blessed to have him in her life every day blah blah blah. I thought it signaled a break up. Maybe Vic oversteps and Billy ends up dead? Also suspect though was the fact that he took Johnny out for a ride the other night which i don’t remember him doing.

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    Killing Delia off could be the first step in cutting Chloe, who’s become a useless buttinksi, and then her mother, Esther, whose comic relief isn’t really needed now that Kay is dead and Jill (Jess Walton) is recurring. Delia is Chloe’s only meaningful tie to anything Billy and Kevin.

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    pjc722 … post #35. Another well thought out post. I keep saying as well that Y&R refuses to venture into new territory but reverts to the same old same old time and time again. Were this an HBO series then it would not be out of the question for Lauren to have turned the gun on Michael and run off with Carmine leaving Fen to fend for himself.

    At this juncture it would be incredibly interesting for a huge surprise death and not have it be an incident that most of us have no alternative but to take as a foregone conclusion. For years and years the Y&R promos have hinted at something that never ever comes to fruition. I wish that would change.

    Regarding some (most) not liking the child actors in Y&R and maybe all American soaps … the British seem to have that to lord over them. Their kids actually are very talented and believable and really DO grow up in front of our eyes AND in real time.

    Now Chloe. Should she be struck bay tragedy I hope that hateful shrike takes a powder. There is no way that woman should be spewing vitriolic venom against Adam in HIS home in his absence. It is getting as annoying as Victor’s repetitive verbal carts. When she takes that powder I hope she also takes Avery along with her.

    But why is there a credit for a teenage Delia now appearing in the end titles?

  37. Profile photo of Yoryla

    [quote=RebeccaJ]Ok but I’m still not believing it’s a child:) until I see it.[/quote]

    Sorry to disappoint….

    Also, Delia and Johnny are both legacy characters. A legacy character is not the same as a veteran character. Legacy characters are children of veterans and/or established characters. Faith and Fen are legacy characters aswell. So is Summer and Noah.

  38. Profile photo of Yoryla

    [quote=tedew]But why is there a credit for a teenage Delia now appearing in the end titles?[/quote]

    Billy imagining what life would have been like, had she grown up.

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    I guess I don’t see the point of killing Delia. Someone mentioned that it opens the way to get rid of Chloe. Chloe hasn’t had a decent storyline (or hairstyle) in ages. Why not just kill HER off? Of course, that would leave Chelsea distraught because who would tell her how to run her life…right into the ground.

    I hate to see any child character “killed” on the show and the actress who plays her is really sweet, but Delia doesn’t have the huge presence in the show that Cassie did, so again, the move doesn’t make a lot of sense in the terms of sensationalism that JFP seems to be known for.

  40. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    It’s Delia. The rumors and spoilers have been out there for weeks. And yes, Delia is a legacy character because she has ties to a major family. That’s what legacy character means.

    Does it make sense to kill Delia off? No of course not! That is not what this is about. It’s almost Sweeps time. On a JFP show that means someone needs to die to show that she can bring in high ratings. And now that she has started there will most likely be a sequel in February. The rest of the Abbott family should be afraid. Look what this woman – together with Brian Frons – did to the Quartermaines on “GH”.

  41. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    Ok but it would make a lot more sense to kill off an adult on the show, SoapJunkie, like say CHELSEA… who I don’t like…LOL. And yaya I’ve seen Thursday’s show so I know what happens:(.

  42. Profile photo of tedew

    Delia … I’m really not liking the direction this is heading and am dreading all the upcoming sturm und drang. Typically all parties are innocent but that won’t matter to the usual bullies, shrikes and harpies.

    Speaking of bullies; I can even feel for blank faced Dylan after his encounter with Victor the King of Bullies.

  43. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    You know… it’s almost like, ‘Who Cares Delia is Dead?”

    But then we say to ourselves… Josh G created the whole wonderful dynamic of Chloe being Esther’s daughter (finally giving Esther something to do other than being Katherine’s maid)… and now he’s gone. Was this the straw that broke the camel’s back? (Delia being killed off)

    And let’s face it, we suffered with the Abbotts and Delia’s family when she went through Leukemia therapy in the Fall 2011. It was quite an emotional ride, and a good s/l for Maria Bell — although the whole ‘Billy in Myanmar’ because of Victor was a downer.

    So we grieve a little, because little Cordelia Abbott, is going to be dead. Another Abbott child dead, just like Colleen Carlton. But look on the horizon, it appears that Andrew Abbott is on the horizon, or is he? Is it simply a re-cast for Billy?

    If Andrew is Ivan Abbott’s son (John’s twin brother), then he is a welcome additon.

    As a side note, I would bring back Ashley full time, and throw her into a no-holds barred, loud, fire-trucking scene with Cane. Have Cane be totally sexually satisfied for once, and free from the stupid little girl, Lily. (although props to Lily for figuring out Hillary Anne before anyone else) Its no secret that what Cane really needs, is a hot MILF to dominate him at night.

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    I’m most interested to see the dynamic between Chelsea and Chloe now because you can see what this is leading to and Chelsea already felt guilt because she knew someone has to die to save her child’s eyesight. How will she feel knowing who the donor is now?

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    What I so dislike about the Delia thing is that Adam did absolutely nothing wrong and had no reason to suspect otherwise. He just avoided a “deer” on the road but of course will be vilified by all yet again.

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