Mrs. Bernardi Guns For EJami on Days of Our Lives (PROMO)

Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ (James Scott) have put her trial behind them and are looking to the future, but at least one person isn't ready to let the recent past go. This week on Days of Our Lives, Marge Bernardi (Elizabeth Roberts) crashes EJami's engagement party and she's packing a gun. Watch this week's promo after the jump!

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    The whole town at one event??? Dressed to the nines! Now we’re cooking with gas. I love it! Classic soap opera.

    Re Marge: Instead of bothering EJ & Sami, Marge should be mad at her cheating, lying dead husband. Leave EJami alone!

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    I’m looking forward to these scenes, but this promo wasn’t all it could have been.

    Where the heck is Kristen in this??? She’s the masterplanner of this party! She better be there in full force and dressed to the nines. I’m getting a little miffed how they’ve had these great DiMera scenes lately and they’ve been without Kristen, they’ve barely mentioned her! Memo to writers: She is still on the show, and as long as she is, you better feature her 100 % to her fullest!!! God knows we’ll miss her when she’s gone…

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    well, the good news is that if she’s going to shoot up the party or somebody in it, hopefully that will be the end of her story
    line. Her overacting is really very annoying, imo.

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    OH my gosh SoapA is “Chad” leaving the show? I’m starting to like Abby & him together again. I know the Cameron is leaving, thought maybe he might be the one shot, hot man but writers never knew what to do with this character, limited on acting skills.

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    Does anyone else think that Marge and Nick are somehow going to end up together?

    It would kind of be out of the blue, but just this week I’ve started thinking they could have possibilities like Gina DeMott/Keith Timmins or Grant Harrison/Cindy Brooke

    Of course then they’d leave town together almost immediately.

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    Is it just me or does anyone else think that Nick and Marge are going to end up together somehow?

    This week’s episodes got me to thinking about unrelated villains on other shows getting together: Gina & Keith on Santa Barbara, and Grant & Cindy on Another World.

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    SoapA…thanks I didn’t know, too bad. I liked how this story between him & Cameron was heading actually, Cam has gone on me, he needs to be the nuNate Hastings. I was liking Chad\Abby hooking up again and him living back at the mansion. Now, with all the DiMeras back at the castle could had been great fun, but alas won’t be because him & Eileen is leaving…

    You know what I’m ready for this nuWill to come on here, because I haven’t enjoyed CM for the last 6-9 months, any time Chandler delivers any kind of line he got that damn grinning smirk on his face like he’s bored or doesn’t want to be at Days anymore…

    He’s been walking through his lines and collecting a pay check…OK we now have another Roger H…

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    harlee, I have to agree about CM. He still has some good moments now and then, but he’s mostly smirking and grinning.

    According to some sites, Casey Diedrich (Chad) will be on until November, so now I’m not so sure about the October 30 date I posted earlier.

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