Raquel Welch Says Liz Taylor Didn’t Blame Her For Richard Burton’s Randy Ways (VIDEO)

Eternal sex bomb Raquel Welch has starred with many a matinee idol in her storied career. Sinatra. Burt Reynolds. You name him, she's heaved her bountiful bosoms at him in a flick or two!

Last week on CBS Daytime's The Talk, the House of Versace star dished about her former leading men, revealing Dame Elizabeth Taylor never held her responsible for Richard Burton's shameless flirting on the set of Bluebeard. Watch The Talk's co-hosts get the grape juice from Welch after the jump!


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    How can this woman be in her 70’s?

    I saw her on the Talk and it’s truly amazing how she looks.

    The rest of Hollywood should take note: if you are going to have work done on yourself either get advice from this beauty or find out who her doctor is. She’s done it the right way.

  2. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    It’s all about the Melanin, baby!

    Ms. Welch embodies the perfect mix of great self care, a healthy attitude and fabulous genetic material (she has Latino roots).

    But she, Dianne Carroll and Cicely Tyson prove that one can age not only gracefully but beautifully. My Mother who is also in her 70s, often shocks people when she tells them her age, because she looks more than 10 years younger than her actual age. My father who is 10 years younger chronologically, I think, would agree.

    Seriously, though, melanin and winning the genetic lottery is only part of it.
    Lauren Hutton and Jane Fonda also look incredible.

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