Top 5 Moments From Once Upon A Time’s “Lost Girl”

Sunday's Once Upon A Time found our favorite Storybrooke characters amidst a dog fight at every turn. Check out the Top 5 Moments from OUAT's "Lost Girl".

Emma and Peter Pan Chat

In Neverland, a sleeping Emma (Jennifer Morrison) was awakened by the sound of crying children. She tried to wake up everyone else, but it didn’t work. She wandered through the woods for a bit to find the source of the crying, and ran into Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) himself. When Pan revealed his identity to Emma, she held a sword to his throat. She demanded to know Henry’s whereabouts, but of course, Pan didn’t tell her. He admitted Henry was a special boy, but Emma already knew that. Pan informed Emma he was there to help her find Henry. Emma removed the sword from Pan’s neck to let him speak.
He gave Emma a map, and promised it would lead her straight to Henry. Emma warned if Pan were playing a game with her, she would have his head on a platter. Pan told Emma it doesn’t matter where she finds Henry; it’s about how she finds him. She is the only person who can find him. Pan gave Emma the map, but it turned out to be a blank piece of paper. He advised Emma she could only read the map when she stops denying who she really is. Will Emma be able to follow Peter Pan’s directions and rescue Henry?

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