Wishful Casting: Marco Dapper as Dino Jerome, Jr. on General Hospital

It is a crying shame before the Soap Gods that sex-on-a-stick Marco Dapper's popular hunk Carmine Basco was turned into a psycho, before being killed off on CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless last week. I say Genoa City's loss should be Port Charles' gain. Why not bring on Dapper as the son of illegitimate Jerome offspring Dino Antoinelli on ABC Daytime's General Hospital?

A quick peek into the GH history vaults reveals Dino (Chris DeRose) was the first born son of mobster Victor Jerome (Jack Axelrod) and his mistress Dimitra. Dino and his mad mobster mama tried to kill Victor's daughter, Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker), and were sent up the river. What if Julian (William deVry) secretly raised Dino's son, Dino Jr., sending him off to the finest boarding schools, then on to college and later Wharton for an MBA?

Suave, sexy, educated Dino could return to head up legitimate business activities at "Derek Well's" publishing company, while being hungry to battle his aunt Ava (Maura West) and Julian's right hand, Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise), for a stake in the Jerome family's more lucrative criminal empire.

Meanwhile, Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) learns her late mentor, Connie Falconeri (Kelly Sullivan), left her the shares she held in Crimson magazine. In a heartfelt letter, Connie shares with Maxie how much she reminds her of a younger, slightly saner version of herself. She wants Maxie to fight to make Crimson the publication of both of their haute couture dreams.

Connie's bequeath couldn't come at a better time for Maxie. Her attorney has informed her she will need to be gainfully employed to prove she's a fit mother, in her custody battle with ex-BFF Lulu (Emme Rylan) over Baby Connie. With nothing to lose, Maxie storms into "Derek Wells'" office and demands to be given the reins at Crimson.

Julian, while amused by Maxie, has no plans of making a former fashion assistant the editor of a major publication. That is until he learns she's Sam's (Kelly Monaco) best friend. After Maxie gripes to Sam about "Derek" over drinks, the P.I. goes to Danny's savior to plead her pal's case. Wanting to make inroads with his daughter—and after learning Maxie kept the magazine afloat during Connie's multiple mental breaks—Julian decides to give Maxie 90 days to make Crimson profitable again, or she's out on her pert bottom.

Maxie is thrilled, but there's a catch. Julian's nephew, Dean Wells (secretly Dino Jerome, Jr.) has been hired as the magazine's new publisher. Maxie groans inwardly when she spies Dino. He's the same jerk she yelled at the night before at The Floating Rib for spilling beer all over her Manolos. She can't believe she has to work with such a douchebag—albeit a hot douchebag—to save Crimson.

Dino and Maxie go together like a brown Versace belt and black Gucci shoes. He has all these ideas about how to improve Crimson's online presence and social media footprint, while Maxie is hellbent on keeping Crimson a traditional, print-based style bible.

Things become even more complicated for the warring workplace duo, when the WSB recruits Maxie's true love, Spinelli (a recurring Bradford Anderson), to utilize his Jackal cyber skills to track down a Snowden-esque former government contractor, who is leaking top secret information to the DVX. Will Maxie be able to keep resisting her attraction to her cocky boss, with Spinelli on the other side of the globe helping her dad Frisco (Jack Wagner) hunt cyber criminals?

What do you guys think? Would you like to see Marco Dapper paired with Kirsten Storms on GH? Sound off in the comments!



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  1. Profile photo of really

    sorry no no no no! GH needs no new cast members. Not recasts, not newbies and not vets back!! they need to use who they have. There is no place for anyone else on this show. No Bobbie, Frisco, Jax, Brenda, Alan, Lucas, Ned some of whom I love some of whom I don’t care about. But when AJ, Laura, Felicia, Mac, Liz, TRACY can’t freaking buy a story then there needs be no new characters.

    GH needs to cut cast not add. So sick of this constant asking for people back or added. SMDH

  2. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Great story, but I’m gonna want to see Maxie and Spinelli work it out and at the least parent their child together. I don’t see Ellie in this equation anymore, she should move on to Michael.

  3. Profile photo of Yoryla

    And I agree with Logan, that now if *ever* there is a great opening to break up Dante & Lulu. Without the baby they just don’t hold much water, besides I want to see ER spread her wings as being Lulu and go hit up the town and be a little bit more sinister.

  4. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    It would be a great story. Sadly GH is the last soap opera that needs new characters. It has so many people on it’s cast it is hard to count them all.

    Anyway great wishful casting which just shouldn’t come true until GH at least cuts 8 to 10 characters.

  5. Profile photo of pferrando

    I hope they find a way to keep my fav himbo on YR…but if not, I hope he gets work elsewhere.

    Hot guy. He should have made the rounds on YR before his “death”.

  6. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    No, he is very handsome but his acting did not impress me. Rather see more vets back then another new character. I want to see Laura, Scotty and Lucy. If from what I read they had to shelve the Deception Spa story due to budget, please, no new characters.

  7. Profile photo of nysam

    Until we cast anyone else on this show we need have story for Felicia, Mac, Lucy, Kevin, Scotty, Laura, AJ, Liz, Nikolas, Diane, Milo, TJ, Molly, Rafe et. al. Either use em or lose em. The cast is 10 to 15 people bloated. Where’s a good virus when you need one??

  8. Profile photo of liason4real

    No. The same story could have been told with Johnny/Maxie. We keep trading one set of mobsters (Luis, Lorenzo, Manny, Fred, Waldo, Petey, Onion Head, etc..) for another (Jeromes). Maxie has been involved in story all year long, what about Liz, Laura, Lucy, Scotty, Mac, Felicia, Nicholas, etc?

  9. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    The annals of Daytime TV are littered with people who cannot act and improved over time.

    I love John Hensley but he is such a case when he first came onto ATWT.
    He couldn’t even decide on an accent, speaking, at first with a strange ‘twang’.
    He worked it out over time…lot’s of time!

  10. Profile photo of FoxCrane

    Oh, let Dapper come to Salem and be Sonny’s ex-dumb-slut-of-a-former-husband from Spain whom Sonny drunk-married three years ago during his world travels and failed to mention to Will. .. And OOOPs! Seems the annulment papers weren’t processed correctly. .. Oh, and what’s that? He’s just been signed to be the new face for a line of men’s products from Mad World! .. Endearing character trait: He always calls Sonny “Jackson” which drives Will crazy. Dapper can channel his role as “Troy” from “Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds” .. lol!

  11. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    the show does need more men but why make him yet another jerome? if NP wants to come back i wouldnt mind seeing him mix it up with folks like maxie but if not, why not make him ethan. thats way more relevant to the canvas right now.

  12. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I know some are saying the cast is too big but they NEED more younger men. Spinelli is leaving, all they will have now is Dante, Nickolas and I guess Patrick still counts as “younger”?

  13. Profile photo of pferrando

    I don’t think he’s done at YR yet anyway.

    Someone tweeted that he was at some YR event this month with other YR stars at some fan function in Canada.

    Not that many of us really thought he was dead anyway.

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