Did Fen Kill Carmine on The Young and the Restless? (SNEAK PEEK)

Lauren Fenmore (Tracey Bregman) tracks down her troubled youngest son on today's episode of The Young and the Restless. With Carmine (Marco Dapper) dead and Michael (Christian LeBlanc) arrested for his murder, is Fen (Max Ehrich) really the one to blame? Watch a sneak peek at Wednesday's Y&R after the jump!



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    Maybe Fen was so traumatized by seeing Mommy Dearest’s romp in the hay, he has selective amnesia:)

    Michael’s self-sacrificing attitude is getting on my nerves already. we’ll have to sit through pointless jail/court scenes only to find out Fen never did it in the first place and he dropped his coin when he was flipping out.

    And could Paul BE any more crappy as chief of police? It’s his job to uphold the law, not make nice for his friends by telling Chavez to pretty much ignore the second bullet or to tell Michael that if Lauren confesses the jury will go easier on her. Although it does make me laugh the amount of times an evidence team will clear the scene on a soap only to have someone go back–sometimes DAYS later–and find important evidence that changes the whole outcome of the case.

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    I don’t think it’s Fen. That’ll be a bit obvious.

    As usual though, there was no build up by JG prior to this “murder”, so there aren’t a lot of choices.

    Let’s see how this new writing team does.

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    I totally agree about Nicki and Stitch, TraceyA, but hey they have GREAT chemistry so I say………..bring it on! She needs to dump that stuffy old ‘grandpa’ she’s married to and have a fling with a younger man:0)

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    RebeccaJ … Post #2 exactly from start to finish. Nothing ever changes here; we know exactly what is going to happen and exactly who DID NOT do it all the time. And we know for certain that no Baldwin DONE it.

    We also hnow that Nikki and Stitch will become an item when Victor yet again regresses against his once and hopefully not future wife for doing what was exactly right for her to do at the time.

    But after all this time Nikki’s venture into the coffee shop was rather disappointing so far.

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    If he is infact dead as door nail, I’m wondering if he killed himself as one last desperate act of revenge. Otherwise noone that isn’t a Baldwin makes sense & it would be taking the easy way out. I hope tptb aren’t stupid enough to do that again so soon.

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    rozzberry … Carmine is in fact dead as a door nail, he did not kill himself and no Baldwin did it. It is and usually is a very peripheral character what done the deed.

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    Wait, does any one care or not think there was a forth person in the mix here who did the shooting?!!

    Come on, Fen didn’t do nor did Michael, we know that. And now we know with all her crying and huffing and puffing and whining that Lauren didn’t do it if she continually makes her son think he did it and daddy is protecting him so SHUT UP about it.

    Nope. There is someone who will be introduced soon that will prove to be Carmine’s killer. Something tells me that the character of Watros will be connected to Carmine or Elizabeth Dennehy who will play a character named Laura Flannery who will be interacting with Chavex will be the killer. Either a gilted lover or something like that.

    I have to say that the writers never get WHODUNITs right on this show no matter who the writers are. Instead of writing a compelling story where Carmine has kidnapped Lauren or Fen and is threatening to kill them, then either Michael or Lauren or even Fen shoots and kills him. There is a subplot where one of the ADAs who feels that Christine is going easy on the Baldwins is appointed prosecutor and he does the trial.

    Since the murder was lame why not tell the story of how they get off and not this lame ass dull one about to come on?

    As for the scenes from the next two days… SERIOUSLY, Billy is the worst father around! He leaves his young child… whether with a puppy or not… in the car alone?!! And if she does get killed or just goes missing, do we need to have a story with Delia right now before Billy and Victoria solidify their alwaus rocky marriage?!!!

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    the spoliers always said that a womnan from Carmine’s past would come into play.

    Perhaps she was at the Business Woman of the Year Awards and saw the video, and had NO prior idea that Carmine was sharing his sausage….

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    Oooo good call, Ryan-Scott.

    @Pjc77, you were right the first time, I think. No one cares:). JFPs has gotten rid of a character that should have been gone a long time ago. Once Carmine treaded into borderline comical stalker/psycho territory, there was no going back & he needed to be written off.

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    At this point, I must say that I no longer have any investment in the “Who (cares who) killed Carmine?” storyline. Carmine was fine eye-candy, but of late, his perpetual shit-eating grin was getting on my last nerve.
    On the (Cdn.) episode Wednesday, everything was done to telegraph Delia’s imminent demise except the addition of a crawl: “DELIA’S GONNA DIE! DELIA’S GONNA DIE!”

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    [quote=RebeccaJ]Oooo good call, Ryan-Scott.

    @Pjc77, you were right the first time, I think. No one cares:). JFPs has gotten rid of a character that should have been gone a long time ago. Once Carmine treaded into borderline comical stalker/psycho territory, there was no going back & he needed to be written off.[/quote]

    Good one and too bad he didn’t take DYLDUMBO with him.

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    What I so dislike about the Delia thing is that Adam did absolutely nothing wrong and had no reason to suspect otherwise. He just avoided a “deer” on the road but of course will be vilified by all yet again.

    As will Billy. He maybe should have taken Delia into the store with him but he didn’t do all that much wrong by leaving her inside a locked car. It is all very hackneyed anyway and also rather disturbing to kill off a child to “advance” a plot. And Billy will go off the rails, Victoria will go back into shrew mode and Victor will go into uber-bully action against him at each and every chance he gets; even though Delia was not a child he could purloin. And once again an Abbott will cure a Newman except this time I like and admire Adam at this juncture.

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    I hope Fen did it. I dont like him. Something about him rubs me the wrong way. Reminds a lot of Ricky.

    Btw, how did Nikki come up with the answer that Dylan was her son? And Victor will find out and it will be lather, rinse, repeat with his family. How many times can you use that as a storyline with Victor mad at his family?

    You know I dont know about Adam. Seemed very sincere today but would it shock you, if he put the screws to Chelsea?

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    When Fen is on, I like him as well.

    There is a lot of potential with his character, and I think Max has come a long way in just over a year with his performance.

    He needs a spot in the opening credits.

    After all Hilary is there.

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