Hope is Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired on The Bold and the Beautiful (SNEAK PEEK)

Today's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful could very well be entitled "Soap, Lies and Videotape". Hope Logan (Kim Matula) confronts her fiance Liam (Scott Clifton) over the mixed tape, er, goodbye video he made for Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Is this guy not the biggest douche blister in soaps, or what? Watch a sneak peek of Wednesday's B&B after the jump!

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    I am not a regular viewer of B &B but I watch it sometimes because it follows Y &R. I am so sick of the Liam/Hope story and how they make Liam out to be such an idiot!! Sorry, but the actor that plays Wyatt, DB, does not impress me. He always has that stupid grin on his face and I think Liam is so much better looking then him. Wyatt has that skinny, scrawny face that always has that dumb grin, turns me off, and his acting is no better. But, it is obvious they are going with the Hope/Wyatt coupling. Won’t be watching.

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    OH :O I will be watching because BB is the best soap by this viewer…it has everything I want in a soap and it’s not time consuming to watch.

    I love that Liam is getting some of his own medicine for a change and DB is wonderful in the role. Steffy is returning, now with Ally returning… :bigsmile:

    Entertainment is through the eyes of the catcher…BB is it for me! :love:

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    I’m right there with you harlee490! B&B is my number one soap right now. It never fails to entertain me and breezes right by. I am beyond loving DB as Wyatt. Best addition to the show since Don Diamont! I don’t even like Hope but when he looks at her with those puppy dog eyes I just melt. I can’t wait for her to finally leave that loser Liam and get with Wyatt. He’s such a cutie pie and a really good actor too. Looking forward to Alexandria coming back on and of course Steffy returning. Loving B&B!

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    I don’t understand how anybody can be satisfied by this show as it is now. I have watched B&B for 20 years and have never been more bored and disappointed by it as I am right now. Almost everything that happens revolves around bloody Hope, I am so sick of her. For 3 years now her love life has been the main focus of the show.

    On the DC podcast they are always talking about how bad Y&R is, but (although I agree), it’s still a million times better than the crap B&B is putting out.

    Thank god for GH and DAYS!

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