Kris and Bruce Jenner Split

Kris Jenner should have plenty of time to work on her daytime talk show host aspirations now — that is if her show returns. The reality TV queen has confirmed her split from husband Bruce Jenner.

First Bethenny Frankel ended things with Jason Hoppy, now this. It's hard out there on the marriages of reality queens trying to be the next Oprah!

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We've seen this coming for a long time. The funny(not really) thing is, Kim K was the one in the family who could never stay in a relationship, and the others were all happily in them.

Now almost all the Kardashian women's relationships are coming undone and Kim and Kanye seem to be the happy ones. Who knows how long that will last, since Kanye is a freaking mess in the head.

What's more interesting are the rumors that Bruce Jenner is preparing to 'tansition' into a woman via gender reassignment. The changes in his appearance have long fueled speculation that there was a bit more going on. His looks underwent the kind of changes which are consistent with hormone therapy associated with gender reassignment, his features becoming more rounded and 'feminine'. While this is all speculation, it is now even more plausible in light of this recent split.

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I stopped watching the show a long time ago, but I feel that this is sad and has more to do with the demands of a public life than anything else.

They were married for 22 years. Most of their marriage was spent off camera, so to me it seems that they added cameras to the mix, along with some fame, and their relationship was lost in the shuffle.

Here is what I saw when I watched. A woman who was more invested in her children's success as a manager, than a wife invested in her husband. Kris often treated Bruce as an afterthought and she took him for granted. Bruce also acted out because he was sick of being comic relief in his own household.

They always say that you can live happily, but you see that life on TV and you realize that maybe you weren't happy, or maybe something needs to change. Maybe they ultimately grew apart. Kris has found that she loves the life that she has now, and Bruce wants the life that they used to have.

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I thought they had split a while ago. Oh well. Another excuse for another reality show for Kris. Can't stand her and her daughters.

Good luck to Bruce though, he seems like a good guy.

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You're free Bruce! Congrats! Beer

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Good for him!

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I don't think she has any acting talent, so I'm assuming the disinterest and hostility Kris Jenner displayed toward her husband weren't feigned. She comes off like a pathetic, desperate fame whore who seems competitive with her daughters. Yuck.

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Did anyone else hear that Bruce wants a sex change? I howled when I did, he's been in Kim's closet playing, I guess...