Bold and Beautiful’s Hope: “I’m Not Going to Share Liam With Steffy Again!” (SNEAK PEEK)

What's that the song says about when a woman is fed up? Hope Logan (Kim Matula) must be bumping some R. Kelly on her iPod.

Today on CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful, the face of HFTF fills her mom in on Liam's (Scott Clifton) latest trifling indiscretion with Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). I hope Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) tells her baby girl to drop that zero and get with a hero named Wyatt (Darin Brooks). Watch a sneak peek of Thursday's B&B after the jump!

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    I don’t understand how anybody can be satisfied by this show as it is now. I have watched B&B for 20 years and have never been more bored and disappointed by it as I am right now. Almost everything that happens revolves around bloody Hope, I am so sick of her. For 3 years now her love life has been the main focus of the show.

    On the DC podcast they are always talking about how bad Y&R is, but (although I agree), it’s still a million times better than the crap B&B is putting out.

    Thank god for GH and DAYS!

  2. Profile photo of elvara

    Dump the loser Hope. For good. I wish Bell would just MOVE ON from Liam & Hope. They did their time. Give Kim Matula/Scott Clifton something else to work on. They deserve better.

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    I’m finding BB the best soap to watch right now and personally (taste I guess) I’m loving BB again. It’s been up & down for me over the years but BB feels to me (as I said before) like when Bill Bell first launched BB back in ’87, with Forresters, Spencers, Logans and YR of the ’70s, 30 minutes of pure pleasure. It’s nothing but a sexy pit of passion, high romance and all the stories are coming from the characters and their actions…I love that in a soap, sex, money, men, passion and more sex.

    I didn’t like BB during the whole Marones period, Aggie, poison berry bs etc. but after ’03 I didn’t watch much.

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    You know after defending Hope in the past, I just cant now. Why is she mad at Liam? You know for all that Liam has done, HOPE went right along with it. Did Liam make mistakes? You bet, tons of them. Did he waver between Steffy and Hope? Yes. But the thing of all this is that Hope took him back every time. So why now is Hope fed up with what Liam is doing? I just think this is an excuse to be with Wyatt.

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    I’m tired of Hope Hope Hope don’t care who she is banging, engaged to, marries, where she works how she works…

    now they got the same ole thing only replacing Taylor’s championing Steffy w/Liam I’ve got Wyatt’s mom salivating over Hope for her son. I loathe this character Hope needs to go with Steffy on a long vaKay.

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