Holy Soaked Corks, Batman: Is Falcon Crest RETURNING?!

I can't breathe. I can't breathe. I can't breathe. I can't breathe.

The Soap Gods have been so kind to us lately. Dallas was reborn. Ratings for the remaining network daytime soaps began to rise again in 2013. All My Children and One Life to Live returned for at least one additional season and thanks to Shonda Rhimes (Who doesn't know she writes soap operas, but that's okay!), the primetime sudser is alive and Scandal-ously well. Now comes even more news of sudsy wonderment and grape-stomping joy.

According to a report from TV Guide Magazine's William Keck, the cast of Falcon Crest has been approached about bringing the classic sudser back to TV! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! From the article:

"There's not much I can say, for reasons that go beyond myself," original star William Moses said at the premiere of War Horse at Los Angeles' Pantages Theatre. "Warner Bros. owns the rights and so it's a discussion between them and the writers. There is a pitch and an idea germinating that has some traction. The producers contacted me to ask if I'd be interested, and I said yes. Where it goes on the producing side, I don't know."


Reportedly, the potential Falcon Crest reboot would focus on Moses' Cole Gioberti and David Selby's masterful supervillain Richard Channing —  the only man capable of matching wits with his mama, ruthless vineyard queen Angela Channing (the late Jane Wyman). I hope the producer in question (Could that be you, Scott Hamner?) also approaches Lorenzo Lamas and Ana Alicia. I need me some Lance Cumson and Melissa Agretti up in this biz!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know Melissa died on the original, but remember that lookalike Richard hired? Maybe she was the real Melissa with amnesia? Don't y'all remember when they did that with Beth and Lorelei on The Guiding Light?!

Speaking of daytime soaps, how about bringing back Days of Our Lives' Kristian Alfonso as Lance's final FC wife Pilar Ortega? Okay, this is too much for me to comprehend at one time. This reboot MUST happen!

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    Holy soaked corks!!! Jamey, I am your best audience. You crack me up everyday with your craziness. If Falcon Crest comes back I will be in seventh heaven.

  2. Profile photo of cheesehead91182

    I’ve never seen one episode of Falcon Crest, I do know that my parents never watched it but watched all the other 80’s prime time soaps. Which is probably why I never bothered with it when it was on SoapNet. I’d watch it just to see what its like but I’d rather them do a Knots Landing reboot…..or even Dynasty.

  3. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I would love it, but without Susan Sullivan, it wouldn’t be the same. The death of her character (drowning when her big diamond ring gets caught in the drain of a swimming pool while she tries retrieve kids’ toys from the bottom) was the most chilling death of a regular TV character that I’ve ever seen!

  4. Profile photo of MissBubbles

    I hope some network start airing Falcon Crest, I haven’t seen a single episode but the few clips I have seen on youtube have me interested… I have seen Dynasty, Dallas, and Knots Landing due to soapnet and own some seasons on DVD. However those three shows have been praise as the best of the 80s primetime soaps but no one ever mention Falcon Crest. I guess Falcon Crest is the red headed stepchild of the 80s primetime soaps.

  5. Profile photo of richalan67

    TVGORD I agree about her death. I have a fear of drowning and it haunted me for days. While I am excited by this, I also can’t help but think it won’t be the same without the GREAT Jane Wyman!! She was the heart and soul of that show. I will still tune in though.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I would love it, but without Susan Sullivan, it wouldn’t be the same. The death of her character (drowning when her big diamond ring gets caught in the drain of a swimming pool while she tries retrieve kids’ toys from the bottom) was the most chilling death of a regular TV character that I’ve ever seen!
    To this day, I am always wary of pool drains. I even get nervous in a hot tub. Like, let me make sure my pinky toe don’t get stuck!

  7. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I agree, richalan67, she gave the show a certain amount of gravitas that the other prime time soaps didn’t have (well, maybe Knots Landing). The show seemed classier with Angela Channing there!

  8. Profile photo of AZLiam

    Yes, this would be great, but I’m still holding out for a Dynasty reboot. It could start off with Blake’s funeral. It would be interesting if all of the children were played by the original actors (that includes Amanda who was mysteriously absent during the absymal Dynasty Reunion wrap up). Oh, would like to see Heather Locklear on it too.

  9. Profile photo of harlee490

    Hallelujah! 0:) This was my favorite prime time soap. Oh yes bring back Lance because him and Melissa has a son. Maggie’s death was bone chilling, gosh I do hope this comes to fruition.

    We have to a great villain to replace Angela and Richard is just the bastard to take over.

    Oh hell yes we remember on GL with Beth & Lorelei saga, Beth Chamberlin was great in that story and humping on Bill ;)

  10. Profile photo of Dean_Morgan

    I am so glad networks are considering dramas over reality television! I would love to see an updated Falcon Crest! It really worked wonderfully for Dallas..the right combination of veteran cast members and new cast members!

  11. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Yeah, even though it was the most under-the-radar of the ’80s soaps–not to mention the redheaded stepchild of CBS’ primetime soap stable–it was always my favorite at the time(well, at least right up there with Knots Landing). So many great characters(Chase, Maggie, Cole, Melissa, Emma, Julia et al). And while Larry Hagman’s J.R. and Joan Collins’ Alexis got all the attention, I’d argue Angela Channing as embodied by the magnificent Jane Wyman could eat both of those two for lunch without blinking.

  12. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    During its first six or seven seasons, Falcon Crest was gripping, can’t miss TV. The show lost much of its magic during its last two seasons. I guess it was during those latter seasons that Kristian Alfonso appeared. I never saw her on the show because I’d lost interest by then.

    If they’re doing a reboot, they need to focus on those first seven seasons.

  13. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    @SoapArmageddon–Absolutely right, those first six to seven seasons were great soap opera(and in season nine the show morphed into a completely different animal, almost unrecognizable, in a failed attempt to save the series). I think Kristian was brought on in the wake of Ana Alicia leaving the show to fill that void but I gotta say Pilar Ortega Cumson was no Melissa Agretti, who in my mind was one of primetime soaps’ all-time great superbitches.

  14. Profile photo of eurekasjm

    I soooo hope this happens!!! Words cannot express how much I loved “Falcon Crest!” But my biggest hope is that they would bring back Ana Alicia as Melissa. I know the character passed away but I always hoped that the Samantha Ross character she later played would end up Melissa someday.

  15. Profile photo of Y2Jin99

    All 9 seasons are on this torrent site I use.
    I am downloading the first few eps of Season 1 (no seeders right now)

    Then I will start uploading them to Dailymotion or Youtube if they are allowed.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=tmac]Hey TVGord…maybe Nancy Reagan could play a recast Angela. After all, she was Jane Wyman’s recast as Ronald Reaggan’s wife![/quote]

    Great idea! She’s 92, but she’d probably love doing it as long as she can. (Hey, isn’t it nice that Larry Hagman got to “go out” playing a character that he loved!?)

    What a pleasure it was to wake up to all of these comments! It’s nice to see so much love for a show that didn’t get enough of that when it was on the air! And yes, SoapArmageddon, you nailed it. Those last couple of seasons weren’t nearly as good as the earlier ones.

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