Thorsten Kaye Dishes Upcoming Guest Stint on The Stafford Project, All My Children Status

There's gonna be a whole lotta sexy on the next episode of Michelle Stafford's hit web series! All My Children hunk Thorsten Kaye is guest starring in the Oct. 14 installment of The Stafford Project. Web TV's Zach Slater spoke with veteran journalist Carolyn Hinsey about the gig. Here's a snippet:

Carolyn: What is the premise of your episode?

Thorsten: I play this French guy who is a little off – like most French people – but this guy is moreso. Michelle is having dinner with him and her producer comes over and says the guy is wanted for the disappearance of his girlfriend.

Sheesh. Fictional Michelle simply cannot catch a break in the romance department!  The Smash alum also updated Hinsey with the latest on All My Children's return to production. Said Kaye:

I talked to Ginger [EP Ginger Smith] yesterday. Nothing is in place. Eden [Riegel, Bianca] is about to have a baby and my love interest [Pilar Garces, Lea] is about to have a baby. We’re going to have to call it All My Children-en-en-en.


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Does this mean they haven't set a date for AMC to resume production? I don't think they have any intentions of making any more OLTL or AMC eps.

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I wanna hear Thorsten do a French accent...this could be fun! AMC was great while it lasted. Still an accomplishment that PP delivered a whole extra season of it.