Glee Bids Emotional Farewell to “The Quarterback” (VIDEO)

Thursday night Glee said goodbye to Cory Monteith and Finn Hudson. Unquestionably, the heart and soul of Glee, Monteith's Finn will be much missed. From Finn's friendship with Kurt (Kurt Colfer) to his relationship with Rachel (Lea Michele) and his ability to bring everyone together, Finn was Glee's emotional anchor.

The performances of original gleeks Chris Colfer, Kevin McHale (Artie), Naya Rivera (Santana), Amber Riley (Mercedes), Mark Salling (Puck),  Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) and Michele were poignant and heartfelt. I doubt anyone made it through "The Quarterback" without shedding a tear or two.  However, the absence of Dianna Agron (Quinn) and Heather Morris (Brittany) was glaring. I won't spoil the episode's final scene for those who haven't watched it yet, but it was heartbreaking.   

Glee served up a number of songs memorializing Finn. My favorites were the glee club's "Seasons of Love" and Mercedes' "I'll Stand by You."

Rewatch the performances after the jump and share  your favorite moments from "The Quarterback".

We'd also love to know what your favorite Finn Hudson moments were. One of my favorites was when Finn and Rachel memorably broke up at the train station. 

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    I retired my Gleek card last season, but had to tune in to say goodbye to Finn. I SO missed some flashbacks. And, yes, Quinn, especially, was missed by me.

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    I have been so over this show for couple seasons but I tuned in to see how they did this and I have to say kudos to the actors that portray Santana and Puck. They got me. Those two had the best performances musically and acting of the night.

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    Soapfan14 I am with you. I cried like a little baby from the first minute only stopping for commercial breaks! LOL my adult nephew came home and I had to explain why I was crying so hard! He had not heard about Cory’s death so I told him about it. He has just been a casual viewer previously but knew which one I was talking about….
    Anyway I enjoyed most everything from the Rent song to Rachel’s solo. I was a little surprised that Quinn wasn’t there but overall I was glad to see everyone.
    I could have done with out the “third person speech all dramatic shows give the dead kid’s mom about being a mom without a kid” speech but I hope they use Finn’s mom again. Wouldn’t it be fun for her to pop up in New York and refuse to leave Rachel and Kurt’s apartment? Rachel and Kurt would be fine at first but kind of want her to leave eventually. Maybe Santana would do a change up and have sympathy for her but eventually call Kurt’s dad to come collect her and take her back home.

    I can’t even begin to think which moment hit me the hardest because to be honest I was a wreck by the end. I would think oh well I am gonna stop crying now, then I would see a look on someone’s face or be reminded of this or that and start in again! Well kudos to the cast and crew to give this terrific character and actor a great send off. I hope that they are able to continue with the series after this. It does put a total damper on it though.

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    Exactly it wasn’t a song that did me in. It was the moments between the songs. Puck in the locker room broke me. I only had minor tears until that point but then that scene happened and I was gone. The looks on Blaine and Artie’s faces during Rachel’s song got me to.

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