Scandal Recap: "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"

This week’s Scandal revealed more about Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) earlier relationships with Papa Pope (Joe Morton) and Huck (Guillermo Diaz). 
Meanwhile, she and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) plotted to preserve Jeanine’s honor, while Mellie (Bellamy Young) and Cyrus (Jeff Perry) schemed to keep their “President’s Mistress” scheme intact. 

Flashbacks from five years ago revealed that Olivia and her father had been long estranged, even then.  They had a weekly dinner date, but that was only so Rowan would pay off her law school student loans. 
On the way home, she’d always drop off a doggie bag to Homeless Huck at Union Station.  One night two men tried to mug her at knifepoint, and Huck stepped in.  Olivia recognized his killer skills, and asked her father to check into him. 
Olivia believed her father worked at the Smithsonian, but knew he had a friend in the FBI.  She wanted him to ask about the secret organization Huck had said trained him, B613, or if he was just schizophrenic. 
After Olivia realized her father later lied about checking into Huck, she remembered something Huck had mentioned about his past, which made her realize Rowan was the head of B613!  A seething Olivia confronted him at dinner, and he cautioned her to leave it alone, but she told them they were through.
However, Olivia wanted to keep Huck safe.  This was also the around time when Edison had proposed to Olivia the first time.  She (eventually) accepted and brought him to meet dad, so she could throw Edison’s new position in her father’s face.  He’d just joined a Senate intel committee that was going to crack down on secret government organizations. 
Later, Rowan called Olivia threatening Edison.  She could have Huck, but had to break up with Edison or next time he wouldn’t survive any “accident.”  Olivia ended their relationship, and they hadn’t spoken until the mistress scandal. 


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I love SCANDAL but I believe it has to be careful how far it goes in its stories because its verging very close to arrogant self entitled selfish people and that turns me off.

The story of how the president truly got into the white house goes to show you the beginning of that arrogance even if its amazing! Then having the love affair be so "all or nothing" makes it compelling and great but also self-entitled that the characters think themselves ABOVE the law. And selfish in that they allowed a young woman to be destroyed (and where did the 2 million come from?!) so to protect Olivia and Olivia is part of it all... trying to save her but still lie about the affair still makes it less unselfish.

SURE, I watch the show and love it!! But I think they also need to pull away from this BIG SECRET government agency, just like Revenge needed to not tell its INITIATIVE story last season before it's too late to bring it back to other stories believably.

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Mellie and Fitz are already rich especially Fitz Daddy so they could have gotten that 2 million. But what doesn't make any sense to me is that the stupid Ginger girl agreed to take the 2 million. She is an educated college woman working in the White House. She knows how the economy is and she really think 2 million is better than having a great reputation? 2 million won't even last her past 30! I just thought that was the dumbest thing about the storyline. Now if she was a newly college intern, ok I see her saying yes to 2 million.

Fitz is not coming off well to me. I see people on Twitter so happy he's telling Olivia to go for the jugular. Well if people really watch him, he leaked Olivia's name which got her Daddy all in her face, she's losing clients, she's upset, she's fighting to save someone else's rep while Fitz just sits back waiting for Olivia to basically save him. I don't like that. Also the fact that Jake is not is favorite person right now even though apparently Jake saved his life and it was so important it's now a secret file. This man saved Fitz life and Fitz is upset with Jake because Jake likes Olivia? Petty

Also I don't like them making Mellie out to be this evil witch of DC. Harrison is the one who got all that info on that girl. He's the one who gave it to Cyrus. So why is Mellie being written all of a sudden like the one who got this started. Didn't like them taking the heat off of Harrison. If they would have kept this heat on him then they could show more of Harrison. I wanted to see Harrison's guilt for doing this while trying to help this girl get her rep back. But we saw none of that.

As a Fitz/Olivia fan girl, I must say I am loving Jake/Olivia. When Jake showed up at Olivia's door beaten, bruised, stanking, my heart skipped a beat because all that happened to him because he wanted to protect Olivia. Unlike Fitz, he took the brunt of everything for Olivia. I love that.

But I love her dear old Daddy. That man is amazing. He's so evil and Joe Morton is such a great actor. I don't mind the Big Secret Government story because I truly believe there is one in real life. Like they said on Scandal, the government has to get things done and sometimes they want to keep the President's hands clean. Now I don't believe that a character like Eli exist in real life because they will never allow someone that kind of power but Eli reminds me of Jack Nicholson's character in that movie where he screamed you can't handle the truth.

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I don't really analyze this show too much. I think it would spoil my enjoyment of it. I find the camera clicks that mark scene transitions a bit irritating. I wish they'd stop.

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Guillermo is looking good.

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SoapArmageddon wrote:
I don't really analyze this show too much. I think it would spoil my enjoyment of it. I find the camera clicks that mark scene transitions a bit irritating. I wish they'd stop.

I'm the same way SoapArmageddon especially about the scene transitions. I do like reading other's opinions to make me think more in depth. They help me see things I miss. I have to watch each episode 3 times to get everything in on the surface without having to look so hard for everything else. LOL