The Young and the Restless Wants More Eileen Davidson

It looks like The Young and the Restless favorite Eileen Davidson will be spending a bit more time in Genoa City. According to Soap Opera Digest, Davidson's Ashley Abbott will pop up on November 27 and December 2 episodes.

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    As long as it’s just a VISIT!

    If she needs to be somewhere, it’s DAYS! I’m already dreading the day of her final scenes… :( :( :(

    That dress, btw, rocks, and she just wore that dress yesterday to Sami & EJ’s engagement party! I recognized it right away! It’s her own dress :) Great style and flair!!!

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    How can the writers of this show be killing Delia off!!!!!!!! If that happens I will stop watching and I have watched from the very first episode!!

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    I’m sorry but I never cared for the charcter of Ashley or Eileen as Ashley. But wow, was she unbelievable this time as Kristin on Days! She absolutely blows me away!! I wish there was some way Days could convince her to come back

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    [quote=Lhb47]How can the writers of this show be killing Delia off!!!!!!!! If that happens I will stop watching and I have watched from the very first episode!![/quote]

    Like U, I am disgusted at the thought of killing off Delia and it appears, making it look like Adam did it.

    Couple things I do have to say about today’s show. Both of the older Delia actors were outstanding. I found them both to have more talent than some of our regulars.
    Both are better actors than, Lily, Tyler, Dyldumb and others that I won’t even bother mentioning.

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    Secrets and Lies

    Wish she could recur on both shows. I know she says that the character of Kristen doesn’t work on the back-burner but that doesn’t have to be the case – look at how GH uses characters like Jerry Jacks or Heather Webber. With clever umbrella storylines you can find a way to weave these recurring characters in and out as budget and availability allows.

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    Sadly, Y&R hasn’t known what to do with ED for more than a decade now. Meanwhile, she goes over to Days and immediately sets the place on fire.

    But if Davidson were to come back to Y&R full-time, then I’d suggest they capitalize on her ability to have a relationship with a younger man (Ashley with Rick Forrester, Kristen with Brady Black), and she’d soon find herself mutually-attracted to this new Cousin Andrew Abbott character. Who for the record isn’t really her cousin, ‘cuz Ashley’s daddy is actually Brent Davis, not John Abbott. And after the duo has begun a clandestine affair, Abby happens to spy them and confronts her mother, who ends up having to tell her daughter about her true parentage. .. Ahhhh, but then Andrew finds himself attracted to Abby, and it would be like a replay of the triangle between mama Dina, daughter Ashley and Eric Garrison from the mid-80s.

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    Absolutely! Get her on contract! This sounds great! I want Ashley back full-time, but please write Ashley correctly, now maybe we could get some Stitch & Ashley, Ashley needs to put her lab coat back on and be the geeky & beautiful chemist :love: This is how Ashley Abbott was introduced and warm it up with the doctor over at GC Hosptial >) :O :bigsmile:

    Could be hot in the laboratory! ;)

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