Bold and Beautiful’s Liam: “Hope, Where’s Your Ring?” (SNEAK PEEK)

Beyonce said, if you like it you should put a ring on it. Perhaps she could have added a line or two in the song stating if you really like it, you should stop making cheesy videos for your exes?

Today on CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful, Liam (Scott Clifton) is determined not to let Wyatt (Darin Brooks) come between him and Hope (Kim Matula). That's right. Only Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is allowed to do so. Liam is such a douche blister. Watch Monday's B&B sneak peek after the jump!


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    Hi All….B&B is such a freaking bore right now. Liam is one of the worst characters in daytime history. Such a freaking lightweight when trying to decide between Hapless Hope and Eh Steffy and now he’s pouting about his brother trying to discover out Hope’s inner Logan. Wyatt is such a bore too. They are treating him as some sort of rebel anti-Liam just because he wears more jewelry. So sick of it all. Why couldn’t Wyatt have some actual edge (real edge, not B&B “next week he’s serving coffee at Dayzee’s” type of edge. Take some risks for fucks sake B&B!!!! You’re set in LA! Have Wyatt be a bisexual himbo raver who draws Hope into his world of drugs and partying by playing on her blink-and-you-missed-it pill addiction. Have Liam become totally obsessed and psycho (clinically not pathetically) over April fresh Hope. C’mon lets make these characters interesting if you insist on shoving them down our throats! I don’t buy a romance between any of them. Hell I don’t buy a shared soda pop between any of them. So so so so boring.

    And WTF should I care about Brooke and Bill? You know this isn’t true love and it’ll be over with once we hear “The part of Ridge Forrester is now being played by…” The only interesting part of their slobering is waiting for Heather Tom to rock it as Katie blows another artery or decides to steal Karen from Danielle and take her “accessory” shopping in West Hollywood. I’m sure that will bring alot of “buzz” to the halls of Spencer Publications.

    I hope with the arrival of Thorne’s daughter Alexandra that we’ll see some shifting in storytelling. I just hope she’s not yet another boring whiner. Why can’t she be strong, confident, successful and not chase after the mens because they are the ones CHASING HER?!?! And real men, not these slobbering pansies who pretty much are doomed to a lifetime of holding shopping bags. I’m not so such Hope will leave enough room in those bags to hold either Liam’s or Wyatt’s balls. Argh…

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    You know what? I just don’t even have the WORDS right now to show how disappointed,upset and BORED this show has made me!! What are these writers doing? Brooke and Bill was the stupidest idea ever, Hope and Liam go round and round so much in their b.s. I get dizzy and… who cares about Rick/Maya? I miss my Steffy so much and the other Forresters! Quinn and Wyatt are reduced to propping up Hope/Liam and all the writers care about is instaweddings with the 20 somethings and a stupid diamond? Come on B&B! You got to do better than this.

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    Hi All…I forgot to mention that stupid diamond. Really B&B? You’re going to make a big deal about this “Hope” diamond and then have it over with in a matter or days? I just don’t understand what’s going on over there. They have plenty of talented writers so things shouldn’t be this mind numbingly boring. I miss Stephanie. We need a scheming, powerful character who tries to control everything. I think they are trying to do that with Katie, and Heather Tom can certainly bring it at any moment, but I don’t really see Katie being the character to lead this show.

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    I don’t think BB is at its creative best right now with the new trio.

    I still watch, but it’s usually just on while I do stuff around the house.

    I think the show needs to be refocused.

    Is this the fallout from Alden leaving…who is so badly needed back at YR, I might add.

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    B&B is better now than its been in the past couple of years but it is FAR from being as good as it was from inception to around 2005. I had no idea Alden had left B&B, but maybe that explains why now suddenly I’m not as interested anymore.

    I don’t mind the Lame/Hope/Wyatt triangle. I like it a lot better than I did the Hope/Lame/Steffy triangle. It’s refreshing to see Liam be tossed around like he’d tossed the women around for years.

    Maya/Carter/Rick/Caroline is nothing more than comedic filler as far as I’m concerned. It’s boring, predictable, and happening waaaay too fast. I actually like Caroline, but they need to focus on writing for them in an interesting way instead of just the normal quadrangle.

    As for Bill/Katie/Brooke…I like the return of the real Brooke Logan, but I will not be made to feel like Katie did wrong in this situation. The woman was SICK…and since she still wants Bill back, I think it’s safe to say she STILL IS sick. It’s so hard to find anyone to root for in this story because they are all soooo messed up.

    Personally, for B&B to be back at its creative high, the show needs to focus more on fashion (and not just a sideline setup for whatever tragedy Hope is going through at the moment). I’d like to see Felicia return. Give Thorne a story. Find a rival fashion house for Forrester. To ME, that was a big part of what made B&B be B&B. And there needs to be more going on than just triangles. Right now, the entire show is built around triangles. Liam/Hope/Wyatt, Rick/Maya/Carter, Katie/Bill/Brooke. That’s the entire show in a nutshell.

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    I totally disagree, I for one am enjoying the hell out BB and so more superior to YR in the story lines. BB is not the high action soap rather all drawn from the characters, where one of the problems with YR is it’s trying to be this highly charged, action packed type of soap same as MAB.

    BB is holding its own in this dog eat dog world of soapdom now days and been so doing so for over two years. I certainly won’t stop watching, I refuse to prop up YR, I have had it with lack of “rejuvenation” of YR…how long does it take to accomplish this feat, since ’06 and counting and none of the regimes have accomplish this herculean void left by Bill, Kay, Jack, Ed and rest of his team.

    Long live BB and the Bells…

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    You missed one thing about B&B, besides the triangles its the HFTF show, a fashion line about a no talent child because Caroline is doing the designing.

    She is just an interloper, why does she have a job at Forrester anyway?

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