Perkie’s Observations: The Battle For Carly Results in a Love TKO on General Hospital!

Alexis asks if Carly has had a chance to talk to Bobbie about Lucas’ DNA. Carly thinks Alexis is checking up on her after her date with Derek. Alexis claims she and Derek are just friends. 

Carly admits she only went out with Derek to get dirt on Ava and explains that Ava and Morgan are together.  Carly receives the DNA results and gives them to Alexis. Alexis thanks her, but asks that she not tell Sam anything yet. 

Franco follows Derek to the gym and warns him not to see Carly again. Derek plays along and wonders if Franco was trying to make Carly jealous when he took Diane to the restaurant.  Derek claims he wants to get to know Carly better. Franco feels he has no respect for Carly and asks what it would take for Derek to back off. 

Kiki decides she needs a job and wonders if she should talk to Silas. Michael realizes he’s banned from ELQ now that Tracy is in charge and needs to find something as well. 

Sam stops by to see Silas and return his clean shirt. Silas says he wants a do-over. 

Kiki interrupts and Silas apologizes to her for running out on the wedding reception. Kiki explains she and Morgan are over; Morgan is with Ava.  Kiki points out Silas and Ava are very different. Silas admits he was drawn to Ava and that she spoke of a brother. 

Kiki is surprised her mother kept something from her again. Silas says Ava never told him the brother’s name.

Sam offers to look into it for Kiki. Kiki admits she needs a job and wonders if Silas can help her get in at the hospital. Maybe they can get to know each other better?

Diane stops by to see Ava. She's surprised to see Ava and Morgan together. 

Diane tells Ava she knows she bought a local art shop and wants Ava to launch Franco’s comeback. Ava is not interested. Diane says she just needs Ava’s signature, along with her silent partner’s. 

Ava says her partner would prefer to remain anonymous. Diane says other galleries would jump at the chance to show Franco’s work. Ava promises to get her partner to sign the papers. Diane warns Ava about dating Morgan. Morgan asks Diane for help getting out of his marriage. 

Michael pays Sonny a visit. Sonny explains he’s back on his meds and apologizes for keeping Morgan’s secret. Michael accepts the apology and tells his father he and Kiki are together. Sonny admits he knows about Morgan and Ava and wonders why Ava would be with Morgan. 

Michael says he needs a job, but it’s difficult as a convicted felon. Sonny doesn’t want Michael near the organization. Michael offers to work at the coffee warehouse.

Derek challenges Franco to a boxing match. He promises to leave Carly alone if Franco beats him.  Shawn spots them and lets Sonny know what’s happening. 

Alexis drops off Lucas’ DNA results and asks the nurse to compare them to Sam’s. The nurse wants both parties consent. Alexis swears  Sam has given her permission. Sam overhears and wonders what’s going on. 

Kiki joins Michael and tells him about her conversation with Silas. Sonny overhears her say Ava had a brother. 

Carly arrives at the gym and wonders what is going on.  Derek knocks out Franco. 

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  1. Profile photo of curacaoman

    Lackluster episode, then again all the boring characters were on. Thank goodness for half naked Derek.

    I don’t get why no one mentions AJ. Was the character claimed by Prospect Park as well?

    And we are back to Mykill? Yo, idiot, your mother owns a hotel, can’t you ask her for a job? Ask cousin Lulu if you can run the Haunted Star. Plotpoint much?

    Sam did look amazing today and so playful.

    And does Franco still care about ELQ? You need money? Sell your shares in ELQ. Harass Tracy. Ask her how sh abandons ship just like that.

  2. Profile photo of Proteus99

    Plot point much? No offense, but a story does need plot. I understand the whole character driven story thing, but don’t you think that there is motivation behind this request? Personal motivation = character driven story = plot point. The distinction isn’t as black and white as you want it to be. If Mikey works in a hotel I’m pretty sure his storyline (plot) would be as boring as watching paint dry. Who wants to watch story where Mikey is checking guests in and out of a hotel room? I’m pretty sure 99.9% of viewers would rather not see such drivel.

  3. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Yes, Proteus, but a job at The Metro Court would give him a pass key, so he would be able to let all of the characters who want to come and go as they please in other people’s rooms do just that. ;-) Besides, we wouldn’t have to see him at work. We would just know that he had a job. When was the last time we saw Olivia at work?

  4. Profile photo of Grimm

    Michael wants to work at the Coffee Warehouse…WHERE HE WAS SHOT IN THE HEAD. You’d think that would trigger some flashbacks given how fragile Michael’s mental state is portrayed. And I def take the absence of the idea of AJ and Michael starting their own enterprise as an indication that AJ is to be jettisoned. Sad.

    Sam looked good smiling and flirting and displaying the “girls” with Silas. Gal reminded me of a in her prime Bobbi Spencer at the hospital. When KiKi interrupted Silas and Sam I thought she was about to compliment Sam’s cleavage display -which would have been consistent with her initial portrayal as a semi-rude New Yawker. Coulda been a great improvisation.

    Technically, I thought the Hospital Sam/Silas scene was oddly blocked. There was no sense of where they were in the hospital and the characters never moved out of the little area, even when joined by Kiki. Felt claustrophobic. Probably a concession to budget and not having to change lighting set up.

    I liked seeing Morgan sprout some body hair. Wish Derek had some too (even the armpits were smooth), perhaps a concession to what clearly must be his full body surgery to hide his identity and de-age him. Electrolysis was part of the package.

    I give the Franco/Derek exchange a kudos for mentioning Buffy Season 3 as a point of conversation. Geektastic.

  5. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    No matter how much Ron tries, Franco and Carly will never work. Just like 1/2 years ago, Shawn was hired by Jason to protect Carly FROM Franco. Shouldn’t have made him Franco.

    Franco claims Derek has no respect for Carly. No Franco you don’t. You got her son raped!

    Too bad Lucas couldn’t come to Port Charles for the DNA test. That is a huge missed opportunity. Maxie desperately needs her cousin and Felix needs some booty.

    I better not see my Liz propping freaking KiKi at the hospital. But I am glad she is at the hospital. I DO NOT want to see that heifer singing at the Haunted Star. Also thank goodness Michael is not working at the Haunted Star. he might get the idea to have KiKi sing there! Michael should be working at the MetroCourt. Why would he work at the place he was shot in the head. Why don’t Michael just concentrate on school and get a degree. He’s rich, he doesn’t need to work. That’s stupid.

  6. Profile photo of blake3b

    I thought Laura Wright over a knocked out guy in a ring was when she was on Guiding Light at first. Dinah shot Hart and Hart had that weird boxing scene with Cassie and Dinah there.

  7. Profile photo of SZima

    I don’t care how hard they try, I will never like Carly with “Franco.” Even though they tried to make Franco “normal” by removing a brain tumor, Carly would never, NEVER be with the man responsible for the rape of her son, the man who threatened her daughter, the man who made her best friend, Jason, think he (Franco) had raped his bride.
    CarTooni made the biggest mistake of their careers by bring back the much-hated Franco character. How could they do that to Roger? :angry:

  8. Profile photo of Yoryla

    LOL! Seems I wasn’t the only one who noticed Julian’s clean shaven armpits! Didn’t think he would be the type! Bwaha.

    Yeah the Franco crap is epically horrid! But then what else is new!

    What a sad little episode in the middle of some great ones. Really goes to show that the show is made up by which characters are on. Did like the progress on the Jerome front though. Paging LUCAS!

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