Robin is Coming Home to a New Threat on General Hospital! (PROMO)

Robin (Kimberly McCullough) has survived kidnapping and captivity, but once she gets back to Port Charles she'll face an entirely different threat, Sabrina (Teresa Castillo). Fight for your man Robin and kick that interloper to the curb!  Watch the General Hospital promo after the jump!


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    As soon as Patrick knows that Robin is alive Sabrina can go back to kindergarten or wherever she came from.

    Robin’s return is the storyline I’m interested in the most in the moment. It’s so great to see Anna and Robert. I also enjoy Jerry, Obrecht and Faison. :D

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    Robin’s storyline has been amazing! I’m a little bit behind on GH at the moment, but what I’ve seen thusfar has been everything I hoped it would be.

    Robin’s return to PC is going to be EPIC, I’m so glad they’ve written her so strong and not as a victim. She is a true Scorpio, after all!

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    LOL Sabrina…a threat..seriously? Honey it’s midnight and your time is up, however your prince belongs to someone else. Good riddance to Patrina. Let her go be with old mob man Carlos

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    I think Ron’s been sniffing the markers again, Sabrina a threat LOL. This is the funniest promo GH has ever had.

    Now if it would have been Liz, then I can see Robin’s return being juicy. This isn’t exciting since Sabrina is a nobody.

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    HaHaHaHaHa! There’s only one place where Sabrina could possibly be considered a threat to Robin, and that’s deep within the recesses of Felix’s brain. Sorry, Cinderella, it’s fast approaching midnight, and your coach is about to turn back into a pumpkin. Won’t be any Prince Charming coming for you with that slipper, either, especially since it never did quite fit right and really belonged to Robin all along.

    I only hope they let Britt laugh in her face.

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    sabrina needs to have a psychotic break when robin comes back and become a nurse serial killer.. the problem is that she is one of the few weak links so there aren’t enough people for her to kill off,,,brad…tj (and taylor can be in the way and bite it too), rafe…shawn..those really are the only actors right now that are so boring that they would not be missed..cartini can write so well for unlikely characters {even olivia’s psychic visions are useful although she still deserves to die for accepting sonny again after he shot dante}that there a record few characters that I wish were off the canvas-While sonny deserves to die as well (for eating the show for a decade)–I actually think this regime could actually pull off sonny finally facing the consequences for everything he’s done to his “loved ones”–and having a female serial killer that knocks off the chaff of male characters would be a nice growth for cartini who got way too into arbitrarily killing women on OLTL (sorry guys–but you’ll never live down wasting gabrielle in a toilet stall) for ratings buzz
    its a win, win, win!

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    now they could bring back boring and annoying characters of old for her to kill off–richard simmons would be high on the list, –if only things hadn’t gone south with prospect park they could do the same with horrible OLTL and AMC characters who happen to have health problems and get stuck in Port Charles–This could be an annual Hawloween specialty General Hospihell–There could be fan contests–who deserves to die on abc and former abc soaps and the only moments we’d see sabrina would be her holding a syringe with a demonic grin (because the only reason I can imagine that they have given her this kind of time is that they must have signed some kind of contract allowing her to stay on the show because she alone knows that cartini accidently blew up the president of abc daytime’s little poodle while drying it off in the microwave–damn those unreliable settings).

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    jeremy in chicago

    Only 2 good options here:

    1. Sabrina spreads her legs for Carlos like she already wants to, and they both LEAVE Port Charles immediately.

    2. Sabrina has a psychotic break and terrorizes Robin and Patrick for a month or so before being killed/sent away/committed to an asylum.

    I think option 1 is more likely since we already had a MUCH better psycho terrorize Scrubs.

    Sabrina just needs to GO. And take Carlos AND Felix with her.

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