Perkie’s Observations: Faison Meets His Grandson

Robin worries that she won’t be able to replicate the cure in time to save Jerry, which means death for her.  She’s thrilled when Anna shows up, but is only disappointed when Dr. Obrecht reveals herself under the Anna mask. Robin is shocked to see Faison with Dr. Obrecht.

Robert’s determined to leave the hospital despite Mac’s objections.  Robert admits he’s worried about Anna. Mac wonders where Anna went.  He wants Robert to tell him what’s happening because he wants to help.  Anna arrives, but tells Mac that she can’t tell him anything yet. She asks to speak with Robert alone.

Sonny summons Duke to ask about his history with Julian Jerome. Shawn explains that Julian’s name came up recently. Duke is adamant that Julian died in a gunfight all those years ago and that Robert identified the body. Duke is certain that Julian is truly dead.  Sonny asks about Derek and says he’d appreciate any inside information. Duke says he hardly knows Derek.

Patrick tells Sabrina that he wants to talk to Anna about the phone call, despite Sabrina’s warnings not to get Anna’s hopes up for nothing. Patrick is certain he heard Robin’s voice. Sabrina tells him that his mind was playing tricks on him and that it was likely a wrong number.  Patrick doesn’t believe the coincidence of a wrong number saying Robin’s name.  Sabrina thinks someone wanted him to think it was Robin.

Britt doesn’t understand why they’re heading to Greece if her father is in a prison in Switzerland.  Nik explains that Helena had dealings with Faison in the past and that the island is a perfect place for someone to hide out.  Britt is certain that her mother is capable of  breaking Faison out of prison.

Anna tells Robert that Faison admitted Robin was alive, but that Dr. Obrecht got the best of her before she could find out more.  Anna is angry with herself for being distracted and letting the criminals escape.   Anna worries that Faison is playing a game with her, knowing which buttons to push and that Robin may not be alive.  Robert reminds her that he saw Robin alive as he watched her being wheeled away, unable to help her.

Nikolas calls Anna and tells her about the video and thinking Dr. Obrecht is on Cassadine Island.  He tells her that he and Britt are headed there now, but Anna warns them to stay away, that it’s too dangerous.  Nikolas tells Britt they need to wait, but she’s determined to find her son.

Shawn believes Duke, that Julian is truly dead, but Sonny doesn’t.  He says he has a gut feeling that something is going on.

Robin is shocked to hear that Faison is Ben’s grandfather. Faison mentions Anna. Robin demands to know what happened and is thrilled to hear that Robert is awake and remembers seeing her.  Dr. Obrecht isn’t worried because she feels Anna wouldn’t believe anything Faison told her and has no idea where to find Robin.  Robin claims her parents are the best at what they do and is certain they’ll find her.

Robert is determined to go with Anna, but she’s worried that he’s not strong enough to travel.  Robert says he’s failed Robin before and needs to be the hero now.  Anna worries about Mac but Mac arrives and tells them that he needs to get back to Port Charles because of Maxie.  Robert insists he’s going with Anna.

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    I had to laugh when the poor baby took one look at Faison and started bawling!

    Loved the Robert/Anna scenes. I really wished they would have told Mac the truth and he could have helped save Robin. Although I do appreciate that the reason he left was because of Maxie. At least that makes sense.

    Still loving Nik/Britt and I’m seriously anticipating the crap that will go down once everyone arrives on the island.

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    That baby has perfect cues. When he started crying once he saw Faison was perfection. Afterward, I loved how he grabbed Faison’s hair and stuff. They were “cute” together.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way Robin was telling Dr.O and Faison how her Mom and Dad were going to come after her and kill them.

    I loved Anna finally giving in and letting Robert come with her to Cassadine Island. I kind of wish Mac would have been told. He is Robin’s 3rd parent. He raised her during her teen years. I understand them not wanting to get his hopes up high but to me, he is on equal footing when it comes to Robin. But Maxie does need him right now.

    They HAVE to get rid of that baby. After all this is done with, Britt needs to give that baby to it’s parents so her and Nik can have an adult relationship. The only reason they are together is because of that baby and Nik already has a child. Get Britt back to her scheming way and have her go after Liz. Britt was giving me a little Kristen from DOOL. I miss that Britt. I would love to see her scheme to keep Nik.

    Patrick needs to cuss Sabrina out. Sick of her telling him over and over that it wasn’t Robin and he needs to move on. It’s ONLY been a year. What does that heifer expect! Of course he’s still grieving his wife, it hasn’t been that long. That character is an epic fail. I miss Britt going at her.

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    Hi All…I am loving GH right now. However, I wish the Soboringa/Patrick/Britt triangle would have ended differently. At the Nurses Ball, Patrick should have let Soboringa down gently and let Milo (where the hell is he and his abs???) be there to comfort her and lead her into stories with kids her own age and maturity level (perhaps Emma could introduce her to some kids below her in school). Patrick could have then dealt with Britt’s baby and found out most of Britt’s lies (except that he’s not the father), which led to him to declare he was going to seek custody and her ending up in Nik’s orbit. Then once the baby was born, she and Patrick could become closer bonding over the baby (while she still has an attraction to Nik) when Robin appears with the knowledge that a) Britt is Faison’s kid and b) the baby isn’t Patrick’s (she’s suspicious and checks the baby in her batcave to find out with his blood type he can’t be Patrick’s). Robin will blow Britt’s cover about Faison but keeps the secret about Patrick being the dad since she’s bonded with the kid and obviously Patrick has too. She starts to feel guilt of course but eventually Patrick finds out that not only is the kid not his but Robin knew. That’s the conflict that would eventually come between Robin and Patrick, not some damn babysitter with a basic cable channel makeover.

    My other idea, which I have shared before, would be to have Robin end up attracted to Jerry (Stockholm Syndrome) as she worked her medical magic to save his life. Jerry could have manipulated the situation to basically blame Faison for Jerry’s polonium poisoning. He’d tell her that Faison plans to try to poison all of Port Charles himself and faked Robin’s death so she can create a cure should Faison ever need it for himself and Jerry would be the guinea pig. Of course Jerry’s manipulating the situation and Luke is the actual guinea pig but Robin wouldn’t know that. As much as she wants to go home to her family, her focus for all these months has been Jerry and developing a cure to save not only him but her family and everyone else in Port Charles. Now, when I say attraction, I don’t mean so much a romantic or sexual one, but just a concern and care for him. Once Anna and Robert track Faison and Dr O to where they are keeping Robin and rescue her and nab Jerry as well, Robin can continue to be concerned for Jerry and his condition. This will not set well with Patrick since he’ll of course blame Jerry for destroying his and Emma’s life (“were you really more concerned about his well being than trying to come home to your family?” “how could you say that, I couldn’t just let the man die”) and create strife for the Dr’s Drake.

    I think either one of these scenarios would work better than trying to create conflict around Soboringa. Hell, having Patrick fall in love with Faison wearing a Robin mask would be more believable than thinking Soboringa was a legit threat to Robin and Patrick.

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    Perkie- Agree totally whatt you said. I laughed when the baby burst out crying when he first saw Faison. The guy IS spooky looking. But then that scene where they were doing that pop pop sound was adorable!

    I want Scorpio to stay on the show! Love him, better then Tony Geary’s Luke. Luke has just gotten so old looking and his acting has been over the top lately. His huge salary could pay to get Laura, Scotty, Lucy and Scorpio, as a regular back. Just my opinion. I loved Luke and Laura in the old days but now??? But why would Geary leave? Gets a huge salary and the best vacation time and they would never let him go till he’s ready to leave.

    Kudos to Cartini, the villians are so damn good, because the actors are SOOO good, Heather, Julian, Ava, Dr O, Faison, Franco (thanks so Roger H’s performance. HATED James Franco’s version, creepy, with that constant pyscho smile of his), you don’t want to see them killed off as most villains are.

    I am really liking Gh. William DeVry at the gymn looking hot and sexy, and the scenes with Franco were so funny. It is so obvious LW and RH love working together ,(if they both weren’t married in real-life I’d think there was something more there), but only good could come out of the relationship. Since Cartini took over we have these hot shirtless guys, Julian, Nicolas, and even the ladies’ necklines are getting lower. I felt bad for Silas, (ME) having to remember his lines the other day with sexy KM (Sam) is that very low-cut blouse! Love everything Dianne. The scenes with Morgan were great. She is one tough, sexy lawyer. Give her a man (Scorpio?) and keep her on the show!!!! Finola H., always the best in every scene she does. Even Maurice Bernard seems to be putting more energy into Sonny, even though once in awhile he does that fake look in the camera, like he forgot a line or so, but he’s a lot better then he was under Guza?Phelps ,where he was sleep-walking thru the role.

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    I am FLOVING Brit and Nic!!! They are amazing. Seriously this is the best couple this show has come up with since Jax and Brenda for me. They are sweet, caring funny and starting with a friendship. The actors have chemistry for days and its fun considering their families.

    I have to say this story is making me HATE HATE HATE Anna. Who the hell does she think she is to not tell Mac. Mac raised Robin. When Anna was playing spy or pretending to be dead, Mac was there for Robin during the worst time in her life. He was holding her hand when her great love died of AIDS, Mac was there to support her through her HIV diagnosis, through her heartbreak, and college, he supported her through all of the Scrubs stuff. Mac has been her rock. HE SHOULD BE SAVING ROBIN!!! But no Anna wants all the glory for herself that is all that was about ANNA BEING THE HERO.

    Now all that being said, and as much as I now hate Anna (thanks RC) I do think FH has been amazing in this storyline, she should get an Emmy nomination for sure.

    Sorry Sonny is a moron and I am not buying him figuring this out so quickly and honestly I can’t take MB anymore. He truly is the worst actor on the show. Like right there with KA. I seriously can’t handle his stuff anymore he is just a bad bad bad bad actor.

    Outside of Sonny, Olivia, Carly, Miki and Ava. I am loving GH.

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    Lucy D.

    Love AngelWendy’s idea of Diane and Robert. If he can’t be with Anna (I am Robert & Anna forever fan) then him and Diane would make s sparkling match. Please, please, please keep Robert away from Olivia.

    Love Robin’s unfaltering faith in her parents.

    I am warming to Britt and Nik. But Britt has still done a ton of stuff that she needs to cop to. And don’t you think she should now tell Nik who the baby daddy is? The only downside–less Elizabeth time.

    Hardly think Anna is trying to hog credit. And Maxie does need Mac right now.

    I have never liked Sabrina, but I’m now bordering on hate. She’s totally overstepping with Patrick right now–she should back off–but she won’t.

    Ron/Frank–I’m begging you to give Elizabeth a major storyline. Either get AJ out of jail, or figure something else out. I don’t need to see Sabrina or Carlos anymore. And yes, let’s see Lucas make a return to Port Charles.

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    Catching up on the week…. No matter what he does, I love AH as Faison! I’m looking forward to seeing how the baby reveal plays out there, something tells me Doctor O might not live through that lie if the baby isn’t really Britt’s and is Lulu’s instead, which is too bad, because she’s a really good villian also!

    I do wish Anna would tell Mac about Robin. For years and years he was more Robin’s parent than Robert and Anna were. I love all of them, but that’s true. I wish they’d let him be involved in Robin’s rescue too. I do want to see him supporting Maxie now though, but that story seems to be dropped this week.

    Normally Sabrina doesn’t get on my nerves as much as she did in this episode, and there was a look on JT’s face as Patrick in this last episode, where I thought he might be thinking that also.

    I hope the Lucas/Sam dna test comes back soon, and hope to see Lucas pop up in town to interact with everyone and get Felix away from Brad’s range.

    Britt and Nic are growing on me, but he kind of makes her boring. They definately have weird pyscho family in common. I wouldn’t mind seeing Liz go up against Britt more, I don’t really want Nic and Liz together, but I think Britt vs Liz would be a good story.

    Sonny and Sean (aka African American Jason) are boring together. And let’s face it, Sonny’s not that smart, and always had Jason to figure out everything important, so I don’t buy that he put two and two together about Derek/Julian. Another thing, why is Sonny allowed to just have is guys go pick up anyone he wants to and haul them in to him, including the current man in the police commish’s life??? It’s just odd that Sonny has that much power, when Anna warned him and Jason when she came back to town and took over that things were going to change.

    I liked the Sam/Alexis stuff, the Sam/Silas stuff was cute but cut weird, and it’s weird to see Kiki seek Silas out for a job, but not give a rat’s behind about him being her father.

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    Daniel St. John

    Sonny going all Mrs Marple and figuring out Julian’s entire scheme was just ridiculous. I wouldn’t have minded if the clues actually were good enough to add up to anyone who was not watching GH everyday but unless Sonny has been DVRing the show there is no way he should have sussed out this entire Julian Jerome plot so easily.

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    Faison and baby Ben were definitely adorable together, and I never expected to use that word in relationship to Faison.

    Sabrina never bothered me before the way she is acting about the phone call. UGH.

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    Faison looks like he wants to eat Baby Ben…please don’t let cartini go there for the Halloween episode (although a haunted house island special as an annual means of getting rid of boring characters (see my comment on an appropriate role for sabrina in the robin is coming home to a new threat post) might be something we could look forward to

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