He’s Back! Drake Hogestyn Returns to Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives favorite Drake Hogestyn is reprising his role of John Black. According to Soap Opera Digest, Hogestyn starting taping episodes today which will air in early 2014.

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    Thank God!! Love, love, love Drake! Love, love, love John Black, and with Marlena and Brady in Salem, he needs to be there as well. Found it inexplicable that he hasn’t been there and that he wasn’t under contract there for awhile. I thought Ken Corday liked Drake?? In any event, SUCH good news and I know he is quite liked by his co-stars as well. Can’t wait to see him back on screen!

    Now, the powers that be just have to get Peter Reckell to come back…

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    I honestly don’t think this is gonna be anything special. I think this is going to be a visit of sorts, or he is going to stay as recurring. Perhaps a reconcile with Marlena, and that’s it.

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    Drake’s idea of acting is to lower his voice into a gravelly growl, followed up with an eyebrow raised and a squint. He is a dead ringer for the pappy in Popeye cartoons. Not a fan.

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    I like Drake Hogestyn, but I understand why DAYS had to rest the John Black character and place Hogestyn on hiatus. Marlena is a more developed character without John Black, but John does not offer the same viability without Marlena. The one exception to this rule is John’s feud with Stefano, which is played out. The very essence of the John Black character is ill-defined. They have replaced him with Rafe, Brady, and Daniel.

    What’s a show to do with an overplayed action hero/spy? Either pair him with Tracy Quartermaine or write him off.

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    I wish they would play him with/as a Dimera. If there was a good story it could be epic if he teamed up with EJ and Sami against Stefano and Marlena didn’t want him involved with the Dimeras. Throw some Chad in there with a recast Belle and this stuff writes itself!

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    [quote=Nk3play2]I’m honestly TRYING to actually care. But he is just another reason for me to change the channel.[/quote]

    Yeah, you couldn’t actually pay me enough to care less about this. The only character I find more useless on the DAYS canvas than John Black is Dr. Hairy Crotch. I say keep teaming Marlena with Victor and/or Nicole and she’ll be just fine.

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    Secrets and Lies

    Good to see John back in the mix. I’d like to see Marlena move on with someone new (weren’t they casting a “name” actor in his 50s not too long ago?) and really get serious and see John really snap out of his weirdness and immaturity and really fight to get he back. That could drag out for a long time on the back-ish burner and it would be a good story for these characters – sort of like Alex North but the guy doesn’t necessarily have to be evil and over the top – he just needs to be the “perfect” man for Marlena.

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    jeremy in chicago

    Not good news. There is no place for the character on the canvas anymore, especially with Kristen gone. He and Marlena’s relationship is super icky and gross, especially after this last Kristen storyline. John revealed himself as a sexist, uncaring asshole. Period, end of story. Let the character rot off screen. I have more sympathy for Stefano and even Dr. Cameron with his three brain cells is a better actor than Drake – who, like many of the women on the show – has ruined his face with surgeries (I bet he will return with some new “refreshments.” )

    Also I agree that Marlena’s character is much better served with John gone. LOVING her interactions with Nicole and Victor. Frankly, there is no need for every 50 or 60-something character to be in a pairing. Abe, Kayla, Marlena, Roman, Stefano, Caroline, Jennifer, Daniel, Hope (kinda), Kate (kinda)… all single and doing perfectly fine. We don’t need to watch a 60-something year old woman muttering, “Oh, John!” and making out all the time with a man she can’t stand. Let’s move on.

    What. Is. The. Point.

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    Some of Day’s greatest moments include Roman/John and Marlana. My most favorite is when Marlena returned on that foggy night on the docks and called out to Roman. I get chills just typing it. I loved him as Roman and wish they never played the games with his true identity. Love his complicated relationship with Brady too. Now its time to bring Belle, along with Shawn Douglas back into the fold. Loving that Days is back to Family drama and no spies, devils, etc. Days is hot, hot, hot!

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