Perkie’s Observations: Patrick Proposes to Sabrina on General Hospital

Nikolas is shocked to find Robin alive.  Robin’s thrilled to see Nikolas and gives him a hug.  Robin explains that Jerry took her to work on a cure and that she’s been waiting all this time for someone to find her.  Robin thinks Patrick understood her phone call and sent Nik. However, he tells her that no one knows she’s alive.  Nik explains that he came with Britt to find the baby.  Robin says she took care of the baby, for Patrick but Nik tells her that Patrick isn't’ the father.

Britt demands Faison give her back her son, but he says she can’t be trusted to rear him properly.  Faison is thrilled to finally have a male heir, but Britt tells him the baby is not his flesh and blood.  Faison wonders if Britt means that she’s not his daughter. She says she is, but that the baby has none of his DNA.

Anna and Robert arrive on Cassadine Island.  Robert wants them to split up to find Robin, but Anna wants them to find Robin together.  They stumble upon Dr. Obrecht.  Anna demands to know where Robin is.  Liesl tells her that Robin is dead, but Robert is quick to say that he saw her with Robin.  Anna tells her what Faison said, but Liesl is angry with Faison and how he wanted to replace her with Anna.  Anna tries to convince Dr Obrecht to help them get back at Faison by telling the truth.

Lulu tells Alexis that Maxie wants to take the baby away from her even though Maxie told her she wanted Lulu to raise the baby.  Alexis says Lulu’s chances of keeping the baby are not good. The contract Maxie signed was for the baby that was miscarried. Lulu’s desperate to hang onto the baby, and wonders if she can sue Maxie for custody.

Spixie ask Diane’s help in getting the baby back.  Diane is aware of the situation, but is quick to demonize Maxie for her actions and her treatment of Spinelli.  Maxie admits she behaved poorly but is grateful the truth is out.

Sabrina is shocked at Patrick’s marriage proposal, certain that he’s not ready to move on.  Patrick assures her that he has accepted Robin’s passing and that Liz helped him see that the phone call was not from Robin.  Sabrina admits that she accused Carlos.  Patrick claims he can have a life without Robin and that he loves Sabrina and want a life with her.  He proposes again and Sabrina accepts.

Diane assures Spixie that they have the law on their side and can accuse Lante of kidnapping.  She suggests they file a court order to surrender the baby since the courts tend to lean towards the biological parents.    Maxie tells Diane to get the court order, that she will do whatever it takes to get her daughter back.

Alexis doesn’t think the judge would grant them the baby since they tend to rule in favor of the biological parents.  Lulu wonders if they should take the baby and run. Alexis warns against that.  Alexis says if Lulu can prove that Spixie are unfit parents, but questions whether Lulu would want to do that to her best friend

Lulu feels that Maxie is no longer her friend, after everything she’s done.  Lulu decides she’s going to tell every bad thing Maxie has ever said and done, so that the judge awards them custody. Lulu doesn’t want to lose the baby and tells Alexis that she’ll do whatever it takes.  

Faison doesn’t understand how Ben can be Britt’s son, but not be his flesh and blood.  Britt says she carried the child but he’s not hers biologically.  Faison accuses her of lying and trying to trick him.  Britt demands he give her her son.

Nikolas decides to go and find Dr. Obrecht and the baby and tells Robin to stay put.  Robin insists that she’s not going to stay in the lab any longer and the two head out together.

Dr. Obrecht tells Anna that both Robin and Britt’s baby are in the lab.  Robert knocks her back out and the two head down to the lab, which they find empty.  Anna spots the photo of Patrick and Emma and realizes that Robin has been there.

Nik and Robin find Dr. Obrecht knocked out.  Robin keeps guard over her while Nikolas heads off to find Britt.  Faison is determined to leave with the baby, but Nikolas stops him before he can.


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    After Friday’s buildup I was disappointed a little in the follow through.

    I’m also disappointed to hear that Ben is not Britt’s bio baby. I was hoping that she was at least the mother.

    Do Lulu and Maxie realize that if they air the other’s dirty laundry, their own dirty laundry will be exposed. HAs Lulu forgotten who her father in law is, and how a judge might not think she’s the best person to be this baby’s mother.

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    Entertaining episode, but I agree with Perkie it was a bit anticlimactic.

    Seeing that Nikolas’s mother, brother, grandmother (both Lesley & Helena) and father have come back from the dead it was odd to see how surprised he was to see Robin alive and how she had to take time explaining. Weird that Nikolas was more invested in finding the baby than taking care of Robin. I couldn’t believe that he actually wanted to keep Robin in the lab after she has been held prisoner for close to 2 years!!

    If Britt knew all along that the baby wasn’t hers then why is she so invested in the kid? If she wanted a baby so badly she could go have her own. Why steal Dante and Lulu’s baby which I’m assuming is the scenario?

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    Lucy D.

    I thought the same thing Perkie. Lulu is not exactly the person to go after someone for being unfit. (working in a whorehouse, shacking up with a mobster, daughter-in-law of mob lord, daughter of a crook & rapist, etc.).

    Not sure if Britt was telling the truth, misleading Faison & us–or lying so she could get the baby back. Perhaps this is the “neat” little way to give Lulu & Dante a Maxie & Spinelli a baby.

    Loved Britt’s ferocity yesterday & oh boy Nik gets hotter every day. I need to see Robin and her parents together & can someone PLEASE call Patrick. I want Sabrina, Olivia and Luke to take a long trip together.

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    First, Robin and Nik standing there talking for what seem like 3 hrs instead of booking it out of there pissed me off. As soon as Robin saw him, I would have grabbed him and been like lets go!

    They spent more time on those horrid Sabrina/Patrick scenes instead of Cassadine Island scenes. How pathetic and thirsty did Sabrina look yesterday? The man was just wearing his wedding ring like 3 days ago. He was just crying about his wife and proclaiming he heard her on the phone. And now all of a sudden he wants to marry Sabrina and she says yes? It screams rebound! Ron is doing a crappy job with his Sabrina creation. He is making her just look like a thirsty ding bat.

    I love the fact Robert walked out the clinic on a cane and now he walks into Cassadine Island like a pimp! Also when he told Dr. O “Wake up B*tch” he is such a pimp. Love him. Glad he knocked her back out.

    Another of Ron’s creations isn’t doing well. Britt had so much potential as a scheming bad girl. Now they have her as this loving mother who wants her son but he’s NOT her son! So why have her crying and going crazy over a baby SHE STOLE! It makes Nik look stupid. He’s doing everything to get her baby back just to find out later that it’s really his sister’s baby. They have to make Britt a scheming chick again otherwise this character is now an epic fail.

    Don’t care about Lulu. She should have known that baby isn’t hers. That baby was smiling and giggling the whole time. There is no way Lulu could ever have produced a happy baby. Now that baby Ben and all his screaming and shrieking, you can tell off the bat that’s ShewLu’s baby. Surprised Nik never noticed how similar their shrieking is.

    If Maxie can scheme and make ppl (even a doctor) believe she was pregnant with a pillow baby, she can scheme and get her baby back from ShrewLu and self righteous Dante. Get with it Maxie!

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    BRITT & BEN: she carried the baby and birthed him,she surprised herself and bonded with the child despite lack of biological connection in the same way some surrogates do. I was actually impressed by the actress displaying both her terror of Faison and her maternal resolve to have the baby returned to her, re-embracing her inner Britch in the process: “you’re supposed to be a brilliant scientist. Figure it out”

    SABRINA: dare I hope that this all leads to a Dark Sabrina storyline once she’s the odd woman out? (Much as I thought Ellie would take a dark turn after her car accident). She could trade gays and find herself scheming with Brad instead of Felix, especially if he finds himself similarly jilted by Felix when Lucas comes to town. Other than “Evil Princess”, I don’t see much interesting story potential for Sabrina, haven’t since her transformation.


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    Nicholas,you fool. I love you but where are your brains. When he got there with Britt he said “stay here, I’ll be right back”. Than he had the nerve to tell Robin to stay there in a room where he knew she was being locked up for allthat time.Other than that,Im loving this.

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    Loved how good TC looks in that color of blue shirt he was wearing in this episode.

    Um… has Lulu forgotten that they were told that they wouldn’t be able to adopt a child through an agency? Does she magically think that Maxie’s sins are worse than her own or that of her and Dante’s families? Lulu yet again just comes off as spiteful to me instead of being about actually loving the baby.

    Sabrina/Patrick…. eh. Go back to Carlos and make him shave girl, Robin’s coming home.

  8. Profile photo of liason4real

    Whatever happened to Sabrina not wanting to be a wife and mother with Carlos and now the twit decides its okay to marry a widower with a small child? Idiot.

    Dang. I was so hoping that Britta was baby Ben’s mother and now it looks like the kid is Lante’s. There was more story if the kid had actually turned out to have been Patrick’s and Britta’s.

    Robin should have pushed Nik out of the way and took off instead of standing arounding yakking it up.

    Faison, Anna, Robert and Dr. O are the shitz! :party: This is how you write veteran actors!

    Lulu needs to shut her trap about Maxie’s past. This is the same idiot that worked in a whore house and was almost raped, did a stint in Shadybrook, got away with killing Logan and tricked Dillon into bed while he was married to Georgie.

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    Lulu wants to play dirty? LOL
    Maxie could use so many things from Lulu’s past if TPTB aren’t ignoring it. And even if Lulu goes after Maxie and it would make an impact. Spinelli would still have the right to his own daughter. Lulu’s lawsuit should be thrown out by the fact that she has no legal ground at all to keep that baby.
    Lulu is acting very, very stupid.

    Can’t believe that Patrick is engaged to the kid now. Shouldn’t she have a clue already that Patrick still isn’t over Robin? A talk with Elizabeth shouldn’t lead to a proposal. I get that Patrick wants to proof to himself that he needs to move on but that was a bit fast.

    I did enjoy the scenes on Cassadine Island. I only didn’t like the fact that Robin still hasn’t seen her parents. And Nikolas wanting to leave her in the lab she’s been captured in for so long with a little bit bizarre.
    Wasn’t surprised by Britt’s reveal that Ben isn’t her biological son. I wasn’t surprised at all. When a custody fight over the boy comes up Lulu might finally stay a chance to really get a child… LOL

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    What rubs me wrong about Lulu is the fact that she sounds like a spoiled brat. Maxie didn’t come try to take the baby away but now that it is out she does want her daughter. Who is Lulu to determine that Maxie owes her a child. To proclaim that Maxie has no right to her own child when Lulu;s own father is a rapist child killing sulf indulged douche bag.. In that light he had no right to Lulu and Lucky..

    I actually really liked Nic and Robin.. It was interesting to see his sort of shell schocked reaction looking all over the room. He played it pretty well. I think to he is trying to control everything and like he said he doesn’t know how loyal his staff is..

    Love watching Anna, Robert and Dr.O.. Roberts expression at Dr. O talking about wearing an Anna mask in bed was classic..

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    Although there is no legal basis for it, I think they will have Lulu and Dante win custody, only to find out that Ben is their baby. They will then want Ben because he is their biological child. This will lead to someone pointing out their hypocrisy, them realizing it as well, and then a tearful handing over of the baby to Maxie and Spinelli. Then Britt will hand Dante and Lulu’s baby to them. The end.

  12. Profile photo of BellaDonna

    Having Ben be one of ShrewLu and Dante’s embryos actually would set up story on two levels. First, it sets up Nikolas being caught between his sister and Britt, assuming that he can understand why she’s continued to lie to him and accept it (not to mention accept that with her, the future is probably filled with lies). Second, it puts ShrewLu and Dante on the opposite side of the fence they’re now on, demanding the return of a biological child simply because he’s theirs, which is the position that Maxie and Spinelli are currently taking and they’re against. Throw in yet another curve ball and say that before Ben was conceived, Obrecht pulled a switch in the lab and substituted some genetic material that she took from Stavros for Dante’s contribution – how does he react to the idea of raising the child of the craziest Cassadine of them all (not to mention that it would mean the kid would be Nikolas’ half-brother on both sides, which is really twisted). Even when Maxie was still saying that she wanted Dante and Lulu to have the baby, all Dante could seem to howl about was the fact that she destroyed his and ShrewLu’s dreams of having THEIR child when she didn’t tell them about the miscarriage. Then he got really pissy when Maxie reminded him that they’d originally planned to adopt and kept harping on the fact that they’d signed on for THEIR child, not someone else’s, which is what they got.

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    I don’t know because I don’t have kids, but doesn’t it matter who are listed as parents on the birth certificate? In that case, wouldn’t little Connie be legally Dante and Lulu’s?

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    GH is really good for now,I like the old lulu not this recast in the end Maxie and Spinelli will get there daughter,Britt is not Ben mother YES.Britt is sick just like her mother and father and she needs to loose her medical license.Dr.O and Faison is so entainting in there role good actors. Patrick and Sabrina might elope before he find out his wife is alive and Tyler Christopher is ok actor not impress with is acting or his looks to each is own hahaha.

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    and that Liz helped him see that the phone call was not from Robin.

    For Crying in the Bucket…

    Why is it that this regime continues to write women like idiots; Elizabeth received a phone call from a supposedly very dead Lucky Spencer and all that went along with it

    but now

    she doesn’t believe it could be from Robin? Yeah right. I don’t know which is worse no writing for Liz or dumb writing for Liz to make her look like she hasn’t a brain cell working; do they even know or care about vet’s history? Lately there seems to be a lot of expository dialogue; I’m not a new to this rodeo….

    as one of my favorite posters put it far better than I ever could…
    “Nik sees Robin alive after two years and all he can do is ask her about Britt’s baby. Then he wants to leave her in her prison so he can go look for the kid.”

    So its all about the newbie from nowhere… Why are they writing Nik and Liz as dummies after all they have been through?

  16. Profile photo of tmac

    BellaDonna, under your scenario with Stavros being Ben’s father Ben would only be Nik’s half-brother on one side (he and Ben would share Stavros as a father). He would be Nik’s half-nephew through Lulu (Nik and Lulu share a mother, Laura).

    And yes, Lulu should think twice about her own past coming out in a custody fight. Murder (Logan), abortion (Dillon’s baby), mental instability…not exactly perfect mother material. It’s a toss-up who has committed more sins between her and Maxie.

  17. Profile photo of jeremy in chicago
    jeremy in chicago

    Ben is definitely Lante’s baby – that was spoiled months ago. And it will be discovered soon that one of their embryos is missing (ie… Ben).

    Today’s eppy made every single character look really stupid. People standing there instead of escaping… oye. I love that group on the island (did you notice Britta turn into a real actress and character as soon as the genius Andres Hove stared into her eyes!?) but the plotting of today’s eppy was clumsy and nearly nonsensical.

    As for Lulu… I agree she is shrewish and snobby. But I hate Spinelli and Maxie so much as characters that I am completely on Lulu’s side. I think it’s just as some of you have pointed out: Lulu and Dante will be nearing a legal victory at Maxie’s expense, when the truth comes out about Ben. Lante will give Maxie her kid back (and hopefully she will be renamed) and they will take Ben from the ever increasingly sympathetic Britta… who will then fall into Nik’s arms.

    Brik, they will be called. And… they are pretty great together. Sorry, Liz. We ALL know the horrible Sabrina is playing the story that should have been Elizabeth’s all along. Patrick/Liz in a sensible, stable, grief-bonded relationship would be riveting in light of Robin’s return. Instead, we have nothing but a lame gimmick in the form of f’n Sabrina. Ugh.

    Sabrina will go psycho, and then she will GO.

    Oh… PLEASE get Genie Francis for the court battle. And PLEASE let there be some ugliness between Luke/Laura and Felicia/Mac. Drag some of THAT history up, eh?

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    [quote=MysteryStory]I don’t know because I don’t have kids, but doesn’t it matter who are listed as parents on the birth certificate? In that case, wouldn’t little Connie be legally Dante and Lulu’s?[/quote]

    Right now, legally Dante and Lulu are the parents, since they’re listed on the birth certificate. But Diane has grounds to for a court ordered DNA test which would prove that they’re not, which would mean that a new and corrected birth certificate would then be issued.

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    LOVED this episode!

    Loved Robin finally being found by Nikolas, however I also was dumbfound that Nik wanted for Robin to stay at her dungeon. Get her outta there and quick, lol.

    Absolutely LOVED Britt finally being face to face with her father. What a true monster that Faison really is! Loved her getting in his face and telling him she’s not going anywhere, and will have to kill her first before taking her son away from her. I was disappointed too that it seems Ben isn’t her child after all. She could have of course been lying aswell tho. But I loved her having a baby, and she has been acting WAY maternal and overprotective of that child for him to not be hers. So if it truly isn’t hers, it’s bad writing. In that case she never should have been THAT attached. I SO do not want him to be Lulu’s, I just don’t think she deserves a baby anymore. Besides I like Britt zillion times more than Lulu. Dante can be the father tho, that I don’t have a problem with.

    Love the fact that Robert Scorpio is back in action!

    AND I enjoyed seeing the proposal knowing that it’s all gonna blow up in Sabrina’s face and SOON! Bwahhaa.

  20. Profile photo of Yoryla

    I have to say, I never wished for Liz to be in Sabrina’s place. Because, let’s face it, whoever would be there against Robin would lose. And I do NOT want to see Liz lose anymore than she already has.

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    Lulu murdered Logan & ended up in mental hospital, tricked Dillon into getting her pregnant & aborted the baby, which Maxie knows all about, among other things. Fit mother? I think not. Maxie may have done selfish things (many, many selfish things), but she’s not anywhere near the mean & hurtful mess that is ShrewLu. And not to mention that Maxie almost died after giving birth & I haven’t once heard ShrewLu or Dumbte thank her or even act like they cared that she almost bled out. Some friends. That said, I can’t wait for this storyline to be over. It’s dragging on & needs to wrap up.

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