Perkie’s Observations: Sam and Alexis Get The Test Results Back on General Hospital

Alexis tells Sam that the test results show that she is Julian Jerome’s daughter.  Sam’s sad that she doesn’t have closure, because Julian is dead.  Sam mentions the possibility that Ava had a brother and suggests it might have been Julian.

Carly and Derek share breakfast.  Derek asks about Franco, but Carly claims she doesn’t care about Franco.  Derek’s glad since he’s enjoying getting to know her better.  Derek kisses Carly before she leaves.

Scotty and Lucy are campaigning for votes for the district attorney’s election.  Scotty’s upset that Laura isn’t at his side and asks about Kevin.  Lucy denies there is anything wrong between her and Kevin.

Michael and Kiki discuss AJ’s trial and his chances, especially with Scotty trying to win the race for district attorney.

Sonny and Shawn are upset to find the coffee warehouse ransacked and destroyed.  DA Lazaro stops by, claiming to want to help Sonny find out who’s responsible.  He wants to show he’s tough on crime before the election and asks for a name.

Sonny tells him Julian Jerome, but Lazaro points out that Julian has been dead for 20 years.  Sonny says Julian may have been in hiding and be back with a new identity. Sonny wants Lazaro to find the original file and get it to him, something the DA is not happy to do.

Morgan overhears Ava on the phone and wonders who’s she was talking to.  Ava chastises him again about eavesdropping.  Diane stops by with Morgan’s annulment papers and Ava’s gallery papers.  Morgan admits that he knows Derek is Ava’s secret partner.

After Diane leaves, Morgan wonders if Ava is sleeping with Derek. However, Ava reassures him that he has nothing to be jealous of and reminds him that they aren’t serious.  Morgan says he’s always cared about her and that his feelings for her are real.  Ava doesn’t want to discuss this and heads out to meet Derek.

Heather pays Franco another visit with the delivery of her paintings.  Carly stops by and Franco begs Heather to hide.  Carly tells Franco that his bill is due, and he promises that he’ll have money as soon as he does his art show.  Carly says she’ll be at the show, with Derek.

Heather’s upset that Franco plans on using her paintings in his show, but Franco denies it.

Carlos wonders why Derek is bothering to hit Sonny’s coffee business.  Derek tells him that Sonny funnels everything through the legitimate business and if you take that out, millions of dollars cannot be used.

Alexis and Sam run into Lucy and ask her about her past with the Jeromes.  Lucy says she was never with Victor, even though he wanted her.  Alexis asks about another mistress and Lucy remembers Dimitra, who had a male child.  Alexis asks about a daughter and Lucy remembers another mistress and that they met at a bar.

Diane tells Michael that he will try to stall AJ’s trial, until the election is over in hopes that Scotty will win.  She thinks she can exploit her past relationship with Scotty to her advantage.

Kiki gets the annulment papers and tells Michael that Morgan is suing based on fraud,  alleging she married him under false pretenses.  Kiki signs the papers in hopes of moving on.

Carly checks with Sonny as to Morgan’s location.  Sonny tells her that Morgan is with Ava, but refuses to come home.  Carly lets herself into Ava’s apartment.

Franco tells Diane that he’s ready for his new show.  Diane tells him that she doesn’t believe the paintings are his.

Heather and Scotty run into each other.

Julian tells Ava that he hit Sonny’s warehouse and that he’s making progress with Carly.  Morgan arrives and overhears Ava tell Julian that Morgan thought she was sleeping with him and how gross it is since Julian is her brother.

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    Line of the day:
    Diane: Oh Morgan, I see you still haven’t found your shirt”

    I also loved the snark between Morgan and Ava about the pen.

    You’d think people with secrets would have their conversations with the door closed. When Morgan, who can barely tie his shoes, is able to overhear your conversation, then you’re doing something wrong. Although whether Morgan actually understands what he heard remains to be seen.

    I barely remember what I had for dinner last night, but Lucy remembers a mistress and a bar that Victor mentioned 20 years ago? Sure.

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    The Jeromes were on during the time I didn’t watch GH so I don’t know if everything coming out is accurate,so if those who have watched during that period know differently, please let me know. But as another poster said, how does Lucy remember something from so long ago?? I want Sonny to tell Alexis his “theory” of who Derek Wells really is, it will confirm everything!! Finally A.J. has been mentioned!! Over all today’s episode was boring until the end when Morgan overheard Ava,but then again, I am so wrapped up in Robin’s storyline that everything else pales in comparison.

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    Daniel St. John

    I love Robin Mattson but I was forced to FF through the majority of her scenes today because my new rule is to not watch any Franco scenes until this ridiculous Franco/Carly relationship is dropped. At least I got to see her with Scotty at the end of the episode.
    Nice to see that AJ was mentioned even if the way this whole Connie murder stuff has been handled really badly.
    And I am hoping against hope that Ron doesn’t write Sonny as being invincible like Guza used to. I want Julian and Ava to win and for Sonny to have to fight to get back what they took from him.

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    “Oh Morgan, I see you still haven’t found your shirt”
    I laughed so hard. It’s great to see GH finding some humor on itself.

    I honestly thought that the episode would be boring without anything about Robin/Nik or the supervillains from Cassadine Island, but I was mistaken.

    I loved that Morgan of all people gets to be the smart one here and figure out Ava’s connection to Derek Wells with assistance by their stupidity to not even lock the door on the secretive meetings.

    Guess it won’t be long before we actually see Lucas back in town. There is so much story to tell. It would be shame to pass on it. But then again, GH has so many characters at the moment that I don’t know if I should really wish for it.

    So AJ is still in jail. Glad we finally heard about him. It would be good to see him too. I wonder a bit where they are going with the story.

    Can’t wait for some more Scotty/Heather scenes. I loved them scheming together back in the 80s.

    What I don’t like is that they are teasing Michael getting involved in Sonny’s business again. Don’t like it at all. Couldn’t he go to Carly and ask her for a job at her hotel?

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    When you look at the under 25 age group, TJ is the only one with a steady job. Starr, Michael and Morgan should all be in college or at least graduated with a degree in some field.

    The last time there were candy stripers was in 2007 with Georgie and Maxie.

    I thought today’s show as pretty good except for the Todd and Heather nonsense.

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    Loved the references in the coffee warehouse about Anna and Robert, who unbeknownst to Sonny and the DA, are locked in the lab on Cassadine Island. They are out of commission to help Sonny or anyone in Port Charles.
    And what’s the deal with bringing Lucy and Scotty back on the canvas after they’ve been off the air for weeks if not months? I read they scrapped the whole Deception idea due to budget issues but there was no explanation by Lucy about why she went from working on this project to apparent campaign manager for Scotty’s run for DA.

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    [quote=tmac]Yes, Victor was really on GH. He was played by an actor named Jack Axelrod. Victor died by choking on a necklace he had made for Lucy.[/quote]

    The Jerome siblings actually mentioned harboring some enmity for Lucy as a result. Will be fun when she gets roped into their story.

    The aforementioned Death of Victor Jerome with vintage Lucy, Scorpio, and Anna Devane.

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    [quote=The_Moustache]i wish they would re-cast Lulu with someone else already.

    Marcy Rylan isn’t doing it for me or bringing it like Julie Berman did.


    Thank you….. 0:)

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    J Bernard Jones

    Lucy remembers a mistress and a bar that Victor mentioned 20 years ago? Sure.

    It was a “Ryan’s Hope” shoutout, and it was pretty awesome!!! Ryan’s ( Lucy’s line: “I think that was the name of it…I hope”) was the bar where Victor & his mistress met, owned by Johnny & Maeve Ryan.

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    [quote=Perkie]Line of the day: Diane: Oh Morgan, I see you still haven’t found your shirt”[/quote]

    That was funny! I also LMAO at Heather’s remark, “You know how much I ‘stan’ for you…It’s just Twitter lingo.” :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

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    Secrets and Lies

    Agree with @JBJ – loved the Ryan’s Hope reference. Would be cool if Ava’s mom (Victor’s other mistress) ends up being a character from RH. Speaking of crossovers, loved when Franco cut Heather off just as she was about to speak the name “Todd Manning.”

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    LUCY & DECEPTION: She mentioned that the spa was progressing despite her having “issues with the origins of some of the tile” – so I think we are meant to believe the project is ongoing albeit off-screen for now.

    AVA: Maura West is a virtuoso (a?) performer. When Morgan started “girl friending” her, you saw her go from annoyed to surprised to kinda liking the idea with the tiny shading of her expression. By the time she mentioned it to Julian, she was back in denial, but methinks Ms Jerome is likewise falling for young Mr Corinthos.

    Speaking of whom…

    MORGAN: more hair on the body and a little less on his hair and…WOW. Never find that shirt!

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    First Sonny figures out that Derek is Julian and now Sam figures out that Ava and Julian are brother and sister. Sonny and Sam has NEVER figured out anything this quickly but I guess after Jason left (who figured everything out!)their brain cells came out of hibernation.

    Morgan was an intelligent kid so I guess when he puts clothes on, those old smart brain cells warmed up and started working. He figured everything out in seconds!

    Why is everyone figuring out the Jerome thing within seconds but the Robin storyline is dragging out for eternity.

    Seeing KiKi and MIchael just hanging out with nothing to do made me see how unnecessary KiKi is.

    What is Diane talking about Michael being sweet? Yeah Diane he reminds you of Jason. They both knew how to shoot a gun. Remember Michael shooting Kate in the heart and running off and leaving her? Remember when that red haired demon seed tried to smother AJ to death? Since when did Michael get sweet? Please stop trying to change history. That sucka was a demon up until like 2 years ago when this new Michael with the sad eyes was cast.

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    J Bernard Jones

    There was also an oblique reference to “The City” in Lucy, Alexis & Sam’s conversation, subtly tying that show & “Ryan’s Hope” together since both soaps were set in New York City.

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    I just love Diane and her remark to Morgan about being shirtless again. So good to see Lucy and Scotty and I LOVED the reference to “Ryans’ Hope”, (used to watch it with my Mom as a kid. She loved that show. I can remember Jack and Mary Ryan, one of the original super-couples of soaps.) I love how Ron C references the old ABC soaps, even “The City” line. He can be very clever at times.
    I read Carolyn H’s column in SOD and she had this great column last week about why we don’t see some of our favorites and why they come and go. It is ALL about the money! This is not the 80’s where soaps got huge ratings and they were able to pay actors a big salary. Frank V was always known to keep OLTL under budget, which is why they probably hired him to GH when it was close to being cancelled. Carolyn mentioned when a soap star disappears it’s usually contract issues so I am sure this is why Genie Francis and Sean K (AJ) are missing in action. I guess they have to really budget and only bring back characters, like AJ, Lucy, Scotty, and Scorpio, when story calls for them. They get big salaries so they can only afford them when a certain story requires them on the show. I can understand that, because I want the soaps to survive.It sounds like Scotty will be the new DA and AJ will go on trial soon so I think we will soon see AJ.

  16. Profile photo of heatherwebber10010

    No disrespect meant, but you would kind of think these actors would all just be glad to be working. It’s not like people are beating down their doors. I mean if it were me, I’d want the steady work over the huge salary. I don’t like what they are doing with the character of Heather. I don’t know if it’s RC’s writing or Mattson’s acting.

  17. Profile photo of mipeony

    I want to see more Sam/Alexis/Derek (aka Julian)…. the show was doing really well with having the 3 of them interacting, and now we’ve got this nonsense of Carly having all these dates with Julian. Can Carly please leave one of the men in town the hell alone?

    Still loving RoHo with his shirt off! Any scene with Heather is getting to be eh, been there done that. Maybe meeting up with Scott will change that.

    Bring on Lucas!

  18. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I am still not understanding why the murder mystery isn’t happening; I’m not that fond of this version of the Jeromes; I saw the originals. Other than Alexis having a semblance of a storyline; I don’t care who Sam’s daddy is. I want to finish up the murder mystery that has been woefully neglected.

    I adore Ilene so I’ll suffer through yet another new character that has to get anchored on the canvas… this part is a real drag though. I hope they take it easy on the revolving door of characters.

  19. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    JBJ, thanks for pointing out the references to RH and The City! I loved both of those shows and the mentions went right over my head! I didn’t know they did a Ryan’s Hope tie-in on GH all those years ago! :-)

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    For an off day from the Robin story, i gotta say i enjoyed this episode MUCH more than expected, not even FF-ing unless it’s strictly Carly/Franco scenes, i’m enjoying everything else.

    I think inserting either Diane or Scotty or Lucy into the god awful Miki stuff is a smart move for the TPTB, and also extending this Morgan/Ava story is a must. I for one don’t think Bryan Craig plays Morgan as stupid as everyone else seems to think, he’s perceptive and ruthless and interesting imo, sorta like Britt. At least this off-Robin day isn’t the Molly/Rafe/TJ story thank God!

    Must give a shout out to the attempts to sex up Alexis/Nancy Lee Grahn, b/c she NEEDS to be a more formidable rival to Carly, and NLG’s 24/7-365 blazer look ain’t cutting it. I haven’t seen NLG even curl her hair in the 25 years i’ve been watching her, a new look is desperately needed, at least for this Julian triangle! Kin Shriner is still adorable as shit and can’t wait to see he and Heather face to face, i haven’t finished Wed yet!

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    Good episode. There was a LOT of things happening in this one, you really had to keep every eye and ear open not to miss everything. Wow. I like the quick pace on GH but sometimes like in this one they really push the stories along fast. Where to even start??

    Love the fact that Sam now finally knows she’s a Jerome, and I disagree with the closure thing. She knows who it was that was a major step. Plus she has a brother, shared with Carly!!! Just gotta love that! Can’t wait for those two to discuss that fact. I will still ay though that I was surprised they did it in this order. I for some reason thought they would first reveal to Sam that Derek is her father and then only later on that he’s really Julian Jerome and still an active crime lord and that Ava’s his sister and that they’re trying to destroy Sonny. That would have put major dents into the newfound father/daughter relationship. However, now it’s going to be so that she will be with the info first that he was a bad guy, and then when she finds out what he’s doing she’s slowly going to warm up to him and possibly even help him take over for Sonny? This way it just doesn’t seem as plausible. But, maybe I’m wrong. We’ll have to see!

    Lucy, what a long time it has been! Well one can at least say she hadn’t calmed down one bit while during her abscence, lol! Love that she’s helping her ex-husband though. Also loved her patriotic colours while representing him. The talking to Kiki/Michael thing was kinda stupid though. I’m sure they could care less about who’s going to be DA. Also, the fact that they had to show Kiki’s facial expressions during those scenes was highly inapproriate. Honey, you’re *nothing* compared to the legendary Lucy Coe. I couldn’t believe that little nobody had the nerve to insinuate that Lucy should leave. She’s going to leave when she wants to! Lol!

    And Diane, ah just gotta love Her! I just love how many cases she is now involved with! What a gem to have her on this show. It makes especially sense since Alexis has so many other things going on with her family right now, for Diane to be the representative du jour. Loved her past dynamic and chemistry with Scotty and her ability to simply take advantage of it to further her own case. That is what a dedicated lawyer would do, though.

    So great to see SCOTTY again, AND with his own storyline now. Even though I do think he really does love her the most, I’ve always thought he was so much better away from Laura, and with other people, especially Lucy and Bobbie. And now he ran into Heather, another one of my/ his favorite ex’s! This is why the character of Scotty is so great, because he has all these connections around town. And that is why he doesn’t need Laura to be viable. Also, I’m glad he got out of that sham of a marriage. However, now we just need Laura back!

    A thought occurred to me today about why Genie is not on the show right now. I think it could possibly be exactly for these reasons: It has been clearly said that TG doesn’t want to do L&L anymore and wants to do Luke & Tracy. Also, they have pretty efficiently wrapped their story up on the show, so it basically wouldn’t even look very plausible either. Also, it became clear that her relationship with Scotty was just one-sided, from Scotty’s direction. Which begs the question: Who will there really be for Laura then? Well, in my opinion, the only answer is Stefan. Which means that if, and I *hope* that’s the case, they are trying to get Stephen Nichols to return to the show as Stefan, they are waiting for that to bring Genie back into the show. And if that is the case, I think it’s great. Because as much as Laura does have things to do in the show even without a love interest, I don’t want her to become just a background mother hen to people, especially Lulu (IMO she doesn’t deserve her right now, lol, sorry). The character of Laura and Genie as an actress still have so much to give. Way more to be wasted on the backburner.

  22. Profile photo of Yoryla


    Heather. LOVE her, and love Robin Mattson. I know the “visits” she can take out from the mental institution are *ridiculous!* BUT I love to see her around town to see her old acquaintances. ESPECIALLY now Scotty! Loved seeing them together.

    However, F. is the character that ruins everything for me. RH is just so horrible in this role, I’m sorry, it’s not that he’s a bad actor, he’s not, and I used to like him, but I just cannot *STAND* him as this horrible… THING! The way he tried to look somewhere and make these dramatic faces was just ill-conceivedly horrid!

    However, Carly looked fabulous today, loved that her hair is finally growing again! Her chemistry with D. is nice but how gross that D. wants to sex it up with his son’s sister!!! Gah. However I’m sure he doesn’t know anything about Lucas.

    Loved Sam & Alexis question Lucy about Victor, it was SO right and something I had been waiting for, that Lucy were questioned about it. However, utterly ridic that she would remember something from so far ago, especially when SHE herself wasn’t interested in Victor! That would mean she would not have been interested in his other mistresses or lack thereof aswell! Okay, so we already knew about Dimitria, did we know about this OTHER mistress beforehand? No? So was it just a now told information?

    Even liked the scenes at the coffee storage. Sonny is acting pretty fierce, like it. HOWEVER, his threats to the DA could have been left out. I needn’t see the “Sonny who “rules” PC ever again. He can rule his mob and coffee businesses, but that’s it.

    Shawn is so wooden though. He’s just muscle really, LOL! And the actor was nominated for an Emmy once upon a time, lol, can you believe it.

    Yeah, I’m kinda conflicted with Morgan and Ava. Yeah they’re hot, but I don’t know if that’s all there is really. I mean, I can’t believe he’s actually in “love” love with Kiki. I mean he’s what 20? What kind of love can there really be at that age anyway, also, I don’t think he’s in love with Ava either. IMO it’s mostly just about sex and he’s confusing the physical with emotions. However, I’m glad, albeit surprised that he started to suspect her so soon? I mean, he has smarts?! Who’d a thunk it! But I don’t know. How could Ava and Julian be so careless all the time!!! I mean leaving those papers there just like that? Did she not think Morgan might want to look at them? And also, not closing any doors, and calling him Julian all the time and her brother? Well, duh! They can really only blame themselves for all of that.

    Carlos is just so scruffy. Reminds me of Paul Mendez from Days. And btw, there’s no possible way that NURSE BETTY could have ever been with a man like that, let alone DATE him!!! LMAO, she would have peed her panties the minute that man came close to her. However, I guess it could have been exactly about that, the power. Because men like that do like them sweet, innocent and easily controllable. And Sabrina just couldn’t say no to him. I get that.

    Glad they FINALLY at least said something/ acknowledged AJ and his trial! And gald to see that Michael is still involved in his life and was offering him support by visiting him!

    Gawd, was that all!?! Boy how many things can there *BE* in one episode!!!

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    [quote=heatherwebber10010]No disrespect meant, but you would kind of think these actors would all just be glad to be working. It’s not like people are beating down their doors. I mean if it were me, I’d want the steady work over the huge salary. I don’t like what they are doing with the character of Heather. I don’t know if it’s RC’s writing or Mattson’s acting.[/quote]

    And I think these actors ARE all VERY grateful for the chance to be acting again, and that is also why this show has gotten them back so much and why I’m sure they will come and go whichever way the GH TPTB want them to.

    And it was announced – heard this today – that Jacklyn Zeman is returning again!!! GREAT! Can Dr. Lucas Jones be far behind???? :)

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    Please drop the Carly Franco fiasco! It’s not working!!!! I FF thru every scene. I like Her & Julian, But does she really need another mobster? I know Alexis doesn’t!
    I know someone who does & that is Ava! Bring on SOAVA!!!

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