Perkie’s Observations: Will Delia Ryan Give Sam and Silas Hope on General Hospital?

Patrick tells Maxie about his engagement and hopes she’s happy for him. He also fills her in on the phone call from Robin. Maxie admits she’s seen Georgie and is surprised she was never visited by Robin. 

Maxie’s upset about losing Lulu’s friendship, but Patrick reassures her Robin would understand she has good intentions. Patrick remembers five years ago was his first wedding to Robin, when she went into labor with Emma. 
Nikolas stops Robin from leaving the house, reminding her that her parents’ lives are at stake.  Robin wants to stop Patrick from marrying Sabrina. Nikolas assures her Sabrina is a nice person who cares for Patrick and Emma. 
Robin tells Nikolas about the DVD she made, encouraging Patrick to move on, but that she isn’t dead. Today is the five-year anniversary of her first attempted marriage. Robin’s upset Patrick has moved on and is making wedding plans with someone else. 
Morgan wonders how the Jeromes want him to help take down Sonny. Ava is concerned about his involvement, since Julian is a dangerous man who gets what he wants. Ava questions whether this is really what Morgan wants?  Morgan swears he’s on her side and is looking forward to the look on Sonny’s face when he sees Morgan chose the Jeromes. 
Olivia finds Sonny in the warehouse and demands to know who messed it up.  Sonny wants her to stay out of it, but Olivia doesn’t want him to shut her out. Sonny insists he wants her out of the business, because he doesn’t want to lose her. Olivia says she won’t sit quietly on the sidelines and wants his trust. She grabs the file and reads that Julian is alive and living as Derek Wells.
Sabrina goes to Carlos and tells him about her engagement.  She claims Patrick loves her and she wants nothing to do with Carlos. he wonders why she came to see him. Carlos warns Patrick is taking her for granted and he’ll delay the wedding. 
Alexis and Danny pay Derek a visit. She tells him Sam is in New York and it has to do with Ava’s brother. She further explains they know Sam is Julian’s daugher.  Derek wonders if she has proof. Alexis says they did a DNA test on another family member. Derek wonders who, but Carlos interrupts before Alexis can tell him about Lucas. 
Sam and Silas check out Ryan’s Bar and run into Delia Ryan. They make small talk until finally asking if Delia has heard of Victor Jerome, or know who his mistress was. Delia reacts, but claims she knows nothing. Sam declares she wants the truth. 
Sabrina comes across Patrick and Maxie, who offers her congratulations. Sabrina tells Patrick she can’t wait any longer to be a part of his family and wants to get married as soon as possible. 
Robin says she spent two years trying to get home. Now she’s so close and can’t get to her family.  Nikolas assures her she’ll find a cure for Jerry and get back to Patrick and Emma. 

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    Sabrina is in complete denial when it comes to Patrick. She should know better than to pressure a “widower” into marrying her who is still in love with his “dead” wife. Ca-R-los is right but sadly Sabrina still to immature to realize the truth.

    I liked the Patrick/Maxie and Nikolas/Robin scenes. Robin and Maxie is another reunion I’m looking forward too.

    Morgan turning on Sonny makes for great story but Morgan seems still like an angry child to me. Michael took his trophy, Sonny didn’t lie for him and now Morgan is well aware that Sonny could end up dead. For me it’s just not enough reason for Morgan to help the Jeromes take out Sonny.

    I still can’t with Olivia and Sonny. Such a pathetic duo.

    Silas and Sam in Ryan’s bar were great. I enjoy Silas in John McBain mode. Can’t wait for everyone to find out about the Jeromes.

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    Loved this episode a whole lot! Love Ilene Kristen and hope she ends up moving to Port Charles for good. Would love to see her involved with Luke or Scotty or Duke. Shake things up a bit with the older men. One thing I really hated was that Alexis was just sharing all of Sam’s information about her most recent case like he was a partner in the whole thing. Shouldn’t she be suspicious why he was asking? And shouldn’t Sam’s cases be private and confidential? That just seems very careless to me…ah well, it’s a soap.

    Also, is it just me or does this show really, really want a Patrick/Robin reunion? I mean don’t get me wrong, I am ready to see that too, but I really feel as though this whole story with Sabrina is just going to be wrapped up quickly and she’ll be on her way like an afterthought. That’s the tone I got from yesterdays episode anyway. Reminds me of OLTL back in the 80’s whenever Cord moved on with Kate Sanders, when who should appear at their wedding? A presumably dead Tina. Wonder if this will be similar?

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    I rushed home from work yesterday just to see GH! I haven’t rushed home to see my stories like that since the 90’s LOL! I was so excited to see Delia and Ryan’s, even though it was “Krystle’s” from All my Children. I remember when RH went off the air and OLTL got the Ryan’s bar set. Illene was a hoot as usual…”Johnny!!” I too hope they find a way for her to stick around for a little while anyway. Thanks Ron and Frank for bringing back great memories of these great soaps! puts a huge smile on my face :bigsmile:

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    Johnny was the funny of the day. It was a delicious episode. I can’t wait for the mobster Julian to find out he has a homosexual son. I think it will send him through the roof.

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    The Sonny and Olivia scenes were just so stupid. Why is this trick begging to be a part of a business she claims was the reason she didn’t tell Sonny about his son! Her First, middle and last name should be Hypocrite!

    What was the point of those Carlos and Sabrina scenes? No one is invested in them. No one cares about Sabrina and Chia Pet Carlos. That man gets hairy by the day!

    The Patrick/Maxie/Nik/Robin scenes were great. The best scene was when Robin called Sabrina a horrible woman, haha!! Robin doesn’t believe a word Dr. o says yet this is one thing she believes. Robin knows the truth when she hears it.

    Sam/Silas scenes, ok. The only thing is when I use to watch those Ryan’s Hope episodes that came on late on SoapNet, that lady voice wasn’t like that. She has such a soft voice. Now it sounds like she smokes like a chimney.

    Who is this Alexis woman and what has she done with the real ALexis? Alexis would NEVER just tell her business to a stranger. It doesn’t matter if she got horny around them or they could save her life, she still would not just blurt out all her business. I did love Danny’s little jacket and how he loved that little car. That baby doesn’t need anyone to entertain him, he is content just entertaining himself.

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    I love that they’ve written the history of Ryan’s Hope into the show but it looked like Ilene was really playing Roxy which I just find more annoying than ever. None of the “comedy” soaps are at number 1 and with good reason. People want the drama. I watched old YouTubes of Delia and they weren’t as campy as yesterday’s performance.

    I really think that’s why CBS daytime remains in a solid number one place.

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    I agree that wasn’t Delia on the show yesterday. It was Roxy. Delia was a smart, bad girl who aspired and worked at being part of the Ryan clan. She longed to fit in. Roxy was trailer park trash and was happy being trash. Seemed like ROxy and not Delia.

    It seems all the graet bad boys/girls of yesteryear such as Scotty, Lucy, Heather and even Tracy and Faison are played for laughs rather than for fear. Not surprised that Delia would be softened as well.

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    I noticed she acted a tiny bit like Roxy also, but Delia was so long ago I could get her personality softened a bit. I loved Delia and I loved Roxy so this is so great for me. Does anyone know how long she will be staying around. And Jackie Z. Doe anyone know of they are on contract? Ive been searching but havent found anything out.

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    I think after 25 years IK forgot how Delia was…I agree she was Delia playing Roxie for me also. I was a big Ryan’s Hope fan back in the day, and Delia was a great bad girl…There were a lot of great characters on that show, with interesting story lines. I even named my oldest daughter Jillian…I heard it first on this show, and fell in love with the name.

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    Sabrina did not pressure Patrick into proposing to her. She was actually blindsided by the whole thing. When you’re in love, most logic goes out of the window. So, saying that Sabrina is immature because she refuses to give up Patrick makes no sense.

    I like Olivia, but she is one of the town’s biggest hypocrites. Sonny’s business was the very reason why she didn’t want Dante in his life. Now, she wants full disclosure about the mob world. Her trying to talk Sonny into not killing Julian was naive & hilarious.

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    [quote=THEBEST]Sabrina did not pressure Patrick into proposing to her. She was actually blindsided by the whole thing. When you’re in love, most logic goes out of the window. So, saying that Sabrina is immature because she refuses to give up Patrick makes no sense.[/quote]

    Yes she was blindsided by the proposal. But otherwise I find Sabrina’s behavior very questionable. Carlos tells her that Patrick is still in love with Robin because he wears his wedding ring. Sabrina then mentions to Patrick that she feels a bit uncomfortable and he takes the ring off.
    Then Patrick thinks that Robin called him. The same night he proposes to Sabrina who says yes. It’s then Carlos again who tells her that Patrick won’t marry Sabrina right away just because he proposed. That leads to her telling Patrick that she doesn’t want a long engagement.
    Looking at how present Robin still is in Patrick’s life and going along with everything pretty much without questioning Patrick’s behavior is in my opinion immature. And after the “supposed” phone call not to wait a little bit longer and use the engagement time to become a more stable couple is too. Instead she’s using Carlos’ words time and time again to let Patrick please her as she wishes.

    In love or not, you realize how comfortable your partner feels. And planing a wedding just days after your fiance thought he talked to his dead wife goes beyond being not logic because of the love you are feeling.
    Not to mention that Carlos clearly still has a way to get to Sabrina, which leads me to believe that Patrick is just this nice little fantasy that she came up with when she met him. I don’t see Sabrina being all that sincere and in love with Patrick as she claims to be.

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    SoapJunkie88, I’m not denying the fact that Sabrina still has feelings for Carlos. Yes, she & Patrick are both making the rash decision to get married ASAP. You can realize how comfortable your partner feels, but you still want what you want. Being in love makes you selfish just as much as it makes you selfless at times. Deep down, Sabrina & Patrick both know that getting married so soon isn’t such a good idea. But, a toxic ex & a “dead” wife will push you to some extremes. We’ve all done things as a way to move on with our lives. They may not be necessarily the best decisions, but they’re what we think is right at the time.

    Besides, it’s a soap opera. We all know why the engagement and rushed wedding is coming into play now. Robin has to crash the wedding in true soap fashion, just in time for sweeps. I also think that you and other Sabrina haters on this site will think of any reason to call her out on something lol

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    I know it’s just a soap and we are to suspend all belief in what we know and all that boohaha when it comes to our shows but Delia Ryan was a let down.

    For one thing, Ryan’s hope is still one of those soaps sorely missed from daytime. It’s the missed abc soap more than any other to my belief. (Sure AMC n OLTL are missed but to still be talking abt Ryan’s hope after 25 years shows it is. Another world is nbc missed soap and I’ll go on a limb with ATwt edging out guiding light.

    And Ryan’s hope was a fixture of SOAPNET.

    So what’s my point? For one the bar set. That wasn’t Ryan’s bar. Not in the least. I understand wanting to capitalize on abc history to increase your ratings but why not build the true set or look to truly give us viewers the hope that one of the true Ryan’s come out from the kitchen? For one, the bar always ran against the wall towards the front of the establishment/to the windows. It was never facing them. And after 25 years that place looked like a diner.

    Also, I have to agree that as much as I love Ilene, she played Delia more like roxy then Delia. Sure she is just a supporting player/day player in this story to give GH a ratings boost but Delia of old would not have been working the bar 25 years later because that would mean she went from having it all to losing it all.

    Nitpicking on Delia being a waitress but definitely not on the set. GH should have paid closer attention to detail to an iconic set if they are going to promote it to have us come back to see it. (Would have been fantastic to hear frank in the back scream DELIA GET IN HERE but never see him. Just pulled from old soap episodes.

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    I enjoyed seeing Ilene K again. I hope she will be one of those characters that we see now and again when story calls for it. Yes, she was a bit like Roxy but she was so young when she played Delia. It would have been funny to see Ron Hale (who played Sonny’s father), as Roger, who he played on Ryans Hope. He and Delia always had a crazy relationship.
    I am just enjoying GH, it is not perfect, but it is so much better then this other soap I watch. Instead of looking on the negative side, look at the postive, the show has survived, and it is so much better then it once was. Watch Soapnet, GH from 2009, the awful Balkin story and Lucky the Leprachaun, and that Irish accent. What a truely bad story that was!

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    Thanks @GeneralHospital for screwing with Ryan’s Hope. I am beyond ticked

    Sorry epic fail to me. Yes great to see Ilene but RC’s delia is not RH’s Delia. Where os the schemer. Also it seemed IK was playing Roxy playing Delia

    So today Tuesday Delia admits she had Ava BEFORE marrying Frank. Then says that neither parent raised Ava and gave her number to give to Kiki


    If U watch early RH episodes Maeve talked about how Delia basically became part of the family since she was a preteen. Dee left NYC in 84 and moved to LA Coming back two years later. So If Ava was born it had to be in this two years (84-86) and not before her son, John was Born.

    Im sorry Ron & Frank stp taking iconic shows and fudging with the timetables to make GH story work

    Why not hire IK as a new role who is Ava’s mom.

    I will be surprised to ever see IK as Dee back on GH again. This IMHO was a waste and a horrible way to ruin the bible of RH.

    Claire Labine should slap both Ron & Frank in the face for doing this. Twice for Ron since claire hired him at OLTL in 1996. He threw Her & her soap under the bus and back-upped again & again

    How I would have done the GH’s Ava Jerome is RH’s Delia Reid Ryan’s daughter. I would have made Ava younger than John Reid Ryan as I said before however,remember when Ilene left in Nov 83. Frank had set up that job & Dee left town and then Robin Mattson became Delia in June 84?

    Well I would have wrote/rewritten that Dee had an affair with Victor in summer 83 but found out he was dangerous and ended things. Then in Nov 83 she learns she is 3-4 months pregnant. She tells Frank. Both are worried that Victor could hurt Johnny that Frank sends out of town on a ruse she got a job. Dee has the baby in spring 84 and meets up with Matthew crane. Matt learns of her story & helps get the baby adopted to protect Ava. He then falls for Delia and Matt & Delia plan to marry. Delia sees as a way to get money.

    She then returns to RH in June 84 (Robin Mattson as Dee) married to Matthew just how it appeared on screen

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    [quote=THEBEST]Besides, it’s a soap opera. We all know why the engagement and rushed wedding is coming into play now. Robin has to crash the wedding in true soap fashion, just in time for sweeps. I also think that you and other Sabrina haters on this site will think of any reason to call her out on something lol[/quote]

    Hater is such a strong word. I find it sad that people are called haters so often on this site. For me, haters are people who just say they hate things without making a case or anything. I tried to give plenty of examples why I said those things about Sabrina. That was an honest opinion. ;)

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