Jackie Zeman Excited Over New General Hospital Scripts

General Hospital fan favorite Jackie Zeman is returning to the soap as Bobbie Jones and the actress couldn't be more pumped! Zeman announced on Twitter:

No word on when Zeman's first air date is slated for.

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    Welcome home Bobbie! Maybe your good friend Monica can give you your old gig back as chief RN, since Epiphany is MIA :~ . Come to think of it, so is Monica :~ . In the words of Jennifer Hudson’s song…”Where U at?!”

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    [quote=tmac]DevinMissesOLTL, wasn’t Monica fired last month as chief of staff at GH? I think that was the last time she was even on.[/quote]

    Say what?! What was she fired for, not being at work?!LOL! I missed that episode…

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    jeremy in chicago

    Recast for Lucas Jones: John-Paul Lavoisier. Yes please. But keep Lucas away from the shmacting of those other gays. Give Lucas a real man, please. I hate the idea of the random gay characters being paired together just because they are gay. It’s like when black characters could only be paired with black characters. Sorta. I just don’t think Felix or Brad are real characters and they never will be IMO.

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