SPOILERS: A Catfight Breaks Out on General Hospital!


Carly/Ava: Carly (Laura Wright) and Ava (Maura West) get into a nasty argument that turns into a catfight!
Nik/Robin/Patrick: Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) stresses how important it is for Robin (Kimberly McCullough) not to be seen in Port Charles. She puts on a costume, and heads to the hospital Halloween party.

Before the party, Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Epiphany (Sonya Eddy) have a long chat about Robin.

Sabrina/Carlos: Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) vows to do whatever he can to break up Sabrina's (Teresa Castillo) engagement.
Alexis: Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) keeps being drawn to shady men! How will she react when she learns the true identity of Derek (William deVry) Wells?

Sam/Silas/Delia: Delia (Ilene Kristen) gives Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Silas (Michael Easton) intel on the twisted Jerome family tree. Should Ava (Maura West) be planning a trip home for Mother's Day? 

Morgan/Derek: Morgan (Brian Craig) aligns himself with Sonny's (Maurice Benard) enemies. Will he really be able to side against his father in a bloody mob war?
Olivia/Sonny: Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) considers telling Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) about Sonny’s theory on Derek being Julian Jerome.

Elle/Spinelli: Ellie (Emily Wilson) bears her soul to Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) about their relationship. She demands to know where they stand.

Artistic License: Franco's (Roger Howarth) lies about who painted his new collection will cause problems for Carly (Laura Wright). Look for the budding couple to also get pulled into the Jerome/Corinthos mob war.

Duke to the rescue: Duke (Ian Buchanan) sets out to find Anna (Finola Hughes).

Hospital Halloween Party: General Hospital hosts a huge Halloween Costume Party. It is a two-day episode full of several surprises.

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  1. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    Sorry but the pacing of this show makes it hard to invest in anyone. Besides Sabrina/Patrick (ugh!) no other couple is getting any screen time. I totally forgot about Ellie/Spinelli. We barely see them. Carly/Franco is not rootable so they are an epic fail. Sam and Silas is not shown as much as they should be. With the kind of chemistry Sam/Silas has, they should be shown more so we can get invested in them. What happened to AJ/Liz. Nik and Britt would have been cool if she wasn’t still holding on to a baby that’s not hers and lying to Nik about it.

    Why are those 55 year old women having catfights? It’s not funny or cute anymore when OLD women are fighting like that. Why hasn’t Carly grown up yet.

    Who cares about Franco’s paintings when Liz has been in PC for almost 18 years and she’s an artist.

    Why is Olivia all up in Sonny’s business? She keeps Dante anyway from Sonny because of Sonny’s lifestyle yet now she’s begging to be included and wants to tell Dante? Why is she still in PC?

    Who cares that Carlos is trying to break up Sabrina/Patrick? Who cares about Sabrina and her Chia Pet ex?

  2. Profile photo of dewlove

    Hi All….55 year old women??? Maura and Laura are both barely in their 40’s. Hell even Genie Francis isn’t 55 yet and Nancy Lee Grahn just turned 55 this year so don’t be treating Maura and Laura as if they are old. I agree that real life women shouldn’t have a catfight at 55, 40 or any age but THIS ISN’T REAL LIFE. I like to see fictional soap characters fight just as much as I like to see them argue, get drunk, cause scenes, have unprotected sex with in-laws or mortal enemies, kidnap people, assume new identities and do all sorts of other things that I wouldn’t want REAL LIFE people around me to do. I ban “friends” from my Facebook wall for making disgusting public spectacles of themselves like that through social media but say “More! More! More!” when soap characters do it on my TV screen….

    I will agree that that pacing is a bit off. However, it appears alot of that is due to the massive budget cuts GH was given this summer. They had to drop several storylines and backburner players who weren’t involved in their main stories. As much as we loathe Soboringa, they had to feature her to a) have a shred of conflict with the Robin/Patrick reunion (though I’d prefer Britt be that conflict) and b) introduce Carlos as a way out for Soboringa once Patrick welcomes Robin home. Lets hope they have a new story for Patrick and Robin to move on to while Emma arranges to have both Soboringa and Carlos shipped to an undisclosed location with one of Uncle Sonny’s coffee shipments….

    In the meantime, I am completely enjoying GH right now. Is it perfect? Nope. I prefer not to have glaring holes in continuity and so many “how the fuck did they do that?” moments but I can turn my brain off with GH and let it happen because they’ve never (outside of the Labine years perhaps) been known for their realism during my lifetime. This is something I could never really do with Y&R, GL, and ATWT since they were always “real” soaps to me and the “why didn’t Robin just shoot Jerry” or “how did Luke recover so quickly?” or “why are the villains so over the top” type of questions would totally take me out of the story.

  3. Profile photo of logan_echolls


    I didn’t mean the actress are literally 55. I just hate to see “mature” characters catfighting. Now if it was Britt socking Sabrina, cool. Or if it was Britt beating the crap out of Felix, super cool. But Carly and Ava? Ava is too sophisticated for that, imo

    I’m loving GH right now also. All the Robin stuff is excellent. It’s just the new characters, besides Julian and Ava, are not that great. And I have no idea who this Alexis is.

  4. Profile photo of nysam

    @Logan_echolls…agree with you about older women fighting. I think part of the problem is that Cartoony is reliving his boyhood dreams and having flashbacks to DYNASTY’s catfights between Krystyle & Alexis.

    As for the pacing that could easily be resolved by cutting the cast. By cutting the cast money will also be saved and could be applied to actors we want to see. Weeks go by before seeing characters we care about (AJ, Liz, Milo, Ellie, Lucy, et. al) that it is hard to invest in their stories. If Lynn Herring is expensive then cut Sabrina and Brad to compensate for Lynn’s salary and show her more often. Cut Rafe and TJ and throw those saved dollars towards AJ. GH has about 50 actors currently on it’s roster between contract and non-contract players. They should have 20 to 25 contract players and 10 non-contract at most.

  5. Profile photo of GHFan777

    I must be a tad immature as I am personally looking forward to the cat fight LOL. One of the best cat fights of all time was between Crystal and Alexis on Dynasty….they were up there in age at the time also.

    While I like Olivia…her nagging is getting on my nerves. Sonny will always do as he wants, no matter how much she goes on. Olivia should be talking some sense into Lulu, about giving up Connie to her rightful mother. Someone needs to tell her what she is doing is wrong. Then she can take the launch over to see her big brother and meet her own baby.

    I don’t care about Sabrina/Carlos, Michael/Kiki, or Franco/Carly. I suffer through Sabrina scenes with Patrick…and I am counting the days until he sees Robin.

    I enjoy both Jeromes and their story lines…I even feel a bit bad for Sonny when the time comes and he finds out about Morgan’s betrayal. Family is everything to Sonny. This will hurt him.

    About time that Ellie/Spinelli are addressed…and where is Liz???…Where is AJ??? are they ever going to make an appearance.

    I am looking forward to the Halloween party…Liz should be background decoration in those scenes at least.

  6. Profile photo of monica186

    [quote=GHFan777]Olivia should be talking some sense into Lulu, about giving up Connie to her rightful mother. Someone needs to tell her what she is doing is wrong. Then she can take the launch over to see her big brother and meet her own baby.[/quote]

    Yes! In fact, why didn’t Alexis point out to Lulu that if she is going to try to prove Maxi as unfit, then she better be prepared to have her dirty laundry aired as well. She killed Scotty’s son (though justifiably), she was institutionalized along with her mentally ill mother, her father is Luke Spencer, and don’t get me started on Dante and his family. Heck, they couldn’t even adopt because the agencies found them unacceptable. This is going to get UGLY! I thought Alexis was a better lawyer than this. Lulu and Dante are woefully unprepared for where this could head. What the heck, Alexis?!

  7. Profile photo of liason4real

    Catfight! RC is known for having male/male and women/women catfights.

    Where is Liz? The only time that Liz/RH was ever offscreen this much is when the actress was pregnant in real life. I hope those pesky rumors of AG having to take a paycut is true so that we can get scenes of Liz, AJ, Monica and Piph.

  8. Profile photo of monica186

    You know, I used to wonder what would happen if ATWT’s Carly ever met GH’s Carly. Would they team up? Would they fight? Who would win in a match up between the two? It looks like RC might have been wondering the same thing. ;-)

  9. Profile photo of samIShot

    People that try to throw logic into soaps crack me up.
    If you want to try absolute logic, ask yourself how Robin survived locked in that lab for a year without a bathroom…

  10. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I don’t mind a Carly/Ava catfight at all. For me catfights are part of the soap genre much like questions about paternity and cheating. Plus I think that both characters have it in them to get into a fight with each other. Carly is known for battling all the women around her.

    TPTB need to stop this Carly/Franco nonsense. Who’s really invested in this couple? How can anyone get invested in them with Franco’s past? I also don’t see where the character of Franco could go. Either he totally freaks in the near future or he stays a bad comic relief. But it doesn’t even really matter what RC does with him. Bringing the character back was a big mistake.

    I think that romance comes a bit short with GH these days. There is not really going anything on. We don’t see people falling for each other. Important developments seem to happen off-screen or at least it appears so because the people don’t get that much air time together.
    The only ones they have thrown in our faces are Patrick/Sabrina and recently Sabrina/Carlos. And I’m not invested in either of these pairings.

    AJ hasn’t been seen in what? Two months!? Liz is barely on and seems to get no storyline at all anymore.

  11. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    Count me in for looking forward to a good cat fight, that’s what’s soaps were and all about. Ava and Carly are both attractive, sexy ladies, rather watch them then the teen and younger set on all the soaps who’s acting is questionable at times.
    Yes, GH is not perfect but I am enjoying it so much more then my other favorite soap that is showing this very depressing child death story. After awhile, the sadness gets to be too much. At least GH adds comedy to the show.

  12. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Whenever anyone asks “who cares” type of questions about one character or another, I almost always say to myself “I do”. I don’t think I’m the only one.

  13. Profile photo of katehhoward

    I no longer post as I use to because the show has become a bit slow as of late. But I must say that I still am a fan and enjoy every minute. I think yesterdays episode with Michael and Kiki was adorable. I have also stop posting because of all the haters on his blog.

    TJ and Rafe are seen like once a month on GH, their salary is pretty much non-existent at this point.

  14. Profile photo of soapy opie
    soapy opie

    [quote=samIShot]People that try to throw logic into soaps crack me up.
    If you want to try absolute logic, ask yourself how Robin survived locked in that lab for a year without a bathroom…[/quote]

    Exactly!! Thank you!!!

    Soaps are “exaggerated” life, not “real” life.

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