Michael Catches a Jailhouse Beatdown on The Young and the Restless! (SNEAK PEEK)

It's hard in the big house for a former district attorney. One of the convicts Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) prosecuted beat the hog piss out of him on The Young and the Restless.

Will protecting Fenmore (Max Ehrich) from being charged with Carmine's (Marco Dapper) murder cost Michael his life? Watch a sneak peek of Lauren's (Tracey Bregman) reaction to her man being attacked after the jump!


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    This is a lame after thought as follow up story of Carmine murder. The story was strong and the only bright spot for Josh but I think we are now seeing shades of Shelly in this story. It would had been so much better if the story did revolve Fen being charged and Michael & Paul desperately trying to prove Fen didn’t kill Carmine because he went and got super high and toasted and couldn’t remember, finding out it was Angelina! ;)

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    Fenn’s drug addicted ass needs to be locked up. Not only for murder but also holding. If it weren’t Fenn put Lauren in the slammer for dropping her drawers for Hottie Bascoe. Can we please just scrap these stories and Start Over. Give us a quick fix like she did with the whole Phyllis and Christine situation. Phyllis should have left by going to jail not by being laid up in a hospital. I’m so over my favorite show even though I continue to watch and gripe.

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    I actually think Fen’s drug addiction could be a good story line if they chose to go the gritty route.

    Part of the problem is that HE isn’t on contract, so we rarely see him, and it’s hard to get traction from characters that aren’t on at least three times a week.

    Same with Courtney. We’ve now drawn her into it, but both her and Noah are mostly MIA.

    Decide which storylines are the priority and let’s develop them from all angles and tell them long term.

    We know that Josh had good ideas, but the execution was horrible.

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    I am totally fed up with this farce with Michael, Lauren and Fen, not to mention the joke that is Paul Williams as Chief of Police. Paul has turned the top police job into a counselling centre for friends and seems to only have cases that revolve around all of them. Are all the criminals in Genoa City friends of Paul or what?

    As to former DA Michael, he obviously has no respect for the law whatsoever or he wouldn’t try to manipulate it the way he has. Ditto for wife Lauren. We all love our kids, but teaching them there are consequences for their actions is a lesson they all need, especially Fenmore, since he keeps repeating his mistakes over and over, each time getting off light or with no consequences at all.

    I know this is a soap opera, but still, let’s inject a bit more reality into the stories. It would make for a viewing experience that is much more compelling than what we are getting, which has become rather pathetic lately.

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    I saw some of the scenes with Michael, Lauren & Fen and could they be writing Fen out by going to prison? Then bring me back with FOJ actor? Gosh, it was hard to watch this story turned dismal after being the strong story for most of year.

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    I don’t think so harlee.

    Jill seems to like Max, and she’s probably betting on him getting her another younger actor Emmy nod.

    Now that JG isn’t writing the story, who knows what we’ll get.

    Josh was far from great, but he did show legs with this story.

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