Perkie’s Observations: Port Charles Prepares For a Spook-tacular Halloween on General Hospital!

It’s Halloween in Port Charles and Dr. Obrecht wants everyone in on the action, including Robin, who isn’t interested in dressing up. Britt complains to Nikolas about her mother wanting to dress Ben up as Rosemary’s Baby.  Nik promises he’ll keep her parents away from the baby. 

Lesley and Spencer arrive at the castle, only to be shocked by Faison in a Beetlejuice costume. Robin checks on a passed out Lesley, while Dr. Obrecht complains. The three hide when Lesley comes around, but she remembers seeing Faison and demands Nikolas call the police. Nikolas covers by saying she saw Alfred. Spencer questions who those women were who helped his great-grandmother.
Liz and the boys stop by Patrick's. She offers her congratulations on the engagement, but admits she was surprised when she heard the news. Isn't he still having a hard time with Robin’s death? Patrick says he took her advice and wants to take the next step with Sabrina. 
Franco stops by Carly’s to give her an invitation to the art show. She asks for a second invite, so she can bring Derek. She's surprised when Franco tells her Derek is Ava’s silent partner.

Franco gets closer and Carly reminds him he’s with Diane, something Franco denies. Franco says he has no intention of hurting anyone again and she’s wasting time with Derek. 
Franco wants Carly to stop playing games and admit she feels the same way for him that he does for her. The two move in for a kiss, but are interrupted by Josslyn. Carly tells him to leave. He does, but not before warning her he is a patient man. 
Felix and Brad are preparing for the Halloween party, but continue to argue about Brad’s role in Ben’s life. Brad says he and Britt had an agreement and wants credit for doing the right thing regarding baby Connie.

Felix accuses him of messing up Spixie and Lante’s lives and goes back to Brad being Ben’s father. Brad says he isn’t the baby’s father. 
Liz and the boys end up at Wyndemere and agree to take Lesley and Spencer with them to the party. Britt and Nikolas agree to go as well, and plan to meet up with them. Lesley tells Liz she swears she saw Faison at the castle. Liz says he’s behind bars and Nikolsd would never cover for him if he wasn’t. 
Robin’s upset she can’t contact her family. Nikolas promises she’ll get them back, but no one can know she’s alive right now.  Robin spots the extra costume. 
Britt tells her parents she and Nikolas are going to the party and bringing Ben. Their job is to keep an eye on Robin and not get into trouble.  Dr Obrecht notices Robin and the extra costume are gone.
Duke tells Patrick he’s worried because Anna hasn’t checked in. Patrick says Nikolas may know something, since he and Britt ran into Dr. Obrecht in Greece.  Duke heads out to Windemere to talk to Nikolas.
Emma flirts with Cam then Spencer. Patrick jokes with Liz and Lesley that he isn’t ready for her to grow up and date just yet. Robin in costume arrives at the hospital. 

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    Loved everyone’s costumes.

    Loved Emma being all come hither with Cameron and then Spencer stepping in when Cam ran off. Although Cam should be a couple of years older then Emma. He was acting much younger.

    Still not seeing sparks between Carly and Franco.

    Shut up Felix.

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    Haha, I loved that little Cameron/Emma/Spencer triangle. Very sweet.

    Lesley is back! It’s great seeing her again. Anders Hove did a fantastic job today. I know that the villains sadly need to do a lot of funny scenes because of RC’s writing but today I found it very fitting.

    I kinda hoped that Duke would run into a disguised Robin. No such luck.

    LOVE Britt and Nikolas together. :love: Their first kiss shouldn’t be far away after the almost kiss from today’s episode.

    I’m not feeling Carly and Franco at all. That this couple is thrown in our face is very stupid. They should have done this love/hate thing with AJ. It would have been great to see Carly in a triangle with Liz and AJ. Much better than what we are getting with Franco.

    Why does Felix always come off so judgmental? If it was true that Brad is Ben’s biological dad than he would have been a sperm donor. Nothing more. I don’t know why Felix tries to pin guilt on him every chance he gets. It’s so annoying. :tired:

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    [quote] I don’t know why Felix tries to pin guilt on him every chance he gets. It’s so annoying[/quote]

    And I don’t understand why Brad continues to want affection/attention from judgemental Felix. Brad’s a tool and I can’t stand him, but he can do better than Felix.

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    I’m still annoyed that FV de-SORAS’d (is that a real word, LOL) Braeden Walkes version of Cam who by the way was born in 2004 from nine to age six. We should see a Cam/Emma/Jake/Children of the Corn Josselyn/Spencer as pre-tens in about three years. Boo!

    Now on to the show.

    What I liked about today’s show is all of the holiday celebration and the gorgeous costumes. Rebecca Herbst looked flawless as Snow White.

    Team Britta and Prince Nicky for the win. This couple has chemistry and wacky family members to spare.

    Carly and Todd 2.0 were gross. Carly’s all hot in the ass and playing games when we know she’ll boink Todd 2.0 in a heart beat. :Sp

    Cesar Faison and dancing Dr. O are uber fabulous as villains.

    Dr. Lesley Webber! How I wish Lesley was back on staff at the hospital as a consultant as she interacts with Liz her niece by marriage to Rick Webber.

    It’s time for Felix to step off with all of the “Britch” comments. It was funny in the beginning and now is just uber bitchy and annoying.

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    Daniel St. John

    I like Felix but the show does the character no favors by making him such a judgmental prick. If Brad and Britt agreed beforehand that he would only be a sperm donor then that should be good enough for Felix. His being so overbearing with the deadbeat dad stuff just comes off as hollow. I would understand and not be bothered as much if Felix had a backstory where his dad left the family when Felix was a kid and he was forced to become the “man of the family” but as it stands he just seems like an ass. If I were Brad I would have moved on from Felux a long time ago.

    Obrecht and Faison being total Halloween geeks was great. I am going to miss their wacky brand of villainy when this story ends. Obrecht trying to be everyone’s costumer was a hoot.

    I am not a Nik fan, haven’t been since Tyler first came back to the role after leaving the first time but I am liking him and Britt. They have nice chemistry which is saying something because I haven’t liked a Nikolas pairing since he was with Gia and that wasn’t even Tyler in the role!
    I am just hoping that today wasn’t the beginning of a Luz/Nik/Britt triangle because Liz and Nik are just an awful pairing in every way possible.

    Emma is too friggin’ cute and those Electra Woman and Dynagril costumes were awesome.

    And I fast forwarded through every Carly/Franco which is my promise to myself until this show comes to its senses and ends this bullshit romance.

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    OMG LIZ YOU ARE STILL HERE! This is the first time in a long time that I have tuned in and Liz was actually on! She looked AMAZING as Snow White! Can someone PLEASE explain to me why Liz is never on anymore? Or why, if she is on, she is usually a prop in someone else’s scene or used to pimp another character? She hasn’t had her own storyline in forever. She has a huge fan base and RH is a great actress, so why doesn’t she get any screentime and why is she pushed to the side so all of the newbies can come on and take up almost the entire freaking hour!

    It’s so frustrating!

    Anyways- the costumes were fun and every one looked great!

    I can’t stand Franco, I don’t care who plays him he needs to go!

    Oh and…why exactly has Franco bee forgiven of all of his crimes? Like I said, I haven’t watched much in recent months and what I have seen has not included scenes explaining why everyone is so nonchalant about Franco now…?

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    I loved this episode! Felix harping on Brad being Ben’s father was a little irritating, but that will be over soon, and I thought their matching costumes and Brad eating the caramel apple was hilarious. I see that a lot of you don’t like the Carly/Franco pairing, but I love those two actors and think they have potential together. The kids were so cute and that innocent little love triangle was fun as a possible glimpse into the future. Everything that happened at Nik’s house was just wonderful. Olbrecht’s obsession with costuming everyone – Rosemary’s Baby contact lenses? LOL! Faison as Betelgeuse (he wasn’t bad – just misunderstood) scaring Leslie half to death (That’s not an old crone, that’s Leslie Webber!). I had to go back and watch it again to revel in the deliciousness.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Loved today, especially Electra Woman & Dyna Girl (!!); Emma/Cam/Spencer; Lesley’s return!; Franco as Andy Warhol; and Fasion & Obrecht! It was mostly in good fun and much of it was genuinely funny. Well done!

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    Cam is his Daddy Zander son, always running away from situations lol. Emma needs her mother. She’s starting to get too much like Sabrina. Sabrina’s thirst is starting to rub off on Emma. The way Sabrina hangs on Patrick’s arm like a blind woman, Emma was acting just as thirsty with Cam. Although it was cute since Cam/Emma/Spencer are the future.

    Liz is perfect as Snow White. Both got the porcelain skin, got haters trying to make her bite the apple to kill her off (TIIC) and got a Prince Charming.
    The best is when Liz kept throwing shade at Britt and giving off her perfect B*tchface! Liz saved the show today.

    Niz is all powerful!! I would like Britt/Nik but seeing Britt having to hunch down to almost kiss Nik was off putting.

    How awesome was it that Faison dressed like Robin Thicke from the VMAs today!!! That was so cool. And Dr.O saying Ben should dress like Rosemary’s Baby is perfect considering he is ShrewLu’s baby!!

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    Lucy D.

    Dr. O was a hoot today–leading Faison around. Like she somehow sapped his power. Loved that Lesley immediately recognized him. Friday starts Nov sweeps, right? I SO want Robin, Patrick & Emma to connect SOON.

    I don’t hate Franco like most of you. I sure used to. But I love Roger–and I do think he and LW shoot sparks.

    I also don’t hate Felix, except when he’s with Sabrina. I think his constant nagging of Brad is that like anyone with half a brain (Hello, Prince Nik)can see that an Asian person cannot be that child’s parent. I know Ben is likely Dante and Lulu’s, but I think it would be better if he were Dante & Britt’s.

    Elizabeth looked beautiful. Please give her something meaty to do. And someone to love.

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    Today was perfect for Cartoony. How ever much I enjoyed the episode it would of been an even better show if they had focused primarily on the younger cast. They missed that one.

    Today’s Halloween special could have attracted additional younger viewers if we had established a good storyline for Molly, Rafe, TJ, and Taylor. For some reason those characters have been back burned big time. FV and RC never did that with the OLTL younger cast. This is why I think the budget over at GH has been slashed tremendously. I think as we can see people like Rebecca aren’t on as often because she is expensive. We could have still had Robin, Patrick and the other younger casts in todays show but they really would of benefited if they had the teens on as well.

    I really like Britt and Nicolas but sometimes the actress portraying Britt comes off very bitchy a little to realistic. She looks good with Nicolas but she needs to bring it down a bit.

    And by the way I am sure that Rebecca does not mind being off as much as she is. I know there are lots of Elizabeth fans but the actress in real life has like three kids I think, I think she is enjoying the extra time with her family. My real concern is with Sean Kenan. I am wondering if the reason he has been off is due to a relapse. We know he was heavy into drugs, I wonder if he has slipped? I hope that’s not the case.

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    [quote=logan_echolls]Niz is all powerful!! How awesome was it that Faison dressed like Robin Thicke from the VMAs today!!![/quote]

    Niz is great and I want them together! You made me laugh with the Robin Thicke comment!

    Liz looked gorgeous as Snow White. I also loved Obrecht being so into Halloween. It was perfect given her crazy genius, mad doctor persona. She’s not the type to gooey over Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

    Britt and Nik have chemistry, but I think he has more with Liz.

    I felt so bad for Robin while she listened in on the conversations and realized how much she has missed in her little girl’s life and development. I also liked how she mentioned she was impacted by hearing Liz’s voice. I can’t wait for Liz to have her friend back. I miss the girls nights out!

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    Soap Lover

    I feel like a broken record but why didn’t GH have Patrick move on with a real competitor for Robin’s love like Liz or even more interesting Sam? Sabrina needs to go away and stop saying Carlos’s name. I loved the dynamic and chemistry between todd and carly they made sense. They were so similar and she totally fell for his love for his children. Carly and Franco on the other hand make NO SENSE AT ALL! and how is it that she’s lost chemistry with the same actor!? I just fast forward through most the show until I see Nik and Britt, Ava, Anna, or Robin. Sabrina is going to be pushed aside the second Robin returns and I CANNOT wait to see it! As for Emma with Spencer and Cameron I can’t wait till they grow up and have a Spencer/Scorpio/Webber love triangle.

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    Oh my goodness …everyone looked so great in their costumes. To me, the costumes were a reflection of each character’s personality. Faison as beetlejuice was hilarious. Dr. O, wow … love her!!! She goes from being a brilliant, mad scientist; to a simple girl dancing in front of the tv, to a funny swiss girl with “street-attitude”. Loving watching her and Faison together.

    Nicolas looked smoking hot today! I’m enjoying him and Britt, and Liz is character I really never took to so I’m fine not seeing her on the screen. Great Thursday episode! Looking forward to cliffhanger FRIDAY! :-)

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    Nicholas does look soooo good. He’s starting to make me lose control of my senses. I cant believe Im saying this Im loving Faison. Dr. O needs to stay in Port Charles as well as Faison. Very funny when Nicholas told Faison and Dr. O to stay there and take care of Robin. Whats this world coming to. :D

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    [quote=wilco617][quote]How awesome was it that Faison dressed like Robin Thicke from the VMAs today!!! That was so cool. [/quote]

    He was Bettlejuice…[/quote]

    I’m 99% sure the Robin Thicke comment was a joke.

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    An Elizabeth siting YAY!

    Now give my girl a storyline that isn’t yet another cajones triangle involving Dikolas and I’m good to go. Whoo-Hoo!

    PS: I don’t know if it was a decision by BW’s parents or what but he’ll always be Cameron to me and if it was The Powers’ choice “please get him back.”

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    I find it rather humorous that there is more chemistry and fun between Cam/Emma/Spencer kiddie “triangle” versus Molly/JT/Rafe/Taylor teen quad. JT and Molly were a sweet teen pairing, but when you add in Rafe and Taylor the quad becomes boring.

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    Because he had a brain tumor (which Patrick removed) and that’s why he did all the evil. Now he’s just a man that had a lobotomy. Maybe Patrick took too much. He’s just silly in this role and I honestly don’t expect Roger Howarth to stick around with this kind of writing.

    I loved Todd with Carly, but something besides the name changed when they came back from their “vacation”. I like Star but Kiki is annoying.

    The only one who’s been saved is McBain/Silas. He’s still good!

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    Hello people! Did you all forget that Cameron Smith Webber was born around the early ’90s? That little boy is older than Molly, Kristina, Morgan, and yes Michael.

    The ‘triangle” was cute among Spencer/Emma/Cameron. But I can’t help remembering how that little boy’s conception came to be when Liz slept with Emily’s boyfriend (Zander Smith) at the time and then conceived Cam.
    She named him Cameron to honor Zander’s father.

    The whole time I was watching those children in that episode I was thinking: This is weird but how adorable.

    Side note: I loved Liz during those times in the ’90s But then TPTB ruined her and made her an heroine.

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    Liz slept with Zander in October 2003 AFTER she kicked crazy Ric to the curb, and AFTER Zander caught his wife Emily having sex with Nik. Emily had cancer at the time and did not want Zander to deal with her death, so she asked Nik to help her out and the two fell in love. Cameron Alexander Webber was born offscreen in 2004 which is when Becky gave birth in real life to her daughter Ella.

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