RUMOR REPORT: Is The Young and the Restless ThisClose to Another Three-Year Renewal at CBS Daytime?

The cast and crew of The Young and the Restless could soon be popping bottles of champagne at On The Boulevard. I'm hearing CBS Daytime is poised to renew the Sony Pictures Television serial for three additional seasons.

Y&R is currently in the middle of the final season of the three-year pick up it received back in 2010. Insiders say CBS is pleased with recent ratings surges and the creative direction the show is in. Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential as this story develops!


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    Regardless of my woo about the state of YR I SO HOPE YR is renewed for another 5 f*&king years but it’s a double edge sword with JFP still there and it makes my stomach nauseated, my head spin, my depression worse and my head explode! :O :p ;) :beer: :beer: Cheers!

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    Yes, please.

    Everyone…keep in mind that if YR was at almost 5 mil viewers in early 2012, according to this week’s ratings and then only six months later Maria was axed, the exact same thing can happen to Jillian.

    Anytime there is good news about the show I just keep reminding myself that no one is safe.

    Can she do more damage? Possibly, but she won’t be here to see it renewed again in three more years.

    So cheers to the great CAST of the show. I hope you are around for many many more years to come. I’ll need something to watch when I’m in my rocker.

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    [quote=RealityCheck 33]
    Who cares if the show is crap? Who will JFPhuck-Up kill next?[/quote]

    I CARE! :O Maybe yes it’s crap right now but I have faith and trust when it finally does go south for this regime maybe, just maybe all in charge will see the light and invite Kay, Jack & Ed back to their positions.

    Doesn’t mean I have to tune in but just have a little faith or should I say lots of faith because YR needs some deep prays! 0:) :X

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    CBS is happy but we the viewers aren’t but this probably the last renewal, by 2016 I don’t see this show on daytime unless the Bells/Sony and CBS strike a deal to move it on cable.

    However congrats!

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    It can still get canceled with that three year renewal. Lets hope it doesn’t. Y&R is not going anywhere cause they know fans like us will put our coins together charter a jet to LA and burn CBS television studios down. lmao

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    I beg to disagree with the statement that the viewers aren’t happy. It would be better to say a small percentage of viewers aren’t happy. There are millions of us who love the show and think it’s on fire.

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    I didn’t realize but this show gives CBS its highest “coveted demo ratings”. Even BB beats TPIR.

    So unless viewing habits really change over the next few years, this show isn’t going anywhere.


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    Y&R was Pretty Damn Good Today! I must admit. Today’s episode with Ms. Hendrickson, Greg Rikaart and Michael Muhney knocking it out of the park. Fenn learning a lesson was well done.

  9. Profile photo of LaDivaYR

    Yes, honey, get yo money!!!

    Tarantula Eyes Phelps might be a royal bitch but she knows how to work the renewal pole! Regardless of some upset fans the show is getting better ratings and the ACTORS are having a blast with the storylines right now.

    You honestly think Elizabeth Hendrickson or Sharon Case or La Thomas Scott were happier playing second fiddle to their men during MAB’s horror years??? These three DIVAS are killing right now, chewing scenery like starved she-wolves after a long winter!

    Hendrickson already won an Emmy, trust me chile! Billy Miller and Michael Muhney got nominations in the bag. Heck, even Amelia “Weave Emergency” Heinle is bringin’ it as the devastated stepmom.

    Sharon “For Your Eyes Only” Case is proving, again and again, that there’s no shitty script she can’t turn into gold. She got stuck playing a ghost-busting, paternity-result-switching, comatose-heiffa-pushing, crazy-eyed-Nick-stalking loca… and guess what??? She’s still standing, looking FABULOUS and FRESH, ready to sex up Dylan and any other Newman-related stud in the lower 48 and certain areas of Canada.

    La divine Melody is deliciously Crawford-esque (move over, LeBlanc!) as the tormented ex-stripper who gave away the baby she had while brainwashed by a cult… who else but Melody could pull this off without busting out laughing at the absurdity of it all! Instead she revels in the campiness and emotes bittersweet whispers of love and regret for Dyldumb. BRAVA, bitch!

    I love the fact that Y&R is getting 3 more years of *LIFE*! Much deserved recognition and respect for the amazing work of cast, crew, writers, and yes, la funckin’ Phelps!

  10. Profile photo of Cuppa_Coffee

    She can sex up Dylan, doesn’t surprise me at all, but she is in for a rudeeeeeeeeee awakening.
    Dylan is her brother and I hope she finds out AFTER she beds him. She’ll drug him to get him there. Only way it would happen.

  11. Profile photo of pdow

    I have not watched a full version of Y&R for 6 months or more. I have gotten to where I don’t even read the spoilers of the show and believe me, I loved Victor, Nikki, Adam, Nick and Avery and even like Dylan but I personally could care less if they renew their contract. Loved the old Y&R and never missed a show..

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    with all it’s supposedly viewers, they are airing the show at 12:30 pm on CBS and another channel has it at 7pm and then another at 11pm or 12 am….if viewers are watching it has to be w/all of the airings together.

  13. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=Cuppa_Coffee]She can sex up Dylan, doesn’t surprise me at all, but she is in for a rudeeeeeeeeee awakening.
    Dylan is her brother and I hope she finds out AFTER she beds him. She’ll drug him to get him there. Only way it would happen.[/quote]


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    [quote=pferrando]Victoria would be his half sister. She had that one scene with him late last week.[/quote]

    Thanks, I thought maybe they were talking Sharon, and that threw me. I couldn’t see either one of them be interested in DYLDUMB, but what do I know?

  15. Profile photo of DenverDean

    Has there EVER been a long period (I’m talk two or three years), where any soap has been unanimously loved by all its fans? Meaning ZERO bad stories, etc. I pretty much gave up on Y&R after the Lauren/Sarah debacle, but still check in. I don’t want it cancelled. The fact that soaps have experienced an unexpected resurgence during the past two years has been fantastic. (Not to mention that additional AMC & OLTL chapters.) It seems to me from everything I’ve been following that the vets are getting attention – the wonderful Jess Walton is back, MTS has a big story, etc. I’m continuing to monitor and I’ll keep checking in until a story grabs me in again.

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    Restless Fan

    Regardless of my feelings currently for the show I’m happy it will get a renewal. Not being happy with it does not mean I want it to go away. Hopefully the show will truly find its footing again and build strong characters so it does not have to rely solely on gimmicks and stunts to get people to take notice.

  17. Profile photo of pferrando

    I’ve probably been a little unfair to Jill’s three amigas who will now be writing the show actually.

    I’d love for them to prove me wrong. It’s just that every decision Phelps has made since she started I’ve hated. I don’t feel she knows the show.

    I’d rather Phelps keep the ratings up and have the show renewed, and then hopefully somehow TPTB will see the light and get rid of her so we can try again with some former YR blood.

  18. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    I don’t see the show ever getting any better, as long as JP keeps pushing DYLDUMB into ever possible place. I found it hilarious today, when he remembered Delia wearing purple shoes, and that was reason for flowers he purchased. Do any of you really imagine a 40 year old male ever, noticing what a 7 year old child was wearing?

  19. Profile photo of JaneyCanuck

    Right on point, LaDivaYR! >)
    BTW – do you think they could spare Mademoiselle Case and send her to a certain city in Canada? We have a mayor who’s “cracking” up…. A week should do it.

  20. Profile photo of Lori

    CBS/Sony likes the creative direction they are going in? Oh well firing people without notice is something they are famous for! Look at Leah Remini and Holly Robinson back in 2012. They both said they did not see it coming. The Big Dog on THE TALK is married to the Head CBS guy! If they like the creative direction it is going in, apparently CBS wanted a DIFFERENT SHOW completely. That’s what they have now. I’ve loved the show for 40 years, you could always count on the regulars to be there each and every day. Do primary actors change on Prime Time shows in the middle of a storyline or season? Why is DAYTIME such a stepchild to CBS? I am sure the answer is sponsors and money. However the actors and writers are at the mercy of the PRODUCER, PERIOD.

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    Hi Duchess,
    I’d be sincerely interested in what parts of the show that are keeping your attention right now. Do you have favorite characters or just a story line?

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