Should Days of Our Lives Go There With Marlena and Victor? (POLL)

Maggie Horton Kiriakis (Suzanne Rogers) is starting to get a bit suspicious about her hubby Victor's (John Aniston) involvement with Maggie's old pal Marlena (Deidre Hall) on Days of Our Lives. Of course, Vic and Doc's relationship is innocent enough—they're simply trying to prevent Brady (Eric Martsolf) from marrying a sociopath—but there's no denying a surprising chemistry between the senior citizen co-conspirators! 

Should Days of Our Lives explore a romance for Victor and Marlena?


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27 November 2009
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No, Jamey. Too much Halloween candy! However, I think they're chemistry can be used in another way. On Guiding Light, Maureen Bauer sensitized Roger Thorpe simply by being his friend. Well, Victor is an old curmudgeon, and Maggie has warmed him a bit, but Marlena needs a friend who is willing to play dirty, and Victor needs someone other than Maggie who understands his motivations without necessarily judging him.

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YES, oh definitely YES! Not only do these two have serious chemistry, but it would drive Maggie up the wall! Which would be great, because I'm sorry but she has become such an undeserving little harpy who is only going around town holding the hand of her eggbaby. So yes! Plus Marlena needs more life and this way she could stay relevant even after Kristen's gone.

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Why the hell not? Marlena *desperately* needs some lovin' and Victor has ALWAYS been a hound dog. There's no way Maggie and her scarlet wig have tamed his wayward tendencies! I swear his eyes undress Marlena every time they're "talking"; you can hear that old engine creaking and squealing!

I agree with Yoryla, Marlena (and DAYS) are gonn have to come up with something big to prevent massive audience defections after the BIGGEST, BADDEST, BESTEST DIVA of all time leaves the show. Losing Kristen is gonna hurt those ratings, baaaaad! It's time for Marlena to take one for the team by sexing up that old coot and becoming the town ho for a while!

Do it, girl!!!

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Not sure exactly how I feel about it but right now I voted no but yesterday's episode I definitely saw the chemistry and was surprised and made me go DOOL going there with these two Titans. I could change my mind if developed in the correct manner.

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Simply because a) Victor needs to go be with his one true love, Caroline, b) Victor has too much respect for both John & Marlena to ever hit on Marlena. He was like their biggest supporter for years. He rooted for them and cheered on their mutual, secret love (he also knew they loved each other even when they were both oblivious to the other's feelings).

I just really want Vic and Caroline back on. Maggie needs to die in a raging fire, and Vic needs to end up with his true love.

They are two of the three best things on the show right now, though, so I'm loving their little agreement to save Brady from his own dumb self, and Kritter's clutches.

Plus, I do want Marlena to have a guy she's flirting innocently with when John returns, but it's time she went a little cougar. Miles was a missed opportunity in 2000, and they should bring him back to flirt with her now. Not that it'd be a threat, but John has some apologizing, begging and romancing to do when he returns.

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I answered 'no' in the poll... but ..... what ELSE are they going to do with her? Marlena is underused. Meh... no. I cant' see it. Roman and Abe aren't options, either. Poor Marlena. Her storyline days are basically over with Eileen Kristen leaving.

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I would at least like for Maggie to think they are having an affair. Her insecurities would send her off the wagon. Then we would have Victor, Maggie and Marlena front and centre.