Lifetime Axes The Client List

The Client List is being erased from Lifetime's little black book. The cable channel announced it is cancelling the series starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and former All My Children star Colin Egglesfield after two seasons.

Photo credit: Lifetime

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    [quote=Yoryla]Well too bad. Not. This show was pure drivel.[/quote]

    U got that right. I can’t imagine anyone looking as good as JLH, getting involved with all her weird co-stars, like she did on Ghost Whisper and this show. Am glad she didn’t get her way and they just dropped the show.

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    [quote=DARON]I new this was coming. This was a great show. But I respect JLH’s destion to focus on her new family.[/quote]

    Glad to hear that U “NEW” this was coming. Not sure what the cancellation of the show has to do with her focusing on her new family.

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    I’m surprised it wasn’t cancelled after the first few episodes! What a horrible waste of time that show was. I managed to watch 2 shows and was done.
    I would have thought that Jennifer Love Hewitt and Colin Egglesfield would be embarrassed by those roles/that show, but I guess any paycheck is still a paycheck?

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    JLH seems to me to be an actress who has TRIED so hard to be a big star and has never really hit it, despite throwing herself at MANY different roles. And those implants are just too much…

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