Is Adam About to Tell The Truth and Shame The DEVIL on The Young and the Restless?! (SNEAK PEEK)

"My name is Victor Adam Newman, Jr. and I am confessing to the hit-and-run murder of Delia Abbott."

Something tells me Adam (Michael Muhney) isn't planning to upload that video to his profile. Is the black sheep of the Newman dynasty really about to confess to mowing Delia down like a stray blade of grass on The Young and the Restless? It sure looks that way! How Adam's vision-challenged behind was ever allowed a Wisconsin state driver's license, I'll never know.

Elsewhere in Genoa City, Leslie (Angell Conwell) learns the truth about Dylan's (Steve Burton) paternity and confronts Susan Moore…wait, wrong show! She confronts Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott).

It's hard out there for an ex-stripper, because Victor (Eric Braeden) is also ticked at Nikki for keeping secrets! I expect a "How DER YEW?!" any second. Watch this week's Y&R promo after the jump!


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    Muhney is really MILKING this storyline. His performance screams, “give me my EMMY!”

    I hope Billy Miller steals his thunder for his understated performance in this storyline. And kudos to him for not pimping himself (or this storyline) on Twitter or in the soap media they way MM does.

    As for the Nikki retcon to accommodate Steve Burton it sucks and I won’t be watching it.

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    True DIVOS like Michael Muhney *shine* in every scene; don’t be a hater. The guy has charisma and cracklin’ sex appeal to spare, it’s not his fault he’s surrounded by less-talented dudes like Billy “Grinnin’ Fool” Miller and Joshua “One Facial Expression” Marrow. Steve Burton is a boring zero so I won’t even go there.

    Nikki being Dyldumb’s mom is a camp extravaganza! Embrace the madness and *live*, chile!!!

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    I enjoyed the story up to the promo and now I wish the soap staple of a MYSTERY.

    Watching Adam sulk and cry and worry abt running down a child is wasted on this show since it was basically an accident and the deal is more about holding out revealing he is the culprit. But we all know he will get off.

    As for Nikki… Reveal the truth to the world and get this story over.

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    Are we sure that Adams was the one who hit Delia? I watch hit and miss so I just keep thinking could it be someone else?

    Accident or not, there could still be charges.

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    I think Michael’s doing a fantastic job. But I like Miller’s performance as well.

    There was an odd dynamic between Hilary and Jack, but it was fun to see Cane and Lily tell her in no uncertain terms…pretty good…

    Did everyone notice JG’s name is now off the credits? Altman was listed first. I just find that so disturbing that there is no one with YR history now writing the show.

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    I’m sorry, but Michael Muhney deserved an Emmy a long time ago…. Miller gets all the love in the world, it’s time to share the spot light.

    And I know this may not come as a shock to ANYONE, but I still don’t give a damn about Dylan in general, even if Nikki is his mother. Nikki doesn’t have ANY children that I actually like so I guess nothing will change.

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    [quote=Nk3play2]I’m sorry, but Michael Muhney deserved an Emmy a long time ago…. Miller gets all the love in the world, it’s time to share the spot light.

    And I know this may not come as a shock to ANYONE, but I still don’t give a damn about Dylan in general, even if Nikki is his mother. Nikki doesn’t have ANY children that I actually like so I guess nothing will change.[/quote]

    Am with U in regards to DYLDUMB. Just can’t stand him and knowing both their ages, the Nikki connection is disgusting. Like Billy Miller, but am tired of his actions in regards to Delia, already. Hate the idea of Adam ever being charged for this poor excuse for story.

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    [quote=LaDivaYR]True DIVOS like Michael Muhney *shine* in every scene; don’t be a hater. The guy has charisma and cracklin’ sex appeal to spare, it’s not his fault he’s surrounded by less-talented dudes like Billy “Grinnin’ Fool” Miller and Joshua “One Facial Expression” Marrow. Steve Burton is a boring zero so I won’t even go there.[/quote]

    Agreed, MM is in a league all his own. Josh Morrow is gorgeous…and that’s about where it stops. And “Killer” Miller might be the most overrated actor in daytime. As for Burton…I got nothing.

    Still, as time goes on, there’s less and less about this show that makes me want to tune in; I’m trying to hang in and give the new writers a chance but I suspect at the end of the day it’s JFP’s agenda at the forefront, no matter who’s doing the writing. As it stands, it’s become a chore to actually sit down and devote an hour to what’s become a fairly hot mess. Let’s see–newly-rich Devon being mentored by Victor? Don’t care. Dylan being Nikki’s long lost cult baby? Nope, not interested. Hilary at Jabot with Neil and Lane? Couldn’t care less if I tried extra hard. Abby/Tyler, Noah/random blonde girl, Avery/Dylan, Kevin/Chloe redux, the inevitable Nick/Sharon redux? Not a pair in there that I’d root for. And the characters I actually like seeing–Paul, Cricket, Michael, Lauren, Fen, Jill, Chavez, hell even Stitch–are either poorly used as glorified day players(Paul, Cricket, Jill, CHAVEZ) or entrenched in a shitty story not befitting their gifts(the entire Fenmore-Baldwin clan). I mean, as much as I think they’ve completely and utterly destroyed the character, I found Sharon being advised by Dead Cassie far more entertaining than any of the aforementioned stories, mostly because Sharon Case just seems to be able to take even the shittiest storylines–and she’s probably had more of them under the last two regimes than any other front burner actor on this show–and spin pure gold out of them.

    I don’t know, maybe I’m just overthinking the whole thing but I just don’t have a lot of faith that this ship’s gonna be righted as long as JFP is in charge of the situation.

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    Well I might be in the minority but Adam is unable to move me. I just haven’t been able to move past his crimes. To put it simply the Newmans are unable to move me

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    RealityCheck 33

    Michael Muhney’s performances during this whole s/l show just how good of an actor the man is. I think Billy Miller has done a terrific job as the grieving father, but Muhney’s portrayal of Adam’s internal struggle has been amazing to watch.

    If CBS doesn’t offer him a PrimeTime gig very soon, he’s going to bolt for better opportunities on another network. It’s obvious that the man is one of the best actors on daytime, if not TV. Peter Bergman is someone MM really respects and it shows that he’s following in his footsteps.

    Any comparison of MM or BM to the silly duo of Steve Farren Phelps or Joshua Morrow Phelps is ridiculous. Those two, plus Daniel Goddard, are pathetic.

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    See, I think Muhney is one of the worst actors on Y&R. He comes across so stiff, like he is reading from a cue card. Plus, he comes across as overly rehearsed. And he isn’t getting an Emmy anytime soon.

    Does Burton suck? Hell yes! He’s towards the bottom.

    Billy Miller is solid and his work hasn’t been bad, IMO. However, he comes across as dull when he is sharing a scene with Victoria.

    Does anyone else notice they are returning to all of the storylines MAB wrote before she got the axe? How exciting (NOT!)

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    RealityCheck 33

    [quote=Dyllan]See, I think Muhney is one of the worst actors on Y&R. He comes across so stiff, like he is reading from a cue card. Plus, he comes across as overly rehearsed. And he isn’t getting an Emmy anytime soon.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but how you can conclude that Muhney is one the worst actors on Y&R is ridiculous. Obviously, those in-charge know how good he really is because they invested this s/l on his shoulders, along with Billy Miller, who is also doing a great job.

    Sorry Dyllan, but you aren’t watching the same show I am.

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    Restless Fan

    I’m with ChrisGa, tuning into Y&R is harder and harder for me. I find Y&R a huge chore to get through. Nothing currently playing really excites me. In fact my loyalty to the show is waning quite a bit. I’ve become more of a casual watcher. Even then, I often become bored and usually end up doing other things around the house. Y&R just lost its sizzle. NO stunt storyline will fix the long term issues this show has been suffering from for too long now.

    The beautifully defined relationships these characters once shared are over. Victor/Jack is boring, stale and played out. The corporate angle of the show is on life support. Jill is a day player with nothing interesting going on. Once Kay’s death was finally addressed we got a meager payoff and has all but been swept under the rug. RIP Jeanne! You and the fans deserved better. Sharon…well we all know what happened to Sharon. Nick is dull and focusing him around Dylan and Avery diluted his presence. Ditto the rarely seen Noah who seems to be lost in storyline oblivion. Victoria is shining in the current storyline but her long ago turn to domestic housewife, author, mother, diluted this once dynamic and complex character. The Abbott’s play more like afterthoughts and the recasts of Abby and Wooden Kyle are uninspired. Both actors have been forgettable in their respective roles. Michael/Lauren were interesting for awhile but the murder twist put a heaping amount of water on that fire. As for Fen, he is shown so infrequently its hard to get into anything he’s involved in. His 2 day addiction is not a story and him going to rehab for it was not dramatic in the least. Devon inheriting billions should have made him super interesting but alas he’s the same uptight, judgmental boring Devon. Adam seems to be only interesting when he’s less than zero. Sadly he tends to be the most dynamic part of the show which can be a problem if you’re not a big Adam fan. I like the character in doses but this story will likely play out as another crime Adam doesn’t pay for, so whats the point of even telling it? Then there are the new characters the writers and producers can’t seem to get enough of. Hillary is a snooze fest. That hideous blogger story did nothing for the Winters but saddle them with a forgettable storyline that dealt with the death of some bitch we never met or cared about. Dylan is blah. Someday’s the character is interesting but not enough to make him the star of the show. Avery is nothing without Phyllis in the picture. Again, not enough of a dynamo character to make the star of the show. But we are getting a JFP production and shoving her favs to the front of the line is her trademark. Tyler is blah. Mason is blah. Good looking only takes you so far when the writing isn’t there. Then there is the music…or lack thereof. The show uses about half the amount of music it used to and the stuff that’s been playing isn’t all that good. Like a lot of the new characters its mostly forgettable. I will say if you are going to create a soap where most scenes play sans music, you need to make sure the stories are so engaging and well written they can stand on their own. In Y&R’s case that has not been true. The show was very boring for most of the year and I believe the music and how its been integrated played a big part in that. Frankly, the writing needed/s the support of powerful sounds. In fact I’m certain now that what got me through the MAB years was that she didn’t change the shows iconic scores. When the writing faltered I could still see Y&R through the production aspect and I hung on. But Jill Phelps did away with all of Y&R’s classic staples. In doing that it put a huge spotlight on how far gone the show really was.

    It will be interesting to see how long viewers stick around for the latest plot stunt. Yes ratings are up but Jill’s stunts have a tendency to give her shows those temp boosts. I don’t think it will last much longer. I do have somewhat of an interest in what Shelly and Jean will do as writers but not holding out much hope given their track record. Maybe they will surprise me. Who knows?!

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    EVERYTHING CURRENTLY COMES ACROSS AS FLAT, which is one the reasons why I don’t watch live anymore.

    I’m utterly PISSED that Redaric Williams, who in my opinion is one of the best finds for the year 2012 has been burdened down with this horrible chick playing Abby; who they just gave a contract to (LAWD TAKE ME NOW)!!!!

    KYLE, ABBY AND VICTORIA FUCKING SUCK!!!! THAT WON’T EVER CHANGE FOR ME. Hunter King and Redaric Williams should sue for being saddled with their horrible acting partners. Christian LeBlanc n Max Ehrich r amazeballs, Tracey Bregman is gorgeous, so I don’t care about her acting LoL. I’m just sick and tired of someone accidentally ending up dead with Michael/Lauren/Paul every year. It’s ridiculous, wasn’t it Ricky last year, or two years ago???!!! I understand that Ehrich isn’t on contract, probably because he doesn’t want one, BUT I’m pretty sure TPTB are stupid enough to think he doesn’t need one; when he’s one HE NEEDS TO BE WITH SUMMER, NO EXCEPTIONS. They should be a bad ass romantic duo causing trouble all over town. We don’t need Raven being a bad influence on Fenmore, Summer has every reason to act up!!!!

    Bryton James, I’ve seen him do so much more in other things, yet they are not giving him any material worth his talent. For the love of god, James is an emmy winner, and if you give him great material, and a actually develop the character, I’m pretty sure people would love him. WHY did Newman have to swallow up Chancellor?!! If they were gonna put Devon in Victor’s orbit, Devon should have been playing Victor on Tucker and Jill’s behalf to get the company back. I’m sorry, the man is a legend, but I’ve NEVER understood the hype when it comes to Eric Braeden either. PETER BERGMAN and DOUG DAVIDSON should be the lead actors for the older crowd.

    I like Billy Miller always have, but I’m not a fanatic; I can take him or leave him. Michael Muhney is extremely dynamic. I love that in his scenes, you can’t tell how torn Adam truly is.

    Robert Adamson is cool, BUT he serves the same purpose Joshua Morrow does, eye candy, though he may be a bit more dynamic than Morrow. The girl that plays Courtney (Summer’s friend and Noah’s girlfriend) I think actually works, I just don’t think she can do anything else; hope she proves me wrong because I actually really like her.

    Morrow, Steve Burton, and Daniel Goddard and JFP’s PDA (Pretty Dumb Asses) and they are eating this show alive.

    I’ve even come to tolerate Christel Khalil, but whenever I see her in a scene with Goddard, I break out in hives. Oh how I wish Shannon Kane were playing Lily….. That girl could play Victoria Rowell and Shemar Moore’s daughter better then anyone IMO.

    Melody Thomas Scott and Jess Walton need storylines that are worth their talents. Kristoff St. John would be great opposite either of them, LoL could you imagine Victor walking in on Neil and Nikki???!!!! Hell, Neil and Sharon would be hot IMO. Neil and Leslie are boring together, Leslie would be hotter in a triangle with Adam and Avery. OOOHHHHH WHAT ABOUT NEIL AND LAUREN screwing, while behind his business partner Jill’s back???!!!

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    I won’t go that this show is crap but like Victorias hair every day it’s a mess.

    This show has a solid cast of well heeled actors who when asked DELIVER IS SPADES! Which is sad becuase they aren’t asked that often.

    The best part of the Delia story … And I hate the story because of the waste of a character… Is that Hendrickson as Chloe is hitting it out of the park! Recently my father died and I have to compare the raw emotion this actress shows to how my sister reacted daily. It was the same. She could start out talking about my dad, our hero, with a calm to her voice but then you could hear, sense, see that she was struggling to control all those emotions. Hendrickson is showing real emotion!!

    Sadly, this is billy millers story. This SHOULD BE CHLOE’s. Why this is not about a single mom losing her only child and being alone is beyond me. Seeing Chloe deal with the anger and struggle of losing a child for me would have been more compelling story then seeing billy Abbott sulk and be violently angry all the time.

    (Please write Victoria yelling at him in anger that he has a son and a step son, a wife and that although his daughter has died he has to stand up and be there for them. He’s not the only one who lost. It’s this selfish mourning and guilt that doesn’t make it interesting for me.

    And I called it way back in the beginning of the Hilary story that this girl would be made nice. You can see it written on the wall that she will become dull. It’s sad because the show needs a mean girl and Hillary being Lilly’s enemy would have been fun.

    Why is jack flirting if he is? For one thing, I have no interest in him getting a girlfriend while Phyllis is hold up in a hospital bed. So I think what we see as flirting is just being nice.

    As for lily and cane… I’m sorry but I like the characters but not their stories. It seems like forever we are watching them get “steamy” and it’s just not hot enough when he husband whispers ALL THE TIME! Have this actor speak.

    Jesus… Dylan is in the Newman ranch house!!!! Great! Now we know for certain he is a strippers son.

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    Great Y&R! Dylan got a backbone as he read Nick for Filth in the Paper Mache Chancellor Park. Thanks to Shelly Altman and crew. Keep up the good work.

    Noah finally has a job and some real direction. His parents are back in each others orbits.

    Adam still stressed and dismayed as his Damien 666 in the back of his head esque music played. He gives the video to Avery with a condition.

    Nikki’s scene with Leslie then with Dylan as she wore that grand trench coat was great.

    Finally watching Y&R with a smile.

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    MM & BM are both milking for the Emmys. I noticed Josh’s name is now gone and Shelley’s is first, there’s a pit now in my stomach.

    This story about Dylan will be a Josh\Jill’s story as MAB’s on “Tucker” w\Katherine, it will never quite fit onto the canvas no matter how hard of push there is for Dylan.

    ChrisGA is so correct about YR being a chore now not entertainment for me, I just don’t know what to think anymore.

  18. Profile photo of pjc722

    Fingers crossed. As much as people think I am truly negative on Y&R I am so not hoping for its demise or think that things can’t be saved.

    Overall, the show is in really good shape. Some of the stories are dumb… Hi Hillary… And should be counterbalanced by good smart story. Neil’s story should be less abt walking around with his shirt untucked and more about developing a new and wonderful relationship with a strong and smart beautiful woman. Show the fun dates that are not abt talking abt Gus or rose or Hillary. Lighten up the show and make this couple a super couple so that when Victoria Rowell returns we won’t be like BYE LESLIE.

    Over at the Newman ranch, story has to be more abt life changes and family rather than victors lame new nickname for jack or Nikki hiding her new found son after hiding her illness from victor. Either she trusts him and if she doesn’t leave him! Victoria should be in a story that shows her as a viable counterpoint to Adam instead of a whiny messy haired weakling. And as for nick, give him a story and not just lines to speak.

    The abbots are now larger than ever but barely used. Tracey came back to town but we have yet to know why and it’s 6 months later. I would have loved to have heard that Dylan’s her son and not Nikki’s. I know it’s dumb but just give this woman a small good story. Jack needs more than a comatose Phyllis on speaker phone so either recast her or kill her but give this greet character more meat. And while were at it, get his two kids more to do than grossly cling to one another. I think it’s time for his son to go to grad school out of town and summer to get a romance that is her age and not “”blood”. Please make Abby smart again.

    Avery should be paired with Dylan or for that story to be forgotten altogether. Tired of their music and puppy eyes. Grow a pair and seduce the bitch, man!! Otherwise, as a gay man I will flip just to get a smile on her face!

    Chloe deserves this “my kid is dead” story and not be a byproduct to it. Chloe and the actress can handle it so HANDLE HER STORY!!!

    Keep us all interested. Not bored and hoping for the credits.

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    Still don’t see why a few here hate Michael Muhney’s performance so much. I certainly don’t think so and feel he’s one of the most interesting around.
    Stiff and reading cue cards??? Right! For those who think so then maybe he’s just doing a parody of Herr Hans Gudegast!

    But I sure am hating this hit and run story line to pieces and am getting rather tick off with Billy’s antics. I just hate that Adam has for no reason at all become front and center in this whole debacle. It’s not fair to the character or to us.

  20. Profile photo of Dyllan

    For some reason the Abbott family has taken a hit under all of the writing regimes. Like a poster previously wrote, Abby and Kyle, really? Terrible actors and characters. You forget who Abby is when she walks on the screen. Why Blake Hood was fired is beyond me. Billy is now a lap dog.

    I understand why the writers focused on Billy after Delia’s death, but Chloe’s reaction has been for more potent, IMO. However, the writers desire to return Chlovin is already zzzz to this house. Why try this lame couple AGAIN?

    And the writers are toying with Chelsea and Adam. They never did anything for me the first round.

    What happened to Lily and Tyler? Granted, they were not the hot couple in my book, but they had more potential than Lily/Cane or Abby/Tyler.

  21. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I think Michael M. has been terrific in all his scenes lately with Delia,s death. He has that “haunted look” and I really like how he is playing the whole thing out. If he is one of JFP’s favorites, then good, rather him then Dylan. They have to do something to make Dylan more exciting. He has O chemistry with Avery. Steve B is a good actor, he just needs a better story! I agree with someone’s comments about Billy Miller. Yes, he’s good, but after awhile those animated features of his get a bit too much. Hope Michael M gets a Emmy nod, and I am sure Billy M will too.

  22. Profile photo of pjc722

    OMG… If the horribly sly hints from today’s show are true from that long haired prisoner to fen and he will be attacked and raped… EXACTLY AS IT WAS ON GENERAL HOSPITAL!!

    honestly, it’s now almost a duplicate story to GHs one where “michael Corinthos is sent to prison for murder LIKE michael Baldwin (sadly both for protecting a loved one). And then , like Jason, fen gets himself sent to prison.

    Now are we all seeing why josh quit writing for Y&R … Jill is copying her stories from GH and he probably did not want to do so that and thought it was a wrong and stupid move to copy the stories. He probably knew we would catch on instantly. First we have the Delia / jake copycat story. Now, the prison rape story (please people as if you don’t see it happening). If there are others why Sony or CBS or the bells aren’t firing Jill is beyond me.

    Anyone else agree or notice another EXACT COPY story running now on a show that was always original?

  23. Profile photo of noway


    Apparently JFP loves death, rape and general mayhem, the average yr viewer does not. In reality the brutal rape on Santa Barbara with Nikki’s MD doc was in the end the turning point that killed the show no matter how many viewers it had with the storyline.

  24. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    You said it all exactly! I was thinking the same thing. JFP is copying the same story when Micheal on GH was raped in jail. The same story also, Delia being run over by a car, like Luke did to Jake on GH. Is she so desperate for an Emmy? Please, the show is getting very depressing and sad, lighten it up, show family and humor!! Can’t the writers think up anything new??? Nic and Sharon AGAIN?, locked in the freezer! The story is so bad it’s almost funny. The show needs to change and fast!

  25. Profile photo of pferrando

    I’m still waiting for someone, somewhere to have an interview with Josh about the real reasons he left.

    We all know Phelps was telling him what to write, but I want to hear the scoop from him.

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    I have been reading this forum for awhile and haven’t commented before. I must say this is the most negative, draining site ever. I really hope the staff is not reading this because everyone will never be pleased. STOP THE WHINNING people. I believe one fool makes many so everyone jumping on the negative caravan. I wonder how would people feel if there werent able to share on social media and other forum.

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