General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Britt and Nikolas realize Robin is the woman in the costume.  Patrick knocks on the door and wants to speak to the woman, but Nikolas stops him.  Nik claims the woman is Spencer’s new nanny, who doesn’t speak English.  Patrick wants to make sure she’s okay, since she was nice to Emma. So, Nik promises he’ll get the message to her. 

Liz sees Nikolas take off, and wonders if he and Britt had a fight.  Britt, in turn, wonders why Liz would care, since she dumped Nikolas.  Liz stresses Nik is a friend, and she cares about what happens to him.  Britt feels Liz had her chance with Nikolas, but chose AJ and needs to live with her choice. 
Duke drags Faison out of the tunnels, and tells Anna to arrest him.  Anna tells him that she’ll get Faison to the proper authorities and wants Duke’s gun.  Duke questions where Anna’s weapon is, and then wonders if Dr. Obrecht is also hiding on the premises.  Faison claims he sent Dr. O away.  Duke wants Anna to read Faison his rights, but Anna makes a mess of it. Duke begins to wonder what’s wrong with Anna. 
Luke and Tracy return to his hotel room.  Luke wants to update Anna about Jerry being alive, but Tracy doesn’t want to let anyone know about Jerry until they’re certain the antidote worked. She also wants to make sure they don’t need to return to the island to get the doctor. 
Luke assures Tracy he’s recovered, but is upset they didn’t have another cure for Sean Donnelly.  Tracy wants Luke to go to the hospital for a check up, but he wants to check in on Lulu first. He promises he’ll go in the morning.  Luke also tells Tracy he meant what he said when he told her was ready to give her everything. 
Tracy thinks Luke told her that when he thought he was dying. Luke swears he loves her, and wants to give her all of him.  Tracy needs to know exactly what that means, and Luke says he wants to be her friend, partner and lover.  He promises to make her happy.  Luke waits for her answer, and realizes Tracy won’t actually say it out loud.  Tracy reminds him that she likes things spicy.  The two kiss. 
Nikolas scolds Robin for coming to the hospital. Robin understands, but she needed to see Patrick and Emma.  Nik reminds her Jerry will kill her parents if she doesn’t stay hidden. He warns this can’t happen again.  Robin agrees, but doesn’t regret it.  She’s sad Emma is so grown up, and everything has changed. Robin is devastated she’s lost many moments with her family. 
Robin’s also upset Sabrina is replacing her; even though part of her is happy Patrick and Emma are taken care of.  She declares she wants her family back.  Nikolas promises it will only be for a little while longer, until she can get Luke’s blood and make a cure for Jerry.  Robin worries something will go wrong. 
Duke realizes something is off with Anna, and believes she’s Dr. Obrecht in disguise. Dr. O becomes fed up, and removes her mask.  Duke and Faison fight over the gun.
Patrick doesn’t believe Nik’s story, and explains to Sabrina the woman doesn’t speak English.  Emma tells him the woman told her it would be okay. 
As Nik is ushering Robin away, Patrick mentions she spoke English to Emma. Nik claims it was a sentence he taught her when dealing with Spencer.  Emma hugs Robin, and thanks her for taking care of her.  Patrick thinks Nikolas was lying to him, but Sabrina shrugs it off.
The trio returns to Wyndemere to find Dr. Obrecht and Faison calmly sitting down in the living room.  Dr. Obrecht is angry Robin took off, but she promises no one saw or recognized her. 
Meanwhile, Duke lays unconscious in the tunnels.

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    Giant kudos to Finola Hughes and her ability to portray Dr O in an Anna mask. Each time Dr. O’s accent would seep in and when she tried to remember the Miranda rights, but was getting it wrong. Excellent.

    I understand Nik wanting Robin to do what she’s supposed to, but he’s also coming across as a bit callous. Kudos to Kim McC though for her heartbreak at being so close to her baby and not being able to do anything.

    Interesting Britt/Liz fight.

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    Finola Hughes shows every time that she is perfectly capable of portraying these two characters very different. That shows what an amazing actress she is. I somehow expected Obrecht and Faison to have Duke tied to a chair when Nik, Britt and Robin arrived. Would have been great to see Robin at least with another important person in her life.

    My heart broke for Robin. Knowing that there is this other woman that your child is about to call mommy and that is also sleeping with your husband must give her nightmares.

    I love and adore Liz but I have to say that I kinda was on Britt’s side during their little fight. Liz had her chance with Nik. She actually had more than one. It’s a little late to act jealous now. I liked how annoyed Britt seemed by Liz trying to get to her.

    Don’t care much for Tracy and Luke. I think she deserves better. Don’t get why a woman like Tracy would fall for criminals and rapists. She always sets herself up to disappointment.
    I don’t believe Luke’s words for one moment. He always finds a way to talk himself out of things he promised. He has done so for years. Tracy should just know better. I would bring back Dillon for Tracy. I’d rather see Tracy in a mother/son-storyline than another round with Luke Spencer.
    Can’t wait until he finds out that once again a so-called grandchild of his hasn’t any Spencer blood. Guess Little Connie shouldn’t be near a road any time soon.

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    Do the writers not watch the show? LL2 were NOT married when Niz got together.They hadn’t been married since ’07 when they divorced after he started screwing the skank and throwing it in Liz’s face.

    are they trying to get new viewers to hate Liz through lying about her history?

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    Finola H was the best part of the show.
    She was amazing going from Anna to Dr O. Hope she gets an Emmy nod. The show does get to be a bit “catoony”, but the actors have been fabulous, which makes me over-look some of the unrealistic plots.
    I so wish Tracy doesn’t go back to Luke. Those days have past. She is a strong woman and can make it on her own and find someone better. I don’t know what it is, Geary has really been turning me off lately. If he said “the whole Enchilda” one more time I would have screamed. He is no longer a romantic lead, his age is showing, and he turned me off with his remarks about not wanting Luke and Laura back together (How sad. That is when he was at his best!) If he refuses to take a pay cut then I feel, let him leave. I can’t believe Y &R will pay him the salary he is making and that he will get all that vacation time (Eric Braeden would go beserk!!)

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    J Bernard Jones

    Do the writers not watch the show? LL2 were NOT married when Niz got together.They hadn’t been married since ’07 when they divorced after he started screwing the skank and throwing it in Liz’s face.

    are they trying to get new viewers to hate Liz through lying about her history?

    It’s also possible they simply made an error.
    It happens.

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    I’m sick of TPTB using Liz to prop other characters. How the freak is Britt going try to shade Liz regarding Nik while she’s holding a stolen baby!!!

    How the heck can TPTB get it wrong regarding Niz’s affair? They made Britt look like an idiot trying to shade Liz when all of her information was wrong. Why is it Liz is the only one to get this kind of treatment? How come no one else is shaded regarding their sexual history? Only Liz. WHen will TIIC learn that when they try to do this, it only makes Liz fans more vocal and it gets her more fans because it’s so obvious what they are doing. Have Britt put the stolen baby down first before she wants to get in on Liz.

    Also Liz knows what Britt did to her friend Patrick so why wouldn’t she be concerned about HER BFF Nik!!! Has everyone forgotten that yes, Niz fell in love and had an affair but they are also best friends! They have been friends since they were 15/16 and their kids are cousins. Why wouldn’t Liz be concerned for her friend after everything Britt has done!

    No matter how much Britt tried it, Liz still read her and rolled that neck on that trick! I really don’t understand why Robin can’t tell Patrick what’s going on. Patrick could then help Robin with the antidote (like they did when Nik was poisoned). Patrick could still pretend to be with Sabrina in order not to blow Robin’s cover. That’s more soapy than Robin running away from Flo Jo from her family.

    How did Faison get that gun from Duke, smh

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    It’s true Liz and that whiny crying snot were not married during Niz, but please do not put my girl with Nik or Lucky. How f*cking hard is it to find a hot new man for Liz or even stop trashing AJ to make Sonny look good? Is RC waiting on JJ’s return in order to force another round of LnL2? I hope not.

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    If they do LnL2 again, I will honestly stop watching. Anything Liz and Lucky had is completely gone since their last stint together.

    I would love for Liz to have a new man but right now it’s all about the newbies. I remember Ron saying he would not put AJ and Liz together but he ended up throwing them together because of fan outcry. That’s why they really didn’t have a storyline and their relationship happened offscreen.

    Ron doesn’t care about Liz or a SL for her.

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    Lucy D.

    I didn’t much like Liz yesterday and I’m a big fan. She seemed nasty and petty. She’s the one who chose to say no to Nikolas. (Again I was a Nik/Liz fan). I agree she needs a story line–and a good one. Liz needs a real man.

    How upset is Nik going to be when he finds out more truths about Britt & the baby? I’m guessing a lot. At the end of this storyline there’s going to be a lot of players with not much to do. Britt. Sabrina. Kiki.

    What is the deal with AJ? Is he languishing in prison because other storylines take precedence? Or is he done?

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    I wonder how RH feels about what’s going on with her character these days? Maybe she doesn’t mind it because she gets to spend more time with her family. I’m a huge Liz fan but I had to ff most of her scenes with Britt because I hate that they are going this route again with the character. They dropped the ball by not having Patrick/Liz because I think that would have been a great sl. I need TPTB to treat my girl a little better.

    Best part of the show for me was Anna and Nik/Robin!

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    Quiz had so much potential at first. How hard would it have been to actually write Liz and AJ falling in love and AJ ending up raising Jake? The story was a gold mine. Sheesh. Jason returns from the dead to find his brother with everything that he walked away from (Liz and Jake) in order to keep them away from his lifestyle. Liz and the boys should have moved into the Quartermaine mansion.

    I just can’t with Liz and Nik. Yes, Liz sounded really bitchy with Britta, as the character was drugged out of mothballs for that piece of crap. Liz has shown no interest at all in Nik when he basically chased her all over town to the point that he became “stalker boy”.

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    Personally I don’t think Britt and Nik fit together physically. KT is always in ballet flats now..and is constantly slouching to downplay she is AS tall or taller than TC. I think TC looks better with BH.

    As for story…I happen to like Britt as a character….but she is a big liar, and is using Nik for selfish reasons. I don’t blame Liz for looking out for Nik, and giving Britt a hard time. Liz knows what Britt has already done with Patrick. Regardless whether she has turned down Nikolas in the past, she still cares for him as longtime friend. They have been friends for 16 years on the show. The characters of Nik and Liz, usually were in the same story arcs…so if she wasn’t looking out for him, that would be odd.

    Quiz…please…that relationship became revolting the minute he slept with Carly. I never saw any chemistry between these two. In fact they looked uncomfortable or bored in their scenes. It was obvious to me SK was hoping to be paired with LW…probably thought he would get more air time.

    Liz and Nik do have chemistry. He was never my first choice for Liz, but there is no denying they did have plenty of sparks.

    I like when Liz gets snarky…feisty…anything is better than letting people walk all over her.

    FH was wonderful. Going back and forth playing Obrecht playing her LOL…Loved the end scenes with Faison and Obrecht looking like a normal couple hanging around the house when they came home from the party LOL.

    The rest of this week seems a bit boring for me after reading the CGS. I don’t care about Franco…nor do I ever see myself changing on this point. Sonny…Morgan…yawn…The custody battle is about the only thing…Seems to be a very light week for the Scorpio clan.

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    Seems we all agree Finola is the bomb. Her playing Anna playing DR O. It was great. Watching Robin hugging Emma was also great. The show shows what it can be. The ratings show what the fans want to see. We know its sweeps so we have to wait, we don’t want to but,we will.
    The Britt is fine. With Nic I don’t FF. I hope she has no idea the baby is Nicks nephew or it will be OVER.!
    I will not be watching the mob war. had enough of that with the last crew. I don’t care whose kid dies , Morgan betrayed Sonny Kiki betrayed Ava , TJ is trying to understand Shawns work for Sonny ? I know maybe the mobsters can have a great shootout and they can all kill each other Julian, Ava, Carlos, Sonny, Olivia ,shawn. All gone problem solved.I don’t care who wins.
    They have dragged out the baby story, so now I don’t care who gets Connie. It is Maxies child and her paving the road to hell with good intentions has made it hell for both sets of parents.
    Heard Genie will not be returning. Guess Geery got his way. Luke and Tracy.another who cares. I hope he really does leave Stick a fork in him .He’s done.I like Liz, and she wasn’t married to Lucky then but she was engaged. .I do like her with AJ. Where is AJ? Is he with all the others who come back for a week then leave for months.???

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    I love Liz but I was totally on Team Britt on this one. Liz had her chance and she let that ship sail. So be it, but don’t go getting into Britt’s face.

    The word “whole enchilada” was just so inredibly gross in that context. It didn’t have to be repeated five times over. Other than that, I’m getting to grow accustomed to Luke & Tracy, if these two actors so desperately want to work together, then so be it. Besides if TG doesn’t want to work with GF anymore then I don’t want her to do it either. It should be something both of the parties want. Here’s to bringing Stefan back for Laura and quick.

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