Shocking Verdicts and a Mob War Rock General Hospital in November! (PROMO)

The Spixie vs. Lante custody battle heats up this month on General Hospital, but don't expect the trial to go as expected. Meanwhile, Morgan's (Bryan Craig) betrayal of Sonny sets off a mob war. Will someone die? Watch General Hospital's November promo after the jump!


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    If I must be subjected to Sonny, I would rather it be while facing a mob adversary instead of meeting the newly cast female, buying her a dress, visiting Bensonhurst, taking a trip to the island, rinse and repeat

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    I’m more excited about Robin being alive revealed to her family…the mob stories taking over for sweeps period and Sonny ranting and raving about betrayal are so overdone. Good Lord.

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    [quote=luverica]I really hope the Jeromes make Sonny suffer.[/quote]

    NOTHING would make me happier! Soooo sick of Sonny always “winning” much like TGVN on Y&R. And Ava and Julian are so yummy and worthy of bringing the lil’ mob bully down for good….:-)

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    The mere fact that Morgan is being used to bring Sonny down is what makes this nonsense even remotely interesting. I hope the Jeromes bring Sonny to his knees. I too, am sick and tired of his postering.

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