SPOILERS: Is Billy Onto Adam on The Young and the Restless?

Adam/Billy: The in-laws have a huge blowup. Is Billy close to learning the truth behind Adam's involvement in Delia's death?

Nikki: The socialite fills her old friend Paul in on her idea to let her family and Dylan know about her long, lost son.  Paul gives his two cents on Nikki’s plans, but she’s undeterred. Watch for Nikki to make the big reveal with unexpected results.

Jack and Jill: The intensify their efforts to take down Victor.

Victor/Kyle: The two play a dangerous game. Just who will come out on top?

Nick and Adam: Write this one down in the history books, kids. Both Newman sons stand up to Victor, when their father starts to trash Sharon.

Paul/Christine: The couple forges full steam ahead to save Michael.

Devon: The heir needs to watch his back with his new partner. It seems Devon’s new associate has unscrupulous plans.

Cane/Lily: The Ashbys look forward to their future.

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    I think it would have been better to make DYLDUMB as a possible lover of NIKKI, instead of a son, they appear very close in age and that makes it more real to me.
    As a son, it is a dumber than dirt, story.

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    Y&R’s writing has vastly improved this past week. It has been fun and fresh. To see Jill and Jack plotting looked like they were having a lot of fun. This business story line seems like it may last a while only if they would bring back MY NEWMAN ENTERPRISE and JABOT offices back with a BOARDROOM. Not just one office but a few like there were in the past.

    Noah finally in a suit with the Next Sharon Newman on his arm. She will turn in to a Junkie and turn in to his mama.

    Adam “Sheriff Lamb” is delivering everyday.

    The shots have gotten better as if the people behind the scenes are loving the stories being told.

    Go Shelly Altman and crew, cast and JFP for keeping it on the air. It may just have been Josh G’s Writing that’s why he is gone.

  3. Profile photo of rozzberry

    Just me or did anyone else read “Jack & Jill” start to say the nursery rhyme in their head?

    Billy & Adam is the only one that remotely sounds interesting to me. It’s NOVEMBER(sweeps) Y&R, C’MON!

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    Really?! Week after week we keep seeing something about the ASHBYS and week after week its the same thing… he whispers he wants sex and she barks back that they are in a family restaurant with the kids!

    STOP ALREADY and give them story! Sadly, because we have already had two deaths, Cane will not die.

    As for the Adam and Billy story, I was all for Adam wanting to be with his son while he went through everything and since it was depicted as Adam’s son’s surgery and Delia being within hours of one another I bought it as being reasonable that Adam didn’t confess.

    Now, Abby saying just yesterday “these past few weeks” in reference to Delia’s death and ‘smiling’, it’s become more reasonable to think that Adam needs jail this time around. But again, I am not really invested in this plot driven death story.

    Devon has 3 billion bucks and he is going into biz with a bartender who has yet to prove himself in business when the last job he held was as a secretary for a few months?! WHo is writing this crap?

    Nikki… this story is as wrong on so many levels as Delia’s death.

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    How in the world is Jack and Jill “intensify their efforts to take down Victor” considered a “SPOILER”!?! It’s the same ol’ s#it that’s been going on for 100 years! :Sp

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    …and Nikki. Hasn’t she ever heard of the word ‘proof’?
    Cane/Lily: PLEASE! Someone shoot them…or me!
    I know I’m in the minority here, but I’ve liked Kyle from the start and I hope he’s the one to ‘top’ TGVN. To me, his character seems as if he might be able to…

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    Glad to see Victor playing nice with Billy for all of five minutes.

    Guess that drains Ole Vic’s sympathy banks for the rest of 2013.

    Speaking of the pompous windbag, was anyone else insulted by that idiotic speech he gave at the Vet’s event when he arrogantly informed them that starting Monday they could apply for a job at Newman’s!! Wow, isn’t that soooo magnanimous of him? Especially considering they have been “permitted” to apply at Newman’s all along! Guess he’s never heard of Equal Opportunity Employment. And when Abby started gushing about how wonderful Dad’s “new program” was I wanted to vomit. As if referring to them as “you Vets” wasn’t absurd enough.

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    RebeccaJ … yes and then self righteous Devon beaks off to Jack expressing just how much he admires his hero Victor and how he is using his company for so very much good.

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    RealityCheck 33

    These idiot writers have destroyed Adam as a character on Y&R. He’ll never be able to not be remembered as a gutless child killer now. If he had come forward a confessed, then it wouldn’t have been a bad, but not any more.

    Adam has to go to jail. There’s no way he skates after covering up the crime. He’s no longer innocent. He’s guilty.

    I hate JFP and her writers, but once Adam is off the show, I’ll turn this crap off for good.

  10. Profile photo of FoxCrane

    [quote=RealityCheck 33]Adam has to go to jail. There’s no way he skates after covering up the crime. He’s no longer innocent. He’s guilty.[/quote]

    Oh, surely Adam is not guilty. And yes, at this point, he is guilty of not coming forward. Yet, if it eventually turns out that Adam’s SUV did not hit Delia, then neither the broken headlamp he replaced nor the scarf that he burned would be evidence supporting what actually happened anyways, with his actions becoming rather moot once the real driver is identified.

    And who knows? Maybe while the real hit-and-run driver is still out there, Adam will be put in prison and can heroically save Fen from Womack. .. lol!

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    [quote=sillytee]the only interesting bit of upcoming stuff i want to see is: Kevin and Chavez hit the sheets!!!!![/quote]

    They don’t need to hit the sheets. That sauna will do!

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    The Adam/Delia story line is really confusing. There is no way in hell they needed Adam to be involved; its just a device to put him on everyone’s hate list yet again. If it turns out that he did do the deed (without knowledge) I will be extremely surprised and even more extremely annoyed. Others have mentioned he is just guilty right now of thinking he did it and not coming forward.

    This whole thing would have been more interesting (since it seems to have been something necessary for the writers to do) had Nikki or one of Victor’s sainted other three spawn been the ones to have thought to have or actually have done the deed. Then of course Victor would’ve needed to go into obstruction of justice mode again to protect his “loyal” family members because (as we know) he can always do just what he wants and never ever have to answer to anyone for doing it.

    So right now Adam is guilty in a way and may have to go to jail until the hopeful real culprit is apprehended. I do like the scenario of him having to yet again save a member of one of Genoa City’s royal families and then providing Fen protective custody back at his cell … oh right; that part wasn’t part of that scenario.

    I do hope right now that Billy’s target practice does not implode with one of his silver bullets causing irreparable damage on another innocent party. But I have a feeling that is the direction all of this is headed.

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    Oh my pathetic gawd! I saw some today and the canvas feels slightly off kilted. Tell me, when has Victor Newman ever liked any of his children’s spouses or whomever they were dating and he extends his hand to Tyler with Abby being is baby girl…doesn’t ring true. Nikki “shhhhhh” to Leslie not to talk so loud and that’s all Nikki concentrated on excessively was Dylan, and if causing Dylan to create a rife in Nikki & Victor’s marriage possibly…nope another untruth in feeling…this is suppose to be a JFP’s best impression “an exciting time of Nikki’s life taking a drastic turn” to reveal Dylan is her son at the vet event and “zzzzzz” no kind of build-up but maybe stretching it to last 2 months, sloppy piecing together a story in a rushed manner for sweeps to give Steve Burton an Emmy reel…and HE will have a reel for submission, mark my word. |(

    The part I did enjoy very much was MTS at the end and her patriotic speech was very well spoken. :)

    OK! shades of Shelly and traces of Tracey is showing…

    …all I can say, when I first saw Billy practicing his gun slinging skills all I could imagine was Sammy Davis, Jr dressed in his judge robe and white wig dancing across my screen “here come the guns, here come the guns” and I think we will be seeing more violent YR now that guns are appearing on our screens…

    next up probably a mob! >)

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    How my son said this conversation should of went…
    DEVON: You need to honor Katherine’s memory by not fighting with Victor.
    JACK: You need to stop honoring Katherine’s memory by wearing her jacket!

  15. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    LOL! Good one, BC!

    @Harlee, I thought the exact same thing when Victor shook hands with Tyler and acted so cordial. Didn’t ring true AND I’m wondering how long before he’s trying to control Abby’s S.O. choices, but then again, after seeing the previews for tomorrow, I’m guessing it won’t be all that long at all.

    As far as Nicki’s “sssshhh” to Leslie, that made me laugh because how MANY times did chloe and chelsea talk about conner being adam’s baby when Adam and Dylan were both within earshot and neither of those dopes overheard?!

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    The end of Monday’s (Cdn.) episode with Billy and Victoria was simple and powerful.
    The teaser with Cane and Lily in the sauna really put the old gag reflex to the test. Can’t someone slip some saltpeter (or as my grandmother called it once “soft peter”. Either way…) into Cane’s morning coffee? These two horndogs are getting on my last nerve. :Sp

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    RebeccaJ … true but then are soap opera whispers and with suspension of disbelief others within earshot supposedly can’t hear what’s going on.

    But actually, Nikki nor her secrecy in this matter does not bother me at all; its her gaggle of potentially loose mouthed lawyers who are really bugging me right now. At first it was Avery in her usual manner but now even Leslie??? This is Nikki’s business and its for no one else to say when she should spill the beans. The only voice of reason here is Paul.

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