Debbi Morgan Tweets “It’s A Wrap” For All My Children

According to Debbi Morgan (Angie Hubbard) via Twitter, All My Children is officialy done. The actress tweeted Prospect Park's lawyer informed her manager the soap would not return for a second season. Prospect Park has yet to give an official statement, but it appears the book is closed for All My Children. Read Morgan's tweets after the jump.

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    No surprise here, I’d assumed this was the case after the OLTL ‘shelving’ and then hearing nothing about AMC going back into production. I can’t wait to see what bullshit excuse they give this time!

    It’s a real shame PP made such a mess of this as it will put off other companies from trying such projects :-(

    Even in, the unlikely event that this is a ‘shelving’ rather than a cancellation, the actors won’t come back again after being messed around like this!

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    THE QUALITY of the production is BESIDE the point.
    NONE of the Creative/Production Team can be held responsible for this; it is ALL on the TOP LEVEL MONEY PEOPLE.
    The shows could have been written by Tennessee Williams, directed by Robert Altman & starring Meryl Streep, but when your production company/money people are SHADY, UNSCRUPULOUS and are out to SCREW EVERYONE, nothing is gonna succeed.
    You have to have clear GOOD intentions from the start, and Jeff K of Prospect Park Productions doesn’t even know what that means.

    Nothing that happens ONSCREEN matters when its BUILT on a foundation of lies & lack of integrity.

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    Bob Lamm

    It has been remarkable to watch on this board as some people, one in particular, have insisted again and again that Prospect Park absolutely knew what they were doing and had everything well under control when it was so obvious that they didn’t. If fans feel grateful for getting a bit more of two soaps that had seemingly died forever, I can’t quarrel with that. But the passionate denial of the many ominous signs of PP’s incompetence has been hard to watch.

    Giorgio has raised a crucial question. Suppose Prospect Park had never entered the picture after ABC dropped ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE. Would some other company have come in and made an attempt to revive the shows? If so, could they have done a better job? We’ll never know the answers. But we now know this much: Prospect Park’s fiasco has made it infinitely less likely that there will be another attempt to revive AMC or OLL (or any other deceased daytime soap).

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    PP was an awful organization. They did whatever they felt like doing. They never even tried to save face. Terrible. They dragged this shit on for 3 years. I know some seem grateful for what we got, but how I see it is if they would have bowed out, maybe something else more stable would have happened somewhere else. I cant even with this aymore. And Im glad Debbi announced it. She has legal verification. So she nor anyone else need to keep their mouth shut, to wait for the all powerful dopey PP to make their stupid announcement.

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    Bob, also for some of us who are fans of both OLTL and GH, we had the chance to see many cross overs. Because they had to scrap that and send the “llanview 3″ packing, we probably will never get those crossovers now and that sucks. I know some people hated that they were brought over to begin with but i will insist on defending what John McBain and Todd Manning brought to the show. I think we all agree Starr was not necessary and think her as Kiki is way better by comparison, but I liked seeing Tea and Blair once in a while, and hoped to get some Viki and Natalie cross overs too, maybe some Bo. NEver gonna happen now.

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    I hope they paid everyone involved. Despite the fact that it failed, I still think it was pretty amazing that they were even able to revive the shows for one last season. Even though I don’t like PP business practices, I will give it props for at least attempting such a feat.

    Still pretty sad that it couldn’t work out. I think PP was counting on settlement money from ABC “lawsuit” to do the shows. It didn’t have the money required to even make them work. PP is mostly invested in it’s cable and music projects.

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    Bob Lamm

    The lawsuit is a joke, one more vivid example of how Prospect Park didn’t/doesn’t know what they’re doing. Just to take one part of that ridiculous effort, Prospect Park claims that ABC did them terrible harm when GENERAL HOSPITAL killed off Starr’s husband and child. Imagine that the lawsuit goes to trial. (Which it never will.) Imagine being an attorney for ABC and getting to cross-examine Prospect Park executives about the 9000 daytime soap characters who “die” or are “killed” and later somehow come back to life. But Prospect Park’s version of ONE LIFE TO LIVE couldn’t bring those two characters back to life? Really? :-)

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    Secrets and Lies

    I give them credit for trying. I don’t think this will prevent future cancelled soaps from transitioning. It may help because future producers can learn from their mistakes.

    In my opinion, their biggest mistake was producing these soaps as full blown broadcast television-level productions. No way the audience could support those costs (and I think these shows did relatively well – they were consistently in the top 5/10 Hulu charts out of 100’s of shows). They should have used a smaller budget, spending money on the actors and post-production and shot on location indie-style for cheap as the web soaps do.

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    Bottom Line Re: @Prospectpk, @AllMyChildren & @OneLifeToLive for me is that PP did give its all. They didnt give up after the first set back. They raised 25 Million. They got a studio, writers, producers, actors. They even worked out new media contracts with the unions. That right there is a new frontier.

    From all accounts from the actors while they filmed, PP treated them like royality. PP put money into new sets, HD, catering. The casts had nice dressing rooms. PP put the actors up at an hotel. Most said it felt like they were back in college. Other actors said being on set felt like he shows were a repeatory company.

    Ok so PP doesnt have the best PR department and some were upset about the lawsuit. However I would have also sued ABC too. PP bought all things OLTL & AMC & ABC was playing hardball, not cool.

    As I said before I feel if PP had started the shows off seasonal and then increased if they proved to be money makers then future seasons may have occured easier.

    Bottom line, TV & film is all about the money. Yes both AMC & OLTL were highly watched on Hulu and I Tunes but maybe not enough eyeballs to make the profits they needed. Also ad space on the net costs less than on TV so they didnt make enough money there as they would have if it wa son TV

    Once again PP, thanks for the efforts. The cast & crew were awesome. Thank you for this year, ut was great to visit Pine Valley & Llanview again.

    Question now is @AllMyChildren & @OnelifetoLive fans is do @Prospectpk’s rights now revert back to @ABC and if they do will ABC be open to leasing AMC & OLTL to other production companies? And are other production companies interested?

    Remember though any company interested has to be approved by ABC. That itself will be a huge hurdle.

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    So does this mean that if OLTL is done then can Cartini bring back McBain, Todd, and Starr? Seems new D.A. Scotty hasn’t flinched at the fact Commissioner Anna Duvane is M.I.A. and perhaps could use the police help from McBain. And is there a chance Y&R will bring back Devon’s bio mom (Debbi Morgan)?

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    The biggest mistake was promising and attempting to air OLTL and AMC 4 times a week 50 weeks a year. I doubt even Netflix has the money to air a soap on a daily basis, let alone an upstart company.

    I appreciate that they brought back AMC even for a little bit, but it was pretty clear that PP/TOLN were in way over their heads.

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    [quote=lfad]The biggest mistake was promising and attempting to air OLTL and AMC 4 times a week 50 weeks a year. I doubt even Netflix has the money to air a soap on a daily basis, let alone an upstart company.

    I appreciate that they brought back AMC even for a little bit, but it was pretty clear that PP/TOLN were in way over their heads.[/quote]

    Yep I agree. They seemed very invested but started too big. I get wanting the shows to be close to what fans remember on ABC as far as roll out gors but when U dont have enough money, start smaller.

    Nothing wrong if they had done that. Could have added episodes later on.

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    Prospect Park gave us more life to see in Llanview and Pine Valley so I am grateful. I am also grateful that they allowed Agnes Nixon to consult (unlike fucking ABC which froze her out until the very end) and as mentioned many times before I will always be grateful for the OLTL episode where Cutter was in the green undies. Can PP put those on EBay? I’ll start the dirty bidding at $50?

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    [quote=lfad]The biggest mistake was promising and attempting to air OLTL and AMC 4 times a week 50 weeks a year. I doubt even Netflix has the money to air a soap on a daily basis, let alone an upstart company.

    That’s my thoughts exactly. PP launching two soaps at the same time and building extravagant sets was a recipe for disaster. I have learned a lot from their failures. Hopefully I put those lessons in to practice one day.

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    I would guess that the rights eventually revert back to ABC, IF Prospect Park doesn’t produce the shows over the course of a certain period of time going forward. Recall, we heard PP was going to lose the rights, if they didn’t begin production by January 2013, and when they weren’t going to make that date, they had to get an extension from ABC, which ABC granted. A similar “must produce by” period for continuing production might also exist.

    And on that note, ABC granting the original extension kinda blows a hole in PP’s case that ABC was actively trying to sabotage them. – jmho

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    If PP doesnt pay fees tp ABC they lose the shows

    Claudine Gandolfi ‏@ClaudineGandolf 9 Nov
    @debbimorgan it’s not on you. You just had faith in what you were told. PP needs to come clean, explain money and communication issues.
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    Debbi Morgan Verified account
    @ClaudineGandolf Well not sure any of us will ever get the full explanation. But I must say I think PP really did give a valiant effort…

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    Doesn’t this make PP contract with ABC null and void now? Won’t PP lose the rights automatically if they are not doing anything with the shows? I thought that was stipulated in their agreement with ABC?

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    I admit to not watching any online soaps, including these incarnations of OLTL and AMC. But how many episodes do “The Bay” and “Thurston Series” get each year and any of the others I am forgetting. Does “The Bay” still exist? And I know it’s a comedy but does anyone here watch Michelle Stafford’s online series “The Stafford Project”? How many episodes a week, or month does it have and what’s the viewership?

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    The Bay and Thurston are good shows for web soaps. PP should have modeled their productions like these web soaps. Bare bone sets, location shoots, and asking your friends and family to let you shoot indoors scenes in their homes.

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    However The Bay Venice etc dont pay their cast/crew much or at all and since AMC & OLTL were already Union shows they had to remain union shows and pay the actors So minimums had to be met

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    There was Talk PP originally wanted a non union crew, which is not unheard of on Union shows. However scuttlebutt was that PP wasnt gonna get the actors they wanted if the crew was non union

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    Prospect Park created a huge mess. In the end they canceled these two shows AGAIN! Not much to be thankful for.

    Announcing a 2nd season of AMC and then this. It’s a huge disappointment. They had the chance. They failed.

    These actors and crew members are out of a job AGAIN.

    If PP wasn’t so full of sh*t and admitted last year that they were in over the heads, the right could have gotten back to ABC.
    Frank and Ron already had a big Llanview storyline planed with the reveal that Alcazar was in fact Tomas. I also believe that they could have used to OLTL connection a lot more with Todd in town. Letting Viki visit or something. There would have been possibilities for AMC too.

    Well now we’ve got nothing again and might not ever see these shows in any form. Thanks PP … for nothing.

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    I also wouldn’t fawn that much over PP. At least when DirecTV bought the license to air Passions they followed through on their one-year commitment, the show remained in its one-hour format with the majority of the cast, they only cut total episodes per week from four to three (just 25%), and gave viewers a satisfactory ending to the series.

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    Back to the announcement. When is this going to be? The day before Thanksgiving like they did 2 years ago? No couth AT ALL from these people. Maybe there will be no announcement. Maybe they will just pack up all their pens and note pads and split. Never to be heard from again. Two years from now we will be still talking about what happened to PP.

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    [quote]There would have been possibilities for AMC too. [/quote]

    Honestly, I am a lot more grateful for PP/TOLN giving me 45 some odd more episodes than whatever scraps Cartini *might* have given AMC fans. OLTL is Cartini’s baby, I have a hard time believing they would have done anything with AMC beyond a David Hayward cameo.

    AMC was dead a long time before it was canceled, I can’t blame people for being thankful that under PP/TOLN’s watch AMC became halfway enjoyable again.

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    I can’t believe anyone really was listening to anything PP said after the first couple of snafus.

    When they said AMC was coming back it seemed to me just one more false hope that everyone latched on to.

    Too bad for the fans.

    I enjoyed most of the AMC reboot. (As a first time viewer of both.)

    OLTL, not so much.

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    [quote=The_Moustache]Now she can go back to General Hospital as Dr. Ellen Burgess!![/quote]

    I would love for her to head to General Hospital too but as Dr. Angie Hubbard, the new chief of staff. Bring Jesse with her so he can go lend some help to Anna over at the PCPD.

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    Wouldn’t it be great if TOLN actually bought the rights to stream classic soaps? I would pay $10 a month to stream classic AW, EON, Capital, Somerset etc. That would be the greatest of all. Who needs to make new shows when the oldies are the goodies.

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    I saw this coming after a month of none stop problems regarding PP. I enjoyed the shows for a month but as soon as they began changing days, writers…etc, I gave up.

    But it is not as sad as when ABC took these shows off the air. What hurts is the fact that these wonderful actors will be out of work once again. We could have kept Todd and Starr instead PP sued over the rights. Those managers or whatever you call them just gave me a very GHETTO vibe. People from NYC who had money to waste. It was a start up and they flopped trying to work with these soaps. There were so many wrong turns they took and all of them blame goes right to the management.

    No wonder Michael E. Knight was hesitant and so was Susan Lucci. Many of the other actors who did not return far saw this happening. Those managers were probably gangsters as well. I do not know what will happen to those other actors who will be out of work. The crew unemployed? Breaks my heart to know that we will never see Kassie DePaiva on our screen again. No more Dixie Cooney.

    Debbie Morgan should come to GH as TJ’s mother. Darnell should come on as the presumed dead father. It is time we had a black family on GH. Franco should go away and lets have Todd back. Lets have a new Starr board. I wish ABC would reconsider and at least bring back OLTL. I am going to miss Blair, Tea, Vicki, Natalie, Jack, Bo, Nora, Clint, Dani, Dorian, and David.

    One a final note let me just say it again F**K Y** prospect park, you took a huge dump not only on the fans but those working trying so hard to keep these shows alive.


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    I hate to rub salt in a wound, but I feel like Prospect Park should have just went ahead with All My Children, and left OLTL alone. OLTL was the anchor around the neck of the project from the start IMO.

    People are always linking the two soaps, but in reality, All My Children has always been the better, more recognized brand. OLTL is and has always been the homely sister. I don’t care if Ron and Frank were doing a bangup job, it was still lipstick on a pig. OLTL should have really ended way before it did.

    All My Children could have probably gone on without having been tethered to OLTL in this ill fated venture. All the money and resources should have gone toward making AMC. They should have let ABC keep the OLTL rights, as Ron C and Frank V could have used a lot of the characters and content in a better way.

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    Bob Lamm

    It seems sad at this point to be debating whether the Prospect Park version of ALL MY CHILDREN was better than their version of ONE LIFE TO LIVE. And especially sad to be blaming one show or the other for the entire project sinking.

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    Frons effed up all three ABC soaps, moved AMC out to CA, and still the show was a horrible mess. OLTL may have been the ugly duckling on the network, but it was in better shape financially and story wise compared to AMC. PP should have concentrated only on OLTL and left AMC alone.

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    [quote=FoxCrane]I also wouldn’t fawn that much over PP. At least when DirecTV bought the license to air Passions they followed through on their one-year commitment, the show remained in its one-hour format with the majority of the cast, they only cut total episodes per week from four to three (just 25%), and gave viewers a satisfactory ending to the series.[/quote]

    NBC still owned Passions and was even paying half of its production costs. Not the same thing with PP & AMC/OLTL who had to get all the funds themelves

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